Analysis of Orange share price

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The internet and mobile telephone sector has, over recent years, become one of the most profitable, notably due to the technological advances achieved in this sector and the enthusiasm of individuals for these new methods of communication. The boom in this sector has led to a great interest in the shares of the large companies in this sector among individual traders who wish to hold them in their portfolio or speculate on their share price directly on the markets. This is the case with the French Orange Company, quoted on the CAC 40 which has become popular with numerous investors.

Latest news

Capgemini and Orange partner in Cloud technology

28/05/2021 - 07h52

This morning, we learned that Orange and Capgemini have reached an agreement with Microsoft to work jointly on the launch of the Blue Group by exploiting its cloud technology. Explanations.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First we would note the efforts made by the Orange Group for the diversification of its activities, notably its development in certain new sectors such as e-health and banking. These activities can in fact diversify the income sources of the company.

Analysis N°2

The development of the Orange Group’s presence in countries undergoing development where the demand for new technologies is experiencing a boom is also a positive indicator to monitor closely.

Analysis N°3

We could also closely monitor the growth in the implementation of the fibre optic network in France and Europe as well as the development of the 5G mobile network, both supplementary sources of income for the Orange Company.

Analysis N°4

It is also important to take into account the strong competition from certain companies that exercise their activities in the same or similar sectors that could wrest part of the market share from this company.

Analysis N°5

Of course, we would also follow closely the strategies implemented by this group relating to its growth and development.

Analysis N°6

We can then compare the objectives fixed by the group with the true results achieved according to the publication of the annual and quarterly results.

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General presentation of Orange

The Orange Group is one of the large French companies quoted on the stock markets. It is in fact the leader in the telecommunications sector in France. More precisely, the Orange Company offers different services and solutions. This company is mainly active in the mobile and fixed telecommunications sector for individuals but it is also highly active in the internet and although its principal market is France it is also present in other European countries with 79.7% of its turnover coming from this area.

Then we note that 16.8% of its overall turnover is derived from its telecommunications services to businesses with fixed telecommunications lines and the integration and info-management of communications software as well as network services.

And to conclude, the service solutions to international telecommunications operators by the Orange Company accounts for 3.5% of its annual turnover.

Analysis of Orange share price
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The major competitors of Orange

Orange is currently one of the leaders in the mobile telephone sector in France and Europe and is trying to position itself internationally. To achieve in this it faces stiff competition from other large operators. As it is also an internet supplier it must overcome heavy competition in this sector too. To invest in this asset on the stock markets it is therefore necessary to know about this company’s major competitors in each of these sectors, in France and worldwide.

In the mobile telephone sector the major French competitors of Orange are as follows:







On an international level

To conclude, internationally Orange is in eleventh position in the mobile telephone operator sector worldwide after China Mobil, Vodafone, Telefonica and China Unicom.

The major partners of Orange


From a strategic and marketing point of view, Orange has become associated with certain targeted companies, notably in the sector of content distribution. This is the case for example with the industrial and commercial partnership with Canal+, a subsidiary of Vivendi but it also concerns a recent partnership with Deezer that the group renewed in 2016 up to 2018.


More recently, in 2019, Orange signed a partnership agreement with the NTT telecommunications operator with the objective of combining their efforts in research and development for the digital transformation and 5G network as well as smart devices, AI, and their clients cyber security.


Still in 2019, Orange signed a partnership with Gatewatcher in the security sector for the vitally important and essential services operators. The two companies can thereby combine their experience and knowledge to provide a better level of protection against cyber attacks.

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The factors in favour of a rise in the Orange share price:

Since the arrival of the cut price operator Free on the mobile telephone sector the other major operators have suffered greatly. However Orange has managed to stay ahead due to certain strengths particular to the company.

It notably made the choice to offer its roaming services to Free Mobile thereby creating an income of several hundred million Euros per year.

Orange would thereby benefit from a high end position. Although slightly more expensive than their competitors they appear to offer better quality services. They are positioned at the top of the classification relating to mobile telecommunications service quality as well as 2G, 3G and 4G network support.

The launch of its operator Sosh has also contributed to rejuvenating the brand among the younger sector of the public. Orange has heavily invested in technological innovations as well which has enabled it to remain at the cutting edge of technological advances and promote a positive future. Due notably to its investments in fibre optics Orange has been able to position itself as leader in the fixed telephone sector and very high speed internet.

In the same way, the position of Orange in the banking sector could enable it to cover any eventual losses in other activity sectors.

The factors in favour of a drop in the Orange share price:

Due to all these strong points Orange has managed to maintain its status as leader for a number of years even against the alliance of some of its major competitors.

However, it is important to balance this success against the Orange Company’s weak points that it needs to overcome. Although it is well positioned on a local level the number one in French telecommunications has experienced difficulties in expanding on an international level. This particular point therefore appears to be an important factor for Orange to improve over the coming years.

The information supplied here is only for indicative purposes and should not be used without the completion of a comprehensive and complete fundamental analysis of this asset notably taking into account exterior data, future publications and announcements and all fundamental events and news that could influence the strengths and weaknesses or make them more or less significant. This information does not in any way constitute recommendations relating to the completion of transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find information on the Orange Company and its share price?

To follow major events in real time that affect the Orange Group you may consult various publications and important data through the company’s official website. There you will be able to find the latest financial results of the company, information on its management and administration, RSE reports and the annual general report among other things. Of course other information such as news and events that impact the company and its share price can also be found from other sources such as specialised stock market websites.

Which stock market Indices quote the Orange share price?

The major stock market index where the Orange share price is currently quoted is of course the CAC 40, the principal French stock market Index that unites the share prices of the top 40 French companies in terms of stock market capital, but this company is also listed on the SBF120, the CAC All Tradable stock market Index and the Stoxx Telecom stock market index, which is specialised in this particular sector.

What is the last nominal value known for the Orange share price?

At present, the latest known value for the Orange share price is from the 31 December 2019. At that point, we note that the social capital of the Orange SA Group was 10,640,226,396 Euros in total. This capital was divided among 2,660,056,599 fully paid up shares with a nominal value of 4 Euros per share. We also note that during the last two financial years the share capital of this company has not increased.

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