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Analysis before buying or selling Netflix shares

Trade Netflix shares!

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You have undoubtedly already heard of Netflix, an American Company that recently conquered the European market. Before buying or selling these shares, we advise you to learn about the particularities of Netflix shares and the company including the real time price and certain useful information that you can all find here.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Netflix shares

Analysis N°1

Concerning Netflix’s opportunities in the coming years, you should of course take into account the huge market that the video on demand represents with an increasingly large consumption of videos online thanks to a change in the way society approaches television and video content.

Analysis N°2

Netflix could also benefit from an expansion of its services on the Chinese market. But in order to do this, the group must first solve some problems concerning the license of its content by creating a joint venture that enables it to take advantage of the 500 million Chinese members who currently transmit in the country.

Analysis N°3

Netflix could also benefit from the current growth of technology and RV and 4K UHD content to provide new services to its users.

Analysis N°4

Of course, in order to achieve its objectives of development, Netflix will also have to face some challenges and constraints, including important competition that offers more varied content and ways of viewing this different content such as Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus.

Analysis N°5

In fact, about this last point, we know that for 30 content providers such as Netflix, hacking generates more than 5.4 billion of multimedia content downloads each year. Just like its competitors, Netflix also sees its business directly threatened by the new methods of illegal downloading. It is even possible that this could pose a problem for Netflix concerning the financing of future content.

Analysis before buying or selling Netflix shares
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General presentation of Netflix

Buy Netflix shares

The Netflix Group is an American group specialised in Video On Demand (VOD). It offers a service of continuous online viewing of films and series through a monthly subscription model. This group has also developed a DVD rental by mail activity.

Although they achieve over 70% of their turnover in the United States, the Netflix Group has succeeded in positioning their service in other markets throughout the world including Europe.

The price of Netflix shares is currently quoted on the Nasdaq All Markets stock market in the United States. It is also integrated in the rate of the Nasdaq stock market index.

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The major competitors of Netflix

Netflix stands as one of the VOD leaders worldwide but its supremacy is currently challenged by a number of serious competitors that it is important to know about if you wish to buy or sell these shares online. Here therefore are details on the major serious competitors of Netflix in this highly popular sector.


is undoubtedly the major competitor of Netflix since its implementation of a VOD service that offers over 40,000 films and series under the name Instant Video in the United States. With 10 million subscribers already it could rapidly spread throughout the world.


functions along the same business model as Netflix. Currently available in only a few countries, it is priced around the same as Netflix and offers a large video catalogue.


is also a potential competitor of Netflix with the launch of Chromecast, a device that enables the synchronisation of internet activities with a television monitor.

Canal Play

Finally, Canal Play of the Canal + Company, belonging to the Bolloré Group, is the major competitor of Netflix in France. Slightly more expensive than its competitor it offers more than 1,500 films and 6,000 series episodes for a slightly lower price.

The major partners of Netflix


In 2016 Netflix signed a partnership with Disney, Lucas Films, Marvel and Pixar to obtain the exclusive distribution rights of the latest films and series of these great names in Cinema.

Altice and SFR

In 2017 Netflix signed a partnership with Altice and SFR to cover France, Portugal, Israel and the Dominican Republic with the SFR box.


Netflix is also working with Google at present on the development of a virtual reality headset, the ‘DayDream’ that can be used to view Netflix content.

Trade Netflix shares!
Your capital is at risk. Performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.
Positive factors for Netflix shares
The factors in favour of a rise in the Netflix share price:

Before beginning to invest on Netflix shares, it is necessary to know the advantages of this company first and thus the possibilities of an upward evolution of this asset. Here is a summary of the advantages of this company in the years to come.

First, Netflix offers its services at a rather affordable price which enables it to reach a wide range of public. The video on demand platform offers subscriptions for under €10 for the simple membership and up to €12 euros for a premium one.

In addition, Netflix has the advantage of offering a wide range of content with several original series which have built its success and are done every year including Marvel, House of Cards, Sense 8, Stranger Things which have a very strong popularity and optimal communication. In order to guarantee better quality content, Netflix has in fact been able to set up numerous and varied strategic partnerships, particularly with Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar studios. Netflix original content is in fact a real advantage of this platform when compared to its competitors. In the past and very recently, some original content has increased the number of subscribers to the platform thanks to the significant success that they have encountered.

