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Analysis before buying or selling Virgin Galactic shares

Trade the Virgin Galactic share!
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Are you interested in Virgin Galactic shares and would like to start taking a position on this stock online? Find out how to do so with the information we will provide in this article, which will help you understand and analyse this stock. In particular, you will find here tips for your fundamental analysis with data to watch out for in the news and publications as well as economic information about the stock such as the company's detailed activities, a presentation of its main competitors and its most recent partnerships. You will thus have all the cards in hand for an effective analysis.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Virgin Galactic shares

Analysis N°1

You should particularly follow the progress of Virgin Galactic's development of technologies to offer its customers services with the creation of new launchers or new vessels.

Analysis N°2

Although competition is limited in this segment, it's also important to keep an eye on what the two main adversaries of Virgin Galactic offer in terms of services and prices.

Analysis N°3

The international expansion of the services offered by Virgin Galactic is also an interesting point to watch since the company currently only sells them in the United States.

Analysis N°4

Also keep an eye on obtaining sufficient funding to achieve the various projects carried out by the group as well as the signing of major contracts such as contracts with NASA.

Analysis N°5

Finally, you should focus on the group's financial and economic results as well as its official communications.

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General presentation of Virgin Galactic

To become a good trader by investing in the Virgin Galactic share price, you also need to know the company and its business segments perfectly. Here you'll find a more detailed presentation of it to help you seize the opportunities and challenges for the future.

The Virgin Galactic Holding Inc. group is an American company that was formerly known as Social Capital Hedosophia Holding Corp and which specializes in the aerospace industry. More specifically, the company offers manned space flight services to both wealthy individuals and researchers.

Virgin Galactic is currently focusing its efforts on the development of a space flight system aimed at offering its customers a multi-day experience with, as a highlight, a space flight that includes several minutes of weightlessness and views of Earth from space.

The group also has an aerospace development subsidiary called The Spaceship Company LLC, through which it manufactures space vehicles. It's based in California. The company's flight system is made up of three major components including a carrier plane called WhiteKnightTwo, a spacecraft called SpaceShipTwo and a hybrid rocket engine. Its spacecraft is capable of transporting pilots or customers and other payloads into space and then bringing them back to Earth. The carrier aircraft used is a double fuselage aircraft which was designed to transport the SpaceShipTwo to an altitude of approximately 45,000 feet from which the spacecraft is released for its flight into space.

The Virgin Galactic group belongs to the parent company Virgin and employs almost 906 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Virgin Galactic shares
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The major competitors of Virgin Galactic

Here, you can take a closer look at the direct economic and competitive environment of Virgin Galactic. Although the space travel sector obviously has little competition given its strong technological barriers, the company still has two big competitors who could take market shares from it. You'll find them here.

Blue Origin

First of all, you'll need to watch the American company Blue Origin, which was created in 2000 by the founder and majority shareholder of the Amazon group, Jeff Bezos. Its objective is to develop new technologies in order to reduce the costs space access. Its main activity is the construction of the New Glenn heavy launcher, which should make its first flight in 2021, as well as the development of BE-3, BE-4 and BE-7 cryogenic engines in order to allow the future propulsion of the United Launch Alliance Vulcan heavy launcher which will replace the Atlas V and the Delta 4. Blue Origin made a name for itself following the development of New Shepard, a single-stage rocket for space tourism which flew for the first time in 2015. The company also participated in the 2010 NASA Commercial Crew Development program to develop the space transportation system for crews at the International Space Station.

The major partners of Virgin Galactic

Now check out who the strategic allies of the Virgin Galactic group are with some recent examples of partnerships that the group has been able to set up and which have enabled it to gain growth.


 First of all, the Virgin Galactic group signed a new partnership with NASA in 2020 thanks to its VSS Unity, a space plane which deploys in mid-flight under the wing of a giant aircraft carrier and which can climb to an altitude of 80 km to graze weightlessness before descending to Earth. With this association with NASA, Virgin Galactic hopes to take advantage of its expertise in the development of supersonic jets. The purpose of this new partnership is to design machines capable of making high-speed air travel.

Land Rover

Another partnership signed in 2020 was with Land Rover with a historic event since the Range Rover Autobiography delivered the new Virgin Galactic spacecraft to the Mojave airport and spaceport. With the presentation of this new vessel, the two brands have emphasized their desire to push the limits of travel and adventure for the future.

Under Armor

Finally, in 2019, the Virgin Galactic group signed an exclusive partnership with the brand Under Armor, specializing in sports equipment, aimed at creating unique, comfortable and secure suits for space travel. The outfit includes special shoes and a limited edition jacket and is tailor-made for each passenger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Virgin Galactic listed on the stock market?

Virgin Galactic, created by Richard Branson, was the very first company specializing in space travel to go public in October 2018. Following this widely publicized introduction, the share price soared by over 5.3% with an opening at 12.41 dollars per share. Of course, since that time, the share has known other strong upward trends like in February 2020.

Where and how to follow the Virgin Galactic share price?

You can go to various online stock exchange websites to follow the Virgin Galactic share price in real time and live from the NYSE market However it's best to carry out this follow-up from the trading platform that you've chosen to trade the value in order to gain more possibilities of customizing your displays such as choosing the time, the type of charts, or show several technical indicators simultaneously.

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