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Analysis before buying or selling The Trade Desk shares

Trade the The Trade Desk share!

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If you are one of the investors that wish to trade in The Trade Desk shares then we strongly suggest you read this dedicated article with its useful information on the completion of analyses of this company’s share price. You will notably learn more about the activities of this company and its principal sources of income as well as details of its major competitors on the market and recent partnerships. We will also explain how to achieve a comprehensive and pertinent fundamental analysis of this company’s share price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying The Trade Desk shares

Analysis N°1

The activities of The Trade Desk Company are directly linked to the general growth of the economy. Due to this fact it is recommended to monitor changes in the economy, notably in the areas that use online advertising or marketing.

Analysis N°2

In the same way, you should of course monitor the competition in this activity sector which is increasingly stronger and regularly includes new influential players.

Analysis N°3

You should also take into account the cyclic aspects of this activity sector. Certain periods are more appealing for company communications than others and this could boost the company’s turnover.

Analysis N°4

Finally, it would also be advantageous to follow the results of this company as well as the analysts’ estimates and the objectives fixed by the group that should be compared to the true figures accomplished.

Analysis before buying or selling The Trade Desk shares
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General presentation of The Trade Desk

We shall now take a closer look at the Trade Desk Company, its activities and principal sources of income. This will assist you in better understanding the future challenges and threats this company faces.

The Trade Desk Inc. is an American company specialised in technology and communications. More precisely, this company provides a free to use platform that enables clients to buy and organise digital advertising campaigns in various formats including display, video and social networks. These campaigns are accessible on numerous devices including computers, mobile telephones and smartphones and smart or connected televisions.

The Trade Desk platform therefore enables a media planner or advertising agency buyer to purchase programmable digital advertising on various exchangeable media and sales platforms and acquire and use third party data with the aim of optimising and detailing their digital advertising campaigns and deploy their own first party data or that of their clients with the aim of optimising the effectiveness of their campaigns, connecting digital campaigns with the results of off line sales or other commercial activities and benefit from services such as a data management platform and the operation of an editing platform and thereby benefit from their own user interfaces and those of an application programme in order to create technology on the company’s platform.

The Trade Desk Group currently employs around 1,550 people worldwide, mainly in the United States.

The major competitors of The Trade Desk

We shall now examine the principal competitors of The Trade Desk in its particular activity sector.


With its Facebook Business service this huge American group is a direct competitor of The Trade Desk. It offers a free platform for managing resources including advertising campaigns and online advertising campaigns.


This American company based in New York offers advertising purchase services, as well as services related to accounting, communications, advertising integration and others. It manages over 150 billion dollars in advertising expenses every year.


Adobe also has a TV and digital advertising management section with its Adobe Advertising Cloud platform. This platform manages over 3.5 billion dollars in advertising expenses each year for the accounts of nearly 1,000 international clients.


The Amazon Group is also one of the major competitors of the Trade Desk with its Amazon Advertising platform. It is in fact the third largest digital advertising platform after Google and Facebook and accounts for a database of over 300 million clients.


Finally, the Google Campaign Manager Service is currently Number One in this activity sector and should therefore be considered as the most significant competitor at present to The Trade Desk.

The major partners of The Trade Desk

We shall next take a close look at the strategic allies of The Trade Desk group that regularly implements partnerships with other companies. Here are the details of two particular recent examples:


In 2021 The Trade Desk notably became associated with Dailymotion with the objective of launching a new guaranteed or direct programming solution which could be likened to automatic purchasing enabling brands to benefit from new premium advertising areas. It should be remembered here that this solution is particularly appreciated due to its advantages including a guarantee of impressions, a defined fixed price and the up-line security of chosen inventories. Dailymotion hopes to reach 50% of the online French video audience through a single reduced cost optional stream and through this association the two companies offer an optional simplified automatic purchase with attractive tariffs.


Finally, and still in 2021, The Trade Desk allied itself with Publicis to adapt to new regulations related to cookies and internet tracing implemented in April. Therefore, due to this partnership, a data marketing subsidiary of Publicis named Epsilon would ally itself with the Trade Desk optimised advertising purchase platform. The objective here was to implement personalised new generation digital advertising campaigns, based on certain data in formats including video, audio, national and social networks. It should be remembered here that since the first of April 2021 internet websites require the consent of web users to use third party cookies. Those that refuse such authorisation represent an audience that is more difficult for advertisers to reach.

Trade the The Trade Desk share!
Your capital is at risk. Performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the major private investors in The Trade Desk Company?

There are in fact a number of significant private investors in the stock market capital of The Trade Desk Company including Baillie Gifford & Co with 9.69%, The Vanguard Group Inc with 8.69%, Jennison Associates LLC with 5.19%, Morgan Stanley Investment Management with 4.47%, Davidson Kempner Capital Management with 2.82%, J P Morgan Investment Management with 2.77%, BlackRock Fund Advisors with 2.42%, Founder Collective Management with 2.26%, SSgA Funds Management with 1.90% and Jackson Square Partners with 1.84%.

When and how was The Trade Desk introduced onto the stock markets?

The Trade Desk Company made its IPO on the 21 September 2016. At this time the initial quotation was fixed at 18 dollars per share. During its first trading session it rapidly gained points and its closing price was 30.10 dollars per share. Since 2016 this share price has continued to increase over time and is currently quoted on the Nasdaq Global Select Market in the United States.

Where can you find news and information on The Trade Desk Company?

The online brokers generally pass on the important information and publications relating to the stock market shares they include in their offers. You can therefore find significant information on their websites about The Trade Desk and other major companies including information on each company’s significant news and events including the economic and financial results. However you can also find this information on the official website of the company itself in the section reserved for investors and shareholders.

Trade the The Trade Desk share!

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