Trade the Yamana Gold share!

Analysis before buying or selling Yamana Gold shares

Trade the Yamana Gold share!
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Are you planning to invest in gold through shares on the stock markets? If this is the case then you will want to learn about companies operating in this activity sector such as the Canadian company Yamana Gold. But before launching in this investment you should of course conduct the necessary research and gain the knowledge required. Here we offer you the opportunity to learn important information about this company and its activities as well as a presentation of its main adversaries and recent partnerships. We will also examine the details relating to a fundamental analysis of this company’s share price noting some of the principal factors you should take into consideration.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Yamana Gold shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, we would of course keep a close watch on the precious metals market, more precisely the gold and silver prices on the stock markets. These two rates will in fact exert a direct effect on the profitability of the Yamana Gold Group’s activities.

Analysis N°2

We would also closely follow explorations undertaken by the Yamana Gold Company with the objective of finding new mines around the world and thereby increase its production capacity against a demand that remains fairly stable or tends to increase over time.

Analysis N°3

We would also monitor the development of associated activities and any diversification in the activities of the Yamana Gold Company particularly related to the production of precious metal derived products.

Analysis N°4

The demand for gold and silver worldwide should also be monitored as we know that this demand is directly linked to the global economic health and it is therefore important to monitor the principal indicators relating to international economy to be able to deduce reliable signals.

Analysis N°5

Finally we would also follow this group’s competition which consists of other large mining companies specialised in the precious metals sector. We would particularly monitor their economic data and changes in their market shares.

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General presentation of Yamana Gold

Take a few minutes now to learn more about the Yamana Gold Group and its activities. In fact a solid knowledge of this company and its sources of revenue are necessary for the completion of a comprehensive and pertinent analysis of this company’s share price.

Yamana Gold Inc. is a Canadian Group specialised in the production of precious metals. More precisely the group operates activities relating to the production of gold and silver from mining operations throughout America.

Among the properties owned by Yamana Gold we particularly note Canadian Malartic, Jacobina, Cerro Moro, El Penon, Minera Florida, Wasamac Property and Camflo Property and the Jacobina operations in the state of Bahia in the North East of Brazil which is a subterranean gold mining complex with a carbon pulp treatment factory of over 6,500 tons per day.

The El Penon project, which is situated in the north of Chile, is a subterranean gold and silver mine with an agitated counter current CCD settling leach of nearly 4,200 tons per day, and the Merrill-Crowe factory.

The Canadian Malartic mine is an open mine situated in the Abititi area of Quebec and Cerro Moro is a gold and silver mine situated in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina.

And finally, Minera Florida is a subterranean gold and silver mine situated in the south of Santiago in the central area of Chile, which produces around 2,300 tons per day.

Analysis before buying or selling Yamana Gold shares
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The major competitors of Yamana Gold

We shall now examine the major competitors of Yamana Gold which include the large companies specialised in the mining of precious metals around the world:

Agnico Eagle Limited

This Canadian company is also specialised in the extraction, processing and production of gold and other metals such as silver, zinc and copper.

Kinross Gold

This Canadian company is also specialised in the extraction and mining of gold and silver. It is quoted on the S & P /TSX60 and owns a number of mining concessions.

Dundee Precious Metals

This international mining company based in Canada is specialised in the acquisition, exploration, development and processing of properties with precious metal resources. Its activities are mainly exercised in Namibia and Bulgaria and for exploration in Armenia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Kirkland Lake Gold

Finally, this is another Canadian company specialised in the extraction, development and exploration of gold. It also owns a diversified portfolio of assets situated in the stable mining areas of Canada and Australia. It operates a number of mines in Canada.

The major partners of Yamana Gold

Now that you know about the major competitors of the Yamana Gold Company we offer information relating to the partners of Yamana Gold with details of a particular recent example:


In 2014 the Yamana Gold Group signed a friendly co-operative agreement for the purchase of 50% of the Osisko Mining Corporation capital for the amount of 441.5 million Canadian dollars and 95.7 million ordinary shares in Yamana which came to an overall value of 926.6 million Canadian dollars. Under the terms of this agreement Yamana became an equal partner in all the mining and operational assets of Osisko and the latter continued to operate its Canadian Malartic mine and other projects under the management of a joint operating committee. It was also agreed that the company would keep its registered office in Montreal. An arrangement plan provided for under the law with the closure effective in May 2014 enabled the achievement of this agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the major shareholders in Yamana Gold?

The capital of the Yamana Gold Company is to a great extent owned by major private shareholders including the following: Van Eck Associates with 13% of the shares, Renaissance Technologies with a 3.31% shareholding, The Vanguard Group owns 2.70%, the Royal Bank of Canada owns 2.54%, Boston Partners Global Investors holds a 2.53% shareholding, BlackRock Asset Management Canada owns 2.07%, Newton Investment Management owns 1.94% of the shares, Arrowstreet Capital holds 1.88%, Capital Research & Management owns 1.53% and Norges Bank Investment Management owns 1.46%.

On which financial marketplaces is the Yamana Gold share price quoted?

The Yamana Gold Company share price is actually quoted on the principal stock market of Canada, the Toronto Stock Exchange. But it is also quoted on the New York Stock Exchange. We also note that this Canadian company is included in Canada’s principal stock market index, the S&P/TSX due to its high stock market capital which positions this company as one of the largest in the country.

How is it possible to invest in Yamana Gold shares?

It is possible to invest in Yamana Gold shares in several different ways. You could for example choose to purchase these shares directly from a financial entity that offers access to international markets to add to a stock market share portfolio or you can speculate directly on the share price through the use of derived products such as CFDs, also called Contracts for the Difference, or ETFs available through reputable online brokers’ platforms.

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