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Analysis before buying or selling Stoneco shares

Trade the Stoneco share!
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Stoneco shares are among the assets that you can trade online or purchase outright to add to your stock market portfolio. But before launching into an investment in this asset you should be able to analyse the Stoneco share price to enable a pertinent forecast of its upcoming movements. Through this dedicated article we will explain the stock market and economic information you will need to achieve this. You will find detailed information on the precise activities of this company as well as its sources of income and also details of its major competitors and business partners. We will also explain the factors you should prioritise when compiling your fundamental analysis of this asset.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Stoneco shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly we would closely follow movements in the online e-commerce sector upon which the Stoneco Group is heavily dependent in terms of revenue. The more this sector grows the more revenue can be generated by this company.

Analysis N°2

It is also important to follow the investments of the Stoneco Company in research and development that may enable it to offer new or revised practical and innovative solutions to its clients.

Analysis N°3

Security is at the heart of this company’s activities so it is important to closely follow any attempts made by hackers or problems of this nature relating to the payment solutions provided by this company.

Analysis N°4

The partnerships implemented by the Stoneco Company with other large companies will also impact this company’s position on the stock markets to a varying degree.

Analysis N°5

In the same way it is important to monitor the competition in this activity sector through the major publications and announcements of the competitors and the variations in their market share.

Analysis N°6

Finally we would take note of the strategic development and growth plans of this group as well as the actual results achieved quarterly and annually.

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General presentation of Stoneco

We now offer you the opportunity to read some supplementary information on the Stoneco Company and its major sources of income. In fact, to be fully able to understand the future challenges to this company and therefore its growth possibilities you will need to know how this company generates its turnover.

Stoneco is a Brazilian company that exercises its activities in the technological sector, notably specialising in financial technologies solutions. The group provides clients with a technological platform based in the cloud with the objective of enabling e-commerce through channels between online boutiques and smartphone users.

Stoneco has in fact created a cloud based technological platform to assist clients to connect, be paid and enlarge their companies by responding to the constantly changing requirements regarding omni-channel online commerce. Using this platform it is possible to develop, host and rapidly operate these solutions.

The company also provides solution for its integrated partners such as payment solutions providers or with companies that have contracts with merchants for the supply of this type of payment solutions for businesses and e-commerce websites.

Finally, Stoneco has developed a distribution solution to provide for the requirements and offer the requisite services to its clients through the development of Stone Hubs. These are operations that are local to its clients and include an integrated team of personnel for sales, services and support operations that meet its local SME clients’ requirements.

The group currently employs nearly 7,240 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Stoneco shares
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The major competitors of Stoneco

It is of course equally important to know the major competitors of the StoneCo Company in this activity sector. Here therefore is a summary of each of the main companies in this sector.

SS&C Technologies

 This American company is specialised in financial software and has its registered office in Windsor, Connecticut. SS&C has completed a number of strategic acquisitions in the past including GlobeOp, Advent Software, DST Systems and Eze Software in particular which have enabled it to become a major player in this sector.

Akamai Technologies

This is another American company quoted on the Nasdaq stock market and is specialised as a provider of cache servers for companies. This cache storage of web content in fact enables an internet debit economy which can be particularly advantageous for website that experience high traffic. The company’s registered office is in Cambridge, Massachusetts but it also has a subsidiary in Paris, France.

Paycom Software

Finally, the Paycom Software Company is another American supplier of online payment software and human resources based in Oklahoma City. This company is in fact one of the first totally online payment solution providers and has offices throughout the United States. Fortune magazine has recognised this company as one of the companies quoted on the stock markets that is experiencing the fastest growth worldwide. It is also listed among the top five technological companies quoted on the stock markets with fast growth in the ‘Fast Tech’ classification.

The major partners of Stoneco

After reviewing the principal adversaries of the Stoneco Company on the market we shall now examine this company’s strategic alliances. Stoneco has in fact shown itself able to implement strategic partnerships with other companies with the aim of boosting its growth or visibility such as with the following example:

Linx SA

In 2020, the group notably implemented a partnership which in fact consisted of buying into the Linx SA Company through a share transaction and financial input amounting to a total of 6.04 billion reals, equivalent to 1.12 billion dollars which enabled it to become the official supplier of integrated payments and software. Due to this partnership, Stoneco in fact benefitted from the 70,000 Linx retail clients that process payments totalling a gross amount of 300 billion reals, the equivalent of 55.74 billion dollars by other providers. This card processor also intends to offer banking and credit services even though they will have to face strong competition in Brazil with prices that are under pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how to find financial and economical information on the Stoneco Company?

If you wish to stay informed on this company’s significant events, publications and news for completing pertinent analyses of the Stoneco share price you can find this information directly on the company’s official website in the section reserved for investors and shareholders. Of course, certain online brokers also offer access to this information directly from their news feeds and you can also follow this data by consulting websites that specialise in stock market and economical news and events.

Who are the largest shareholders in the Stoneco Group?

The stock market capital of the Stoneco Group is currently divided between floating capital and major private shareholders. Among these we particularly note the following: T Rowe Price Associates with 12.7%, Capital Research & Management Co with 10.06%, Madrone Capital Partners with 9.60%, Actis LLP with 5.48%, Berkshire Hathaway Inc with 5.37%, Wellington Management with 2.87%, Invesco Advisers Inc with 2.58%, Lone Pine Capital with 2.47%, Gavea Investimentos with 2.34%, and Durable Capital Partners with 1.99%.

When is it best to buy or sell Stoneco shares?

The only way to identify the judicious moment to buy or sell Stoneco shares is by completing precise analyses of this company’s share price. You should therefore examine the stock market charts of this asset using the technical indicators available for your technical analysis but also prepare a fundamental analysis which is based on examining the events, publications and news that could influence the growth of this company.

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