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Analysis before buying or selling Vonovia shares

Trade the Vonovia share!

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To be able to take positions at the right time on the Vonovia share price, it is necessary to know how to carry out relevant analyses of this stock. For that, we will entrust you, in this article, the data and the information which will enable you to carry out these analyses with a complete presentation of this company and its activities, a presentation of its direct competitors on the market and its recent partnerships. Of course, we will also look at the fundamental analysis of this stock with the elements that you should take into account according to their influence.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Vonovia shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, it will be necessary to follow closely the development of regulations concerning residential real estate in Germany and the changes that may occur in this sector of activity.

Analysis N°2

It will also be necessary to follow the statistics on the buildings under construction, in the process of being bought out and other figures on Vonovia's assets.

Analysis N°3

It will also be necessary to take into account the operations that the group could set up with the aim of gaining a position in new geographical sectors, such as partnerships or the creation of joint ventures.

Analysis N°4

The strategy communicated by Vonovia to its shareholders will also be interesting to consult and in particular the annual or longer term objectives.

Analysis N°5

It is also important to keep an eye on the competition in this sector with the market share gains of each of the major players in the same geographical areas as Vonovia.

Analysis N°6

Finally, you should follow the company's annual and quarterly earnings releases.

Analysis before buying or selling Vonovia shares
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General presentation of Vonovia

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To go further, we now propose to learn a little more about the company Vonovia and its activities. Indeed, it is important to have as much information as possible about this company before starting to analyze its price.

The Vonovia Group is a leading German real estate company. It is also Germany's largest private landlord. Founded in 2001 as Deutsche Annington Immobilien AG, the group will become Vonovia in 2015 as part of the merger with the real estate company GAGFAH.

Currently, the Vonovia Group manages more than 408,000 apartments in all of Germany's most attractive cities and regions as well as 2,000 apartments in Austria. These apartments are generally located in apartment buildings in contiguous settlements in 650 locations in Germany.

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The major competitors of Vonovia

Now let's find out some more information, this time about Vonovia's direct competitors with a quick but detailed presentation of the different players in this business sector:

Deutsche Wohnen

This German company operates in the real estate sector and is based in Berlin. Note that Deutsche Wohnen and Vonovia announced in May 2021 their plan to merge, but in July 2021, Vonovia only bought 47% of this company's shares against a target of 50%.

LEG Immobilien

This other German real estate company is part of the MDAX stock index of German mid-cap companies. The company was founded as a housing provider operating in the German state of Rhineland. Its headquarters are in Düsseldorf and the group employs 1,000 employees and owns 130,000 apartments and properties.

Grand City Properties

This residential real estate company is based in Luxembourg and invests in value-added residential opportunities in the largest metropolitan areas and cities in Germany and London. The company manages 63,000 apartments and is one of the largest residential real estate companies in Europe. It has assets of €11 billion and equity of €5 billion.

TAG Immobilien AG

This MDAX-listed real estate company carries out acquisitions, developments and management of residential properties in northern and eastern Germany. In total, the company has 1,160 employees and manages 84,510 apartments with a property volume of 5.3 billion euros.

The major partners of Vonovia

After having reviewed the main competitors of the Vonovia group, we propose to take a closer look at its strategic allies. Here are two examples of partnerships that the company has put in place over the past few years:

Deutsche Wohnen

First and foremost, in 2021, the Vonovia group and Deutsche Wohnen, its direct competitor, announced their intention to create a residential property giant. As Europe's leading real estate company, Vonovia launched an €18 billion bid to acquire its direct competitor, whose stock price immediately rose on the stock market. Vonovia's offer is for a price of 52 euros per share plus the payment of a dividend of 1.03 euros, which represents a premium of 17.9% compared to the closing price of its target on May 21. By merging their activities, the two companies intend to create a tenant-oriented and socially responsible housing company that will reliably contribute to the necessary solutions, especially with regard to Berlin's housing market, in close partnership with policymakers.


Another strategic partnership that the Vonovia Group has recently established is the signing of an agreement with the SNI Group. Through this strategic agreement, the two companies have agreed to establish a common platform for the exchange of experiences and to explore growth opportunities in France and Germany. Both companies have developed successful and resilient models for customers seeking attractive and affordable housing, as the CEO of the German residential real estate group stated in a press release issued on this occasion.

Trade the Vonovia share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most important shareholders of the Vonovia Group?

Currently, the main shareholders of Vonovia Group are Norges Bank Investment Management with 6.56%, The Vanguard Group with 3.57%, Fidelity Management & Research with 3.55%, APG Asset Management with 3.12%, Lansdowne Partners with 2.94%, DWS Investment with 2.02%, MFS International with 1.98%, NlackRock Advisors with 1.87% of the shares, DWS Investments with 1.84% of the shares, and Assenagon Asset Management with 1.83% of the shares. The remaining shares of the Vonovia Group are available on the market and represent the free float of the group.

Is it possible to trade on the decline of the Vonovia share price?

If buying Vonovia shares with a PEA or a securities account will not allow you to make short sales, it is still possible to trade Vonovia shares directly by taking bearish positions on its stock price, using specific contracts such as CFDs or contracts for difference. These derivatives are available online and allow you to take advantage of all market opportunities.

Will Vonovoa's share price rise or fall in the coming months?

While it is not possible to know with certainty whether Vonovia's share price will rise or fall in the coming months and years, you can perform fundamental and technical analysis of the stock in order to obtain the most reliable upward or downward signals possible.

Trade the Vonovia share!

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