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Analysis before buying or selling Take Two shares

Trade the Take Two share!
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Before you buy or sell Take Two Interactive stock, you need to take the time to do some good analysis of the stock. To do this, you will need some important knowledge about the stock and the company. On this page, we will provide you with a range of essential data and information about the company, including details of its activities and revenue sources, its main competitors in the industry and its various recent partners. We will also take a few moments to explain how you can perform a good fundamental analysis of the stock.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Take Two shares

Analysis N°1

Innovation is of course at the heart of Take Two Interactive's strategy with the development of new games, new features or new associated services.

Analysis N°2

Similarly, the strategic partnerships that are put in place by the company may enable it to improve its profitability and market presence. Announcements of likely strategic alliances should therefore be followed with interest.

Analysis N°3

It will also be necessary to study the competition in this sector of activity by closely following the major news of other companies present in this sector, their results, major events or news.

Analysis N°4

As the group still makes most of its profits in the US, it will also be important to look at the strategic operations put in place to penetrate other promising markets and sectors.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will be important to follow closely the company's annual and quarterly earnings releases and their evolution over time, while making sure to compare them with analysts' expectations.

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General presentation of Take Two

In order to help you analyse the Take Two Interactive share, we would like to take a closer look at the company and its activities. A good knowledge of this group and the way it generates its revenues will help you better anticipate its future movements on the stock market. Here is some information on this subject:

Take Two Interactive Software Group is an American company operating in the video game industry. More specifically, the company is currently one of the world's leading developers, publishers and distributors of interactive entertainment products for video game consoles, personal computers, smartphones and tablets. The game console segment, however, is the largest revenue generator with 83.7% of sales.

The group markets its products under different brands with Rockstar Games, 2K and Social Point.

To better understand the activities of the Take Two Interactive group, it is possible to divide them into two different segments according to the share of turnover achieved and in this way:

  • Internet games generate 63% of the group's turnover with online platforms, digital downloads and cloud delivery.
  • Games sold in shops represent 37% of the company's turnover.

Currently, the Take Two Interactive group generates more than 53.5% of its turnover in the United States.

Analysis before buying or selling Take Two shares
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The major competitors of Take Two

Take Two Interactive is currently one of the world's leading video game companies, but it also has a number of major competitors that could take market share, the main ones being

Activision Blizzard 

This American video game developer and publisher is the result of the 2007 merger of Activision and Vivendi Games. It is one of the largest video game publishers in the world. Microsoft recently announced its intention to buy the company.


This French company specialises in the development, publishing and distribution of video games. It owns several successful franchises such as Rayman, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and Just Dance. It has also transferred some of its franchises to the fields of comics, cinema and television.

Electronic Arts 

This American video game company is one of the world's leading game developers and producers. It owes its success to a number of strategic acquisitions and the rights to sports licences that it has bought.

Valve Corporation

This is an American video game development, publishing and distribution studio that became famous for the 1998 game Half Life. It also offers digital distribution of video games through its Steam platform.

The major partners of Take Two

The Take Two Interactive group has many competitors in its sector of activity, but fortunately it can also count on some choice strategic partners. Indeed, the group regularly sets up alliances with other companies in its sector of activity or in similar sectors. Here are some recent examples of such alliances.


The first partnership we are going to talk about is not really a partnership. Indeed, it is the announcement made by Take Two Interactive at the beginning of 2022 concerning the purchase of Zynga for a sum of 12.7 billion dollars. This amount is historic and one of the largest amounts spent for an acquisition in the video game industry. But this is a strategically important transaction as it will allow Take Two to get its hands on a significant portfolio of intellectual property. The parent company of Rockstar Games becomes the owner of the Euphoria graphics engine, which uses Dynamic Motion Synthesis to generate real-time 3D animations.


Another important partnership has recently been announced with the streaming video giant Netflix. Indeed, while some rumours speak of an episode 4 concerning the BioShock licence, a recent press release announced that Netflix will make a film with the support of the studios behind the games of the same name. The partnership in question is a three-way partnership that includes Netflix, Take Two Interactive and 2K Games in the production of this film. While this information is yet to be confirmed and comes from some publications on Twitter, it is likely that the film will focus on the first opus. Currently, the three companies have not released any details regarding the cast or director in charge of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to anticipate future movements in the Take Two Interactive share price?

While it is of course impossible to predict future price movements of the Take Two Interactive share, it is possible to carry out several analyses in order to obtain signals or trend probabilities. Among the analyses to be favoured are fundamental analysis, which is based on the study of news and the most influential events and publications, and technical analysis, which is based on a study of the charts.

In which countries is Take Two Interactive located?

Take Two Interactive is based in New York and has international offices in Windsor. Its production studios are located in Edinburgh, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto, Vienna, Leeds, Fenton, Bellevue and San Francisco. Sales and marketing offices are located in Cincinnati, Toronto, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Sydney, Amsterdam and Auckland.

What technical indicators should I use for Take Two Interactive shares?

There are many technical indicators that can be used in a technical analysis of the Take Two Interactive share price. These include trend or volatility indicators such as MACD, moving averages, RSI, Bollinger bands or stochastics, as well as strategic levels such as pivot points, technical supports and resistances.

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