It must be said that Netflix has put in place all the technological tools necessary to anticipate the needs and desires of the public and thus detect before the others the content that its likely to be successful. This strategy includes the implementation of certain algorithms in charge of automatically studying the habitudes of consumption of its subscribers enabling the platform to propose them movies and series that correspond to their preferences.

Netflix has become a brand with a very strong reputation over time. In fact, Netflix has become the only brand name for online streaming content and has experienced an increase of more than 6000 % in its price, since 2007, in less than 10 years.

Finally, the large international clientele of the platform is the last major advantage of this company. The company offers its content in more than 190 different countries and counts with more than 100 million subscribers around the world. Thanks to this feat, Netflix has a very strong bargaining power among studios, which has allowed it to easily obtain the rights of some very promising original content.

Negative factors for Netflix shares
The factors in favour of a drop in the Netflix share price:

Of course, Netflix does not only have advantages for investors and it is necessary to be cautious before starting to buy or sell this asset on the stock market and learn all the disadvantages of Netflix and the elements that could affect its profitability.

Of course, the first disadvantage of this company concerns the increasingly strong competition around the world, specially in Europe since the American giant is already struggling to position itself in the market. Netflix is in fact only being tried in European countries which are not very familiar with this new way of online consumption and must still build its reputation by reassuring consumers about this new mode of watching paid content.

Another obstacle to the development of Netflix is the cost of the original content offered by the platform. In fact, and even if this content is the basis of Netflix’s reputation and represents therefore one of the company’s advantages, the expenses required to acquire this content is becoming higher and higher. In 2017 alone, Netflix invested more than 2.5 billion dollars only in securing original titles, an expense that is difficult to monetize when the content does not meet the expected success.

It should also be noticed that the company has no rights to the original content. In fact, Netflix does not directly own most of the programs that it offers, unlike traditional television studios. Netflix thus holds the rights of the content it broadcasts for a period of one year without any guarantee that this original content will not be proposed later on to their competitors.

Finally, Netflix has recently suffered a loss of notoriety after being categorized in class D in terms of environmental awareness. This has aroused strong reactions among environmentalists and a bad publicity for the company. It is important to notice that Netflix’s main competitors, Amazon and Facebook use more than 40% of renewable energy for its services.

The information supplied here is only for indicative purposes and should not be used without the completion of a comprehensive and complete fundamental analysis of this asset notably taking into account exterior data, future publications and announcements and all fundamental events and news that could influence the strengths and weaknesses or make them more or less significant. This information does not in any way constitute recommendations relating to the completion of transactions or a solicitation to buy or sell an asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important figures to know about Netflix?

There are certain highly informative figures relating to the Netflix Group and its share price on the stock markets. Here are some facts and figures that you should know before taking position on this asset.

  • 1997: This is the year that Netflix was created
  • 2002: This is the year that Netflix completed its IPO or introduction onto the stock market
  • 23: This is the number by which the Netflix share price has multiplied since its IPO
  • 167 million: This is the number of subscribers currently registered on the Netflix platform
  • 20.16 billion: This is the turnover in dollars that Netflix achieved in 2019

When is it best to buy Netflix shares?

You can buy Netflix stocks at any time, but before taking a long-term position, we recommend that you first assess the strength and reliability of the current trend through technical and fundamental analysis. For a short term strategy we advise you to wait for the beginning of a technical upwards signal or the announcement of important information that would promote an increase in this share price.

Who are the major competitors to Netflix in 2023?

During 2023 the number of platforms that offer video streaming has considerably increased. The Netflix Group therefore has numerous competitors in its activity sector even if it is still the leader. Among these competitors we find the following platforms; OCS, the Canal+ Series, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max.

How much do you have to spend to buy Netflix shares?

Netflix's share price can vary widely depending on a variety of factors such as the company's financial results, new content announcements and general stock market trends. Netflix's share price may also vary depending on general economic conditions, geopolitical factors and competition in the marketplace. At the time of writing and for the past few months, Netflix's share price on the NASDAQ has been trading between $300 and $400. However, it is important to note that prices can fluctuate quickly, so the Netflix share price could be different by the time you read this. It is therefore important to check the current Netflix share price before you buy. To do this, you can check the chart on our website or the official Nasdaq website.

Trade Netflix shares!

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