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Analysis before buying or selling UCB shares

Trade the UCB share!

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If you are one of the investors who are interested in UCB Pharma stock, we recommend that you take the time to discover this article that we have devoted to this stock. You will find all the help you need to carry out your analysis of this stock, including explanations of the company's precise activities, a presentation of its competitors on the market and some examples of partnerships recently set up by the group. We will also explain how you can perform a good fundamental analysis of this stock thanks to the elements to follow in priority.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying UCB shares

Analysis N°1

First, we will look at the clinical trials conducted by this company, which operates in the biopharmaceutical sector, with the results published for each phase and the launch of new tests.

Analysis N°2

We will also keep an eye on whether the company obtains patents for the treatments it develops or whether it obtains marketing authorisation for its products from the health and safety authorities.

Analysis N°3

It goes without saying that the activities of UCB Pharma's competitors should not be overlooked and that you should also keep yourself informed of any significant developments in the research areas of this group.

Analysis N°4

Finally, the partnerships that the UCB Group may put in place, in particular with major pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, are also elements likely to influence the increase in this value.

Analysis before buying or selling UCB shares
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General presentation of UCB

We now propose to return to the presentation of the UCB Pharma company by explaining precisely what its activities are and therefore what its direct sectoral environment is.

The UCB Pharma Group is a Belgian biopharmaceutical company. More specifically, the company is dedicated to the research and development of new treatments and innovative solutions for people suffering from serious diseases of the central nervous system or the immune system.

Geographically, the U.S. is UCB's largest market at present, accounting for almost half of the Group's sales. Europe is the second largest market and the rest of the world represents only a small part of the company's revenues.

The group already operates a number of drugs that have received marketing authorisation, including Keppra, Xyzal, Zyrtec, Nootropil and Atarax.

UCB Pharma operates several research and development centres based in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

The major competitors of UCB

Let's look at the competitive environment of the UCB Pharma Group. UCB is not the only biopharmaceutical company developing such treatments, and there are other large groups that may be in its shadow. The main ones are


This American biopharmaceutical company is of course one of the leaders in this market. It specializes in the research and development of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, hemophilia and immune system disorders.


The biopharmaceutical company Shire is also in competition with UCB. Its strategy is to develop treatments for rare diseases such as seizures, pancreatic cancers, immune deficiencies, short bowel syndrome and hereditary angiodema.


Finally, the drug giant Pfizer is also in direct competition with UCB as it develops drugs for the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, colorectal cancer, cholesterol and depression.

The major partners of UCB

Finally, let's find out who UCB Pharma's major allies are today with two concrete examples of strategic partnerships that the group has been able to put in place over the past few years:


UCB signed a partnership agreement in 2014 with the pharmaceutical group Sanofi for the research and development of innovative anti-inflammatory small molecules in the treatment of a wide range of autoimmune diseases and in the fields of gastroenterology and osteoarthritis. The two companies shared the costs and benefits of the transaction, with UCB receiving an upfront payment from Sanofi and additional payments at each stage of testing and clinical trials.


In 2013, the UCB Group signed a strong strategic partnership with the structural biology company ConformetRx in the United States. This was a research partnership with the aim of discovering new treatments to address unmet medical needs in neuroscience. The two companies decided to jointly exploit structural biology to better understand the modulation of G-protein coupled receptors and to design differentiated drugs.

Trade the UCB share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stock exchange and the reference stock exchange index for UCB shares?

As mentioned earlier in this page, UCB Pharma is a Belgian-based company. As such, its shares are currently listed on the Euronext Brussels market alongside the other major Belgian stock market capitalisations and in compartment A of this financial centre. UCB Pharma is also part of the composition of the Belgian benchmark stock market index, the BEL 20, and is therefore one of the 20 most highly capitalised Belgian companies.

Is UCB clinical trial data available?

Of course, it is possible to follow almost live the clinical trials carried out by UCB Pharma in the framework of the development of its future drugs. The company's website provides the most detailed information on the results of the various phases of clinical trials, but this news is also often reported on specialized websites or in the important news feed of online brokers.

Can I trade UCB shares from outside Belgium?

Since UCB Pharma is one of the best Belgian stocks, it is obvious that you will find it on most of the trading platforms in the world and especially with brokers accessible in Europe. It is therefore entirely possible to trade in this stock from outside Belgium. To do so, however, you should preferably use contracts for difference or CFDs.

Trade the UCB share!

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