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Analysis before buying or selling Sundial Growers shares

Trade the Sundial Growers share!

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If you're considering investing in the cannabis industry, you might be interested in Sundial Growers stock. But before you start to take a position on this stock or before adding it to your portfolio of securities, you must know this company and its activities well in order to carry out proper analyses of its price. In this article, we'll be presenting this group in detail as well as its sources of income along with its main competitors on the market and its recent strategic partnerships. We'll also go back to the fundamental analysis of this stock with the elements to be followed as a priority in the news and the publications.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Sundial Growers shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, it's important to follow the evolution of the regulations regarding the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes in certain countries targeted by the group which may open up new markets.

Analysis N°2

It's also important to keep an eye on the competition in this sector of activity with a study of new entrants but also of existing competitors who may take market share from it.

Analysis N°3

The strategic partnerships that Sundial Growers may set up with other companies will also be important and should be carefully analysed.

Analysis N°4

You should also monitor the other strategic operations carried out by the Sundial Growers group such as acquisitions or disposals or the creation of joint ventures.

Analysis N°5

Finally, take the time to analyse the income statements of this group from one year to another and compare them with any analysts' forecasts or the objectives set by the development or growth plans of the company.

Analysis before buying or selling Sundial Growers shares
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General presentation of Sundial Growers

After the stock market data regarding the company Sundial Growers, we suggest you to learn a little more about this group and its activities. It is important to understand what the sources of income of this company are to know its capacities of evolution in the more or less long term.

Sundial Growers Inc., also known as Sundial, is an American company specializing in the cannabis industry. Specifically, it produces, distributes and markets cannabis for both the medical market and the recreational market.

Sundial Growers produces and sells superior quality cannabis for the adult market. This production takes place in its interior modular grow rooms specifically designed by them which allow the production of homogeneous cannabis in individual and fully controlled environments.

Cannabis and cannabis-derived products that are produced by Sundial Growers are used as prescription drugs but also for recreational use. The group markets dried flower-based cannabis products under the Sundial Cannabis brand with different formats such as pre-rolls, oils, capsules and sublingual.

Currently, Sundial Growers employs 394 people and markets most of its cannabis in Canada.

The major competitors of Sundial Growers

While it is important to know Sundial Growers and its activities and sources of income well, it is just as important to know the economic and competitive environment in which this company operates. Here's a quick overview of the other major players in this industry:

Aurora Cannabis Inc. 

First of all, this Canadian licensed cannabis producer is based in Edmonton and its stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the NASDAQ. It has eight licensed production facilities, 5 sales licenses and operates in 25 countries. This group produces nearly 625,000 kilos of cannabis per year, most of which is in Canada, but it is also developing a lot internationally, particularly in Latin America and Denmark. It is the second largest company in this sector worldwide in terms of market capitalization.


This other Canadian company specializing in pharmaceuticals and cannabis operates in Canada, the United States but also in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal and Latin America. In 2020, it merged with Aphria and is currently listed on the NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

CanniMed Therapeutics

This group is a licensed Canadian public producer of medical cannabis. It focuses its activities primarily on cannabis oils and has become the first licensed producer in Canada. In 2018, a large part of its shares was bought by Aurora Cannabis in a hostile takeover bid.

Canopy Growth Corporation 

Finally, you'll need to watch the Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly known as Tweed Marijuana Inc. which is a Canadian company in the cannabis sector. It adopted its current name in 2015 after a merger with Bedrocan Canada. Currently, the Canopy Growth Corporation group is the largest cannabis industry group in the world in terms of market capitalization. Its capital is 35% owned by Constellation Brands Inc. and the company employs nearly 3,200 people.

The major partners of Sundial Growers

While it is of course essential to know the competitors of the Sundial Growers group, you must also be interested in the strategic partnerships that this company could set up in the future and therefore in its allies. Here is an example of such a partnership that the group has recently put in place:

Crescita Therapeutics Inc.

In 2021, the Sundial Growers group set up a strategic partnership with the Canadian commercial company specializing in dermatology Crescita Therapeutics. The two companies have announced the signing of a development license agreement that will grant Sundial the worldwide rights to Crescita's patented transdermal delivery technologies with the aim of developing topical products that contain cannabis and hemp. This partnership combines Crescita's expertise in dermatology and the development of topical formulations with Sundial's expertise in cannabis production and extraction. The alliance will make it possible to create new unique and quality formulas based on cannabis and hemp for the over-the-counter market in Canada and internationally.

Trade the Sundial Growers share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of Sundial Growers?

The shares of the Sundial Growers group are partly held by large private shareholders including SAF Jackson II LP with 1.38% of the shares, Hudson Bay Capital Management LP with 0.70%, Susquehanna Financial Group LLLP with 0.61%, Morgan Stanley & Co with 0.56%, Edward A Hellard with 0.55%, Global X Management Co with 0.49%, Jane Street Capital LLC with 0.44%, Renaissance Technologies LLC with 0.35%, Millenium Management LLC with 0.26% and ETF Managers Group LLC with 0.21%.

Is it possible to know the future variations of the Sundial Growers share?

It is not possible to know with certainty future changes in the price of the Sundial Growers share, but you can get signals of a rise or drop of this security by carrying out analyses including the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The first is based on graphical trend and volatility indicators and the second uses publications and news related to this company or its sector.

Where and how to buy or sell Sundial Growers shares?

There are several different ways to obtain Sundial Growers shares. Certain stock market investment products such as a PEA (French equity savings plan) or a securities account may allow you to acquire them. But you can also speculate directly on their price with derivatives like CFDs which are offered by the market's online trading platforms.

Trade the Sundial Growers share!

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