Analysis of SunPower share price

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Before investing in the Sunpower share, traders perform a relevant and comprehensive analysis of the price of this stock. Here you will find precise information about the Sunpower Company, its detailed activities, its main competitors in the market and the partnerships that it has recently set up with other companies. Of course, we'll also be providing you with the events and publications which you must study in priority as part of your fundamental analysis of this share.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

You should follow with particular interest the various measures put in place by governments as part of their environmental policy and which will undoubtedly favour renewable energy production companies.

Analysis N°2

Sunpower's creation or projects of new photovoltaic parks are also growth indicators that are interesting to identify in the group's news.

Analysis N°3

You should of course keep an eye on partnership operations or Sunpower's signing of major projects with other companies which can further increase the profitability of the group in the medium or long term.

Analysis N°4

Close attention should also be paid to Sunpower's competitors with the analysis of their market share, their results and their operations as well as significant events which may influence the entire sector of activity.

Analysis N°5

The dividend payment strategy implemented by Sunpower as well as the details of past and expected dividends can give you good indicators of growth and development of the company.

Analysis N°6

Finally, you need to think about carefully analysing the group's financial results as well as analysts' forecasts and internal objectives.

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General presentation of SunPower

The Sunpower Corp group is a company specializing in the global energy sector. The company provides solar solutions to residential and commercial customers and to power plants.

Sunpower is made up of several upstream and downstream segments with SunPower Energy Services downstream and Sunpower technologies upstream.

Sunpower Energy Services is responsible for the sale of solar energy solutions in North America including direct sales of engineering, procurement and turnkey construction services, sales to the group's third-party reseller network, the sale of energy under power purchase contracts, storage solutions, cash sales and long-term leases to end customers and sale to resellers.

Sunpower Technologies is engaged in technology development, solar panel production activities around the world, supplying equipment to resellers, commercial and residential end customers outside of North America and development and sale of power plant projects around the world.

Currently, the Sunpower Company employs 8,400 people worldwide.

Analysis of SunPower share price
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The major competitors of SunPower

Let's take a look at the direct competitors of the Sunpower group with the three largest players in the photovoltaic panel sector worldwide:


this Chinese company is one of the world leaders in the photovoltaic sector and has two production sites in China. It operates across the globe through a network of sales and marketing offices. However, Jinko is not yet present on the French market.


Another serious competitor of Sunpower is Solarworld which is a German company that has been in the photovoltaic panel sector since 2003. It operates throughout the production chain of photovoltaic panels, from raw material to installation, including the manufacture of wafers and cells as well as panels. This group is also present all over the world.

SMA Solar Technology

This other German company should also be followed as part of your study of the competition in this sector. It manufactures inverters for photovoltaic installations intended to inject current into the network, as well as autonomous systems or back-up systems. It's currently the world leader in this segment in terms of turnover.

The major partners of SunPower

But, Sunpower doesn't only have enemies in the market, it can also count on certain allies. Check out some examples of strategic partnerships that it has put in place in recent years:

Corsica Sole

In 2016, the Sunpower group joined forces with the Corsica Sole company in order to build two ground-based solar power plants with a capacity of 1.5 megawatts as well as two other similar projects for a total capacity of 11.3 megawatts.


Previously in 2011, Sunpower also allied with the American car manufacturer Ford in a partnership to allow buyers to fit the roofs of their homes with photovoltaic panels in order to produce their own energy for powering their vehicle. The program was named “Drive Green for Life”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Sunpower separate its activities?

In 2019, the Sunpower group decided to split its international production activities from those of storage and services centred in the United States. The first entity was renamed Maxeon Solar and is now headquartered in Singapore and the second kept the name Sunpower and is based in California. At the time of the split, the Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor company made a 29% stake in Maxeon Solar for 298 million dollars.

What are the latest figures to know about Sunpower?

During your analysis of the Sunpower share price, you should know the latest figures for the company. With regard to the latest current balance sheet, for the financial year 2019, the group achieved a turnover of 1,992 million dollars with a net profit of 22.2 million dollars. Its capitalization reached 921 million dollars in 2020.

When did Total take over Sunpower?

It was in April 2011 that the French group Total, an energy and oil giant, acquired a majority stake in the Sunpower Company. The group bought 60% of the shares of the American company for a total amount of 1.38 billion dollars, which makes Sunpower a subsidiary of Total.

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