Trade the Twilio share!

Analysis before buying or selling Twilio shares

Trade the Twilio share!
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We will notably focus here on this company and its specific activities. We will present its main competitors on the market as well as its recent partnerships. But first of all, we will take the time to explain to you how you can carry out a relevant fundamental analysis of this title thanks to the impactful data of the news and the publications to follow in priority.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Twilio shares

Analysis N°1

It will first of all be necessary to follow with the greatest interest the evolution of the technological uses of companies and the population in general by taking an interest in new habits and general innovations.

Analysis N°2

The innovations of the Twilio group in this area are also facts to know because it is by offering new technological products and services that this group will be able to effectively compete with this sector and differentiate itself from other companies. In particular, we will monitor the level of R&D investments and the group's technological announcements.

Analysis N°3

The strategy of international expansion of this company should also be followed carefully with its entry into new strategic markets.

Analysis N°4

Obviously, we will continue to check what is happening with Twilio's competition by following important communications and announcements from other large companies in this sector.

Analysis N°5

Finally, the financial results of this company, which are published each year and each quarter, can be compared to the objectives set by the growth plans or to the forecasts and expectations of analysts.

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General presentation of Twilio

We now invite you to learn a little more about Twilio and its different activities, in order to help you better understand its economic environment and its main challenges for the future.

The Twilio Group Inc. is an American company and a cloud communication platform offer. The purpose of this platform is to allow developers to build, extend and exploit real-time communications in software applications.

Thus, the platform operated by the Twilio company is made up of a programmable communications cloud, a super network and a business model for innovators. Its software called Programmable Communications Cloud gives developers the ability to integrate voice, messaging, video and authentication capabilities into their applications through its application programming interfaces or APIs.

With its programmable communications cloud, Twilio customers have the basics to build what they need. In its cloud of programmable communications, there are APIs for programmable voice, programmable messaging, programmable video and use cases. The software layer that allows customers' software to communicate with connected devices around the world is called "Super Network". It interconnects with communication networks around the world.

To date, the Twilio group employs 2905 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Twilio shares
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The major competitors of Twilio

To go further in your understanding of the activities and the economic environment in which the Twilio group operates, you must also take an interest in the other major players in this sector of activity. This is the reason why we offer here a presentation of the main competitors of this company on the market:

AMD Telecom

this international supplier of solutions and services for mobile operators and large companies around the world is one of Twilio's competitors. Its customers include telecommunications providers, social media platforms, global messaging providers and resellers around the world.

Stratics Network

Stratics Network is another direct competitor of Twilio. It is a company that offers scalable SaaS technology that involves low capital expenditure, reduced labor costs and is rapidly deployable.


Five9 Inc. is an American company that specializes in providing cloud software for call centers. Its Virtual Contact center or VCC cloud computing platform was designed with the aim of offering a suite of applications enabling the extension of customer service, sales and marketing functions linked to contact centers.

CallFire Inc

Finally, the last competitor of this group is the company CallFire Inc which is a cloud telephony or SaaS service provider whose headquarters is currently based in the United States in Silicon Beach in California. This company notably develops web-based VoIP products and services as a business-to-business or B2B service for small and medium-sized businesses.

The major partners of Twilio

Now let's take a look at the Twilio group's strategic allies, that is to say the companies with which it has partnered in order to accelerate its growth. Here are two concrete examples of recent partnerships.


Following the acquisition of DVELP, a company specializing in the development and production of artificial intelligence products for contact centers, the Sabio group has become a Gold partner of the Twilio group as a consulting partner of Twilio Resell . Recall that Sabio is the largest independent service provider in terms of customer experience in Europe and benefits from a large scale and wide penetration of the contact center market. Thanks to this partnership, Twilio therefore has access to the European market. The expertise, skills and proven technologies of DVELP for Twilio and Google CCAI allow Sabio to become a solid partner with an ability to provide, manage and support cutting-edge CX solutions for businesses.

Manhattan Associates

The group has also partnered with Manhattan Associates to provide more personalized shopping experiences for retailers. This partnership allows these two companies to provide a single unified communication solution that retailers can then use to engage customers across multiple regions and different communication channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we invest in the Twilio share price from Europe?

It is true that American stocks are not always accessible through conventional stock market investment products for European individuals. However, there are of course other ways to speculate on the evolution of the price of this value. You can use CFDs or contracts for difference, accessible online from a platform provided by a specialized and approved broker.

How to set up an investment strategy for the Twilio share?

To set up a good investment strategy on the Twilio share price, you must be interested in its history by identifying the most significant past movements and cross-checking them with identifiable events or signals. You will then be able to look for similar signals in current events and current graphics to anticipate variations in this share price on the same bases.

Where to follow the evolution of the Twilio share price live and in real time?

To speculate on the Twilio share price effectively, you must of course follow the evolution of its live market price. For this, it is preferable to access a technological graph integrating different personalized displays and certain functionalities such as the possibility of displaying technical indicators. You will find this type of graph on your broker's platform.

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