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Analysis before buying or selling Teladoc shares

Trade the Teladoc share!

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To effectively trade in Teladoc company shares, or before buying them to add to your stock market portfolio, we strongly suggest you ensure you have the information and facts you need to complete pertinent analyses. Therefore, in this dedicated article, we offer you the important information you may need about this company such as details on its activities and sources of income, its major competitors and recent strategic partnerships. You will also find information relating to the factors you should follow for your fundamental analysis of this asset.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Teladoc shares

Analysis N°1

You should follow the changes in requirements relating to the medical tele-consultation sector, particularly since the beginning of the Covid pandemic such as for example changes in the habits of patients around the world.

Analysis N°2

It is also important to monitor the competition in this activity sector which is increasingly severe due to the weak entry barriers. In fact the online tele-consultation services sector has experienced an unprecedented growth due to the Covid pandemic in 2020 and Teladoc now has to face aggressive competition.

Analysis N°3

You should also monitor the development of new functions by Teladoc that could assist it in distinguishing itself from its competitors by meeting supplementary requirements of its clients or the health professionals that use it.

Analysis N°4

You should also learn about the strategic plans for growth and development that the group regularly publishes for its shareholders and investors that will assist you in understanding the company’s future intentions.

Analysis N°5

Finally, you should compare these strategic plans and the analysts’ predictions to the true results published by the company each quarter and year.

Analysis before buying or selling Teladoc shares
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General presentation of Teladoc

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Teladoc Company, with a detailed presentation of the company and its activities including information on its sources of income and the challenges this company has to face.

Teladoc Health Inc is an American company specialised in online services, more precisely virtual health services.

The group provides virtual access to health care through a service and solution portfolio that includes various medical sub-specialities such as those relating to non emergency and occasional requirements such as flu or upper respiratory tract infections or more complex chronic illnesses such as cancer or congestive heart failure.

The company therefore provides its clients with virtual health services on an intercompany basis, or B2B, and provides services to individuals directly through distribution partners.

Among the brands owned and operated by the group we note Teladoc, Advance Medical, Best Doctors, BetterHelp and Healthiest You. The latter facilitate access to advice and solutions to various healthcare problems. The technology enables individual people to manage their own medical files online and provides access to a messaging centre, a supply search engine, the ability to upload and download images and photographs and share information with care providers in real time, notably in relation to visiting schedules.

The Teladoc Company currently employs around 4,400 people.

The major competitors of Teladoc

Of course, the Teladoc Group is not the only player in this activity sector and needs to face competition from other companies, some of which are aggressively competitive. Here we will examine some of this company’s principal adversaries.

Amerisource Bergent

This company is a source for numerous pharmacies and health care providers in North America. It also acts as an intermediary between medicinal product manufacturers and the health care services that dispense them. The group is notably present in the United States and distributes generic and branded pharmaceutical and OTC products, medical supplies and other related products through its network. It also operates a specialised distribution unit which concentrates on simple and complex biopharmaceutical products. Among its other activities we also note pharmaceutical packaging, marketing and consulting services and animal healthcare product distribution.


Another American company which is specialised in the supply of tele-diagnostic applications which, since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, also offers a dashboard that enables subscribers to follow the average waiting time before contacting an advisor. This company is one of the start-ups that are currently appearing on the tele-medical market in the USA.


MDLive is currently one of the major providers of tele-health services and healthcare service software providers online and on demand created for patients, hospitals, employers and medical doctors groups and reputable healthcare organisations. This company also operates its Cloud Virtual Medical Office software platform that enables user communications by mail, voice and video using mobile telephones.

The major partners of Teladoc

Of course, the Teledoc group does not only have adversaries in its activity sector, it also has a number of significant strategic allies. Here are two particular examples of strategic partnerships that the group recently implemented.

APRIL International Care

In 2020 the group notably implemented a partnership with AIC for the implementation of the EasyClaim application, a networking type solution for doctors. This service in fact offers two services to its expatriated clients with the objective of simplifying the repayment of medical charges and providing peace of mind in situations that are often tense and worrying relating to medical appointments and access to secondary medical opinions as required.

Social. Mum

Still in 2020 the group benefitted from a partnership with Social.Mum aimed at resolving the problems of paternal isolation through facilitating sharing using the services of this American company. In exchange for a subscription the members of this community can rapidly access mental and physical health professionals. This service was originally created for the Canadian market but the group plans to develop its service and extend further afield. The Social.Mum Company wished through this agreement, to add a new sector to its stable for its application which is free and has already been downloaded over 350,000 times in Canada and the United States from where it was launched in 2017. According to the founder of this company this need was urgent relating to the health crisis that has strongly increased due to the number of women in distress particularly at the beginning of maternity which is considered as a factor that can trigger depression.

Trade the Teladoc share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to trade Teladoc shares on a drop in the price?

Although it is not possible to sell a share physically unless you first buy it, which obviously relates to Teladoc shares as any other, certain types of contracts such as CFDs and other financial derived products enable you to trade in this share price on a fall. This means that you can take a selling position on the Teladoc share price without the need to first take a buying position. In this way you can benefit from falling trends too.

Is it possible to trade in Teladoc shares from Europe?

Although Teladoc shares are issued by an American company they are of course accessible to European investors, either by buying them outright through certain investment accounts and funds or notably by trading in the share price online directly through the use of financial derived services such as CFDs available from reputable online brokers .

Which technical indicators should be prioritised for Teladoc shares?

When completing a technical analysis of the Teladoc share price you have the possibility of simultaneously using several types of indicators on your stock market chart. The brokers actually enable the possibility of directly displaying these indicators and thereby complete a real time interpretation of the market conditions. For this we would prioritise the trend acceleration and reversal indicators and those relating to volatility.

Trade the Teladoc share!

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