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Analysis before buying or selling Varta shares

Trade the Varta share!

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In this article on Varta stock, we'll find out what information you'll undoubtedly need when analyzing this stock. In particular, we will explain who the company is and what its activities and main sources of income are. We'll also look at the group's competitors and any recent strategic partnerships. Of course, we will also take a close look at the fundamental analysis of this stock with a summary of what you should be looking for.

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Information on Varta shares
ISIN code: DE000A0TGJ55
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Elements to consider before investing in this asset

Analysis N°1

Firstly, we will of course follow with the greatest interest all the operations of the group concerning the management of its assets and subsidiaries. This may involve divestments, partnerships or asset acquisitions, depending on the strategy in place.

Analysis N°2

Similarly, the strategic development plans communicated by the group regarding its objectives and future growth should be followed with interest. The company regularly communicates with its shareholders on this subject.

Analysis N°3

We will keep an eye on the main competitors in the battery business, in particular, who may cause Varta to lose market share.

Analysis N°4

Finally, it is important to regularly review the group's financial and economic results with the annual and quarterly publications and to systematically compare them with analysts' expectations and the targets set.

Analysis before buying or selling Varta shares
Trade the Varta share!
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General presentation of Varta

Buy Varta shares

Of course, you need to be familiar with Varta and its business before you can start analyzing it. For this purpose, we are now offering you a detailed presentation of this company, its main activities as well as its sources of income.

The Varta AG Group is a German company specializing in the production and sale of batteries and energy storage systems for various applications. It is also a leader in this segment and is responsible for setting industry standards in important areas. The group operates in two main segments with :

  • The Lithium-Ion Solutions and Microbatteries segment, which specializes in microbatteries and the supply of lithium-ion parts, lithium-ion round cells and battery packs. Varta is also setting standards in lithium-ion and micro-battery technology and is thus a leader in this segment in terms of innovation, particularly for primary batteries for hearing aids.
  • The Home Batteries segment, which corresponds to the activities related to batteries for end customers such as home batteries, accumulators, chargers, lamps, storage devices and portable power.

Currently, the Varta AG Group employs around 4,800 people and operates five production sites in Europe and Asia. It also has sales centers in Europe, Asia and the USA and operating subsidiaries that give it a presence in around 75 countries worldwide.

Photo credits: ©mesutdogan/123RF.COM

The major competitors of Varta

We will now take a closer look at the environment in which the Varta Group operates, with a presentation of its most important direct competitors in the market.


This company, formerly known as Neah power Systems, is an energy storage company that builds lithium-ion and lithium metal energy solutions. In particular, the company is developing PowerChip, which is a proprietary lithium metal rechargeable battery technology based on porous silicon chips that enables scalable, high-volume manufacturing at the lowest cost. The group also offers high-temperature lithium cells for hot and tropical climates and BMS battery management systems for networking, mobility and consumer electronics applications.

A123 Systems

This other company is a subsidiary of the Chinese group Wanxiang Holdings and specialises in the development and manufacture of lithium iron phosphate batteries and energy storage systems. The group currently employs nearly 2,500 people worldwide and is headquartered in Waltham, USA. The company's original product technology was based on materials originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hyperdrive Innovation

Finally, Hyperdrive Innovation Group is a specialist in the development and manufacture of lithium-ion battery systems. It is also a trusted electrification partner for OEMs worldwide. As a result, its battery technology can be found in many applications.

The major partners of Varta

After reviewing Varta's main competitors, let's take a moment to discover who its strategic allies are with two concrete examples of partnerships that the company has recently put in place.

Naïo Technologies

First and foremost and in 2020, the Varta Group has partnered with the company Naïo Technologies in the field of agricultural robotics solutions. The main objective of this partnership is to provide integrated solutions that enable the use of charging stations. Naïo Technologies as a member of Robotics Place is the leader in the field of agricultural robotics and thus takes a new step with this partnership with one of the most important players in the field of batteries, Varta. This partnership, apart from the technical aspect, will indeed allow it to be more credible and to collaborate with large companies.


Previously, in 2019, it is with Carglass that Varta has signed a partnership. The network of replacement and repair of windshields launches indeed in a new service related to the battery with the possibility of asking for a free diagnosis of the state of the battery for the customers during their intervention glazing and its replacement in case of pronounced wear.

Trade the Varta share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how was Varta founded?

Varta was founded on 27 December 1887 because of the strong market potential for electric accumulators. A year later, in 1988, the group began manufacturing lead-acid batteries designed by Henri Owen Tudor, an engineer from Luxembourg. In 1890, the company joined forces with Siemens and AEG, two of its competitors, with the support of Deutsche Bank, to create AFA or Accumulatoren-Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft

Will Varta's share price go up or down?

In order to know whether the Varta Group share price will rise or fall, whether in the short, medium or long term, it is best to carry out in-depth analysis of this stock. You can base your analysis on the signals obtained through technical analysis and fundamental analysis, using the stock charts of this stock together with the news, publications and information that may have an influence on the growth of this company and therefore on the attractiveness of this stock for investors.

How can I invest in the Varta share price online?

To buy Varta stock or take a position on its price, you can choose between two different methods. You can, of course, buy the shares if you have a stock account or PEA and add them to your portfolio, but you can also choose to trade on its price using a derivative product such as the CFDs offered by current online brokers.

Trade the Varta share!

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