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Analysis before buying or selling Vir Biotechnology shares

Trade the Vir Biotechnology share!

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If you wish to buy Vir Biotechnology shares or trade in its share price online then we strongly suggest you take a few minutes to learn the information you will need to complete comprehensive analyses of its share price. In this article we will examine all the data you will require for these analyses including a detailed presentation of this group and its activities, its major competitors in this activity sector and recent partnerships. Of course, we will also take a few moments to provide information on the factors you should take into account when conducting a fundamental analysis of this asset.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Vir Biotechnology shares

Analysis N°1

You should particularly monitor the different test phases undertaken by this group concerning treatments undergoing development. You should also follow any authorisation requests for the launch of treatments onto the market as well as the results of these requests.

Analysis N°2

The majority of the group’s financing is from pharmaceutical laboratories so it is important to follow the implementation of any strategic partnerships of Vir Biotechnology with large companies in this sector.

Analysis N°3

It is also extremely important to follow the annual and quarterly financial results of the group taking into account the possible future returns from the studies currently underway. Of course these results should be systematically compared with the analysts’ forecasts and the objectives stated in the company’s strategic plans.

Analysis N°4

Finally it is also important to closely follow the activities, news and events of the direct competitors of this company. A number of biotechnology companies are conducting research into similar health areas that could exert an influence on this asset.

Analysis before buying or selling Vir Biotechnology shares
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General presentation of Vir Biotechnology

To understand the factors and events related to the market that could influence the Vir Biotechnology share price it is of course also necessary to be knowledgeable about this company and its sources of revenue. This information is what we shall now provide.

Vir Biotechnology is an American group specialised in the biotechnology sector. More precisely this company specialises in clinical stage immunology. This means it concentrates mainly on the development of treatments for the care and prevention of severe infectious diseases.

The Vir Biotechnology Group operates several technological platforms relating to anti-bodies, T cells, innate immunity, and small interference ribonucleic acids or siRNAs.

The group’s pipeline is also composed of product candidates that target hepatitis B or HBV, A type influenza, HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency virus, and tuberculosis or TB.

The candidate products on which the company is currently working are the VIR-2218, VIR-3434, VIR-2482, VIR-1111 and the VIR-2020. The company is developing VIR-2218 and VIR-3434 for the functional healing of HBV.

The VIR-2218 is notably an siRNA which targets HBV and is administered subcutaneously. The VIR-3434 is a monoclonal antibody that neutralises HBV and is administered subcutaneously. VIR-2482 is a monoclonal antibody that neutralises influenza type A and is administered intramuscularly. VIR-1111 is a T cell vaccine against HIV that is administered subcutaneously. And finally, VIR-2020 is a T cell vaccine against tuberculosis administered subcutaneously.

At present Vir Biotechnology employs nearly 330 people.

The major competitors of Vir Biotechnology

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the competitive environment of the Vir Biotechnology Group with brief summaries of all the major competitors of this company.


Firstly, the AlloVir Group is currently the global leader in the development of VST immunotherapies. It is responsible for the development of allergenic and ready to use VST therapy candidates that are highly innovative and created for the treatment or prevention of infections and severe viral illnesses.


This biotechnology company is specialised in the development and sale of a platform that enables different clients in the cellular and gene therapy sector to respond to their stringent QC requirements. The company’s platform is therefore a bench-top cytometer that operates and reads blood cartridges integrated with dry reagents and which enable cell therapy companies to have a reproductive ability and unequalled facility of use for automated multi-parameter cellular analysis.


This company is specialised in the area of micro fluids, microbiology, molecular biology and bio-information and notably creates large scale cell doses. Their exclusive technological platform can identify interesting microbes according to their functional characteristics and complete a large range of tests at a rapidity and volume that was not previously possible.

Altis Biosystems

Finally, this biotechnology start-up has developed a cell technology that recreates both the small and large human intestinal epithelium for the testing of medicines and research on the micro biome. It offers a high output, evolutionary and reproductive product that uses normal healthy human tissue derived from transplant quality organ donors. Altis markets its platform as a service for pharmaceutical laboratories for toxicology, permeability, transport, ELISA, flow cytometry, immune-staining, high content imagery and other sectors. The platform can also be sent to clients for internal testing.

The major partners of Vir Biotechnology

Although Vir Biotechnology has a number of sizeable adversaries on the market it can also count on support from certain allies. Here we provide details of two recent strategic partnerships implemented by this company.

Samsung Biologics

In 2020 the group notably implemented a partnership with the subsidiary Samsung Biologics of the Samsung Group with the objective of manufacturing a treatment against Covid-19. This contract worth 362.2 million dollars had the objective of large scale production of this treatment enabling the neutralisation of this virus. This treatment is based on therapeutic anti-bodies developed by Vir Biotechnology and will be produced in the Incheon factory of Samsung Biologics. In fact Vir Biotechnology has recently developed anti-bodies from patients’ blood samples that had totally recovered from the illness.


Another partnership was also established by Vir Biotechnology in 2020, this time with the GlaxoSmithKline laboratory. The latter had in fact decided to invest 250 million dollars in this Californian company and collaborate with it with the objective of developing potential treatments against the corona virus, Covid-19. The two companies had also planned to proceed directly with a phase II clinical trial for this treatment. The partnership was created to use the anti-body platform of Vir Biotechnology with the aim of identifying new antiviral mononuclear anti-bodies that could be used as therapeutic or preventative options. These two companies would also benefit from the expertise of GSK in functional genomes and could thereby combine their abilities in AI with the aim of advancing research relating to Covid-19 and other corona viruses. As the needs of patients are urgent and primordial, the two companies are clearly required to collaborate for the future production of this treatment in the case of obtaining the legal authorisations necessary for the marketing of this product.

Trade the Vir Biotechnology share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the major capital shareholders of Vir Biotechnology?

The share capital of the Vir Biotechnology Company is divided among various major shareholders such as the following: ARCH Venture Partners with 20.9%, SB Investment Advisers which owns 17.7%, Capital Research Management with 8.84%, GlaxoSmithKline holds 5.18%, George Scangos owns 5.10%, Capital Research & Management World Investors owns 4.59%, The Vanguard Group owns 4.47%, Capital Research & Management Global Investors with 4.45%, Temasek Holdings Pte with 4.30% and Alaska Permanent Fund Corp owns 3.05%.

Where to find shares from the Vir Biotechnology Company?

Certain personal investment accounts enable you to invest in American company shares such as those of Vir Technology but if you cannot find the company you want to add to your stock market portfolio or are unable to do so then you can also simply speculate on this company’s share price on the stock markets through the use of derived financial products such as CFDs from any reputable online broker.

How to complete a technical analysis of the Vir Biotechnology share price?

A technical analysis of the Vir Biotechnology share price should be completed through an examination of the historical and current stock market charts of his asset. For this you should use various trend and volatility indicators that can be displayed directly on these charts that you can find through most reputable online brokers.

Trade the Vir Biotechnology share!

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