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Analysis of the major international stocks

On our site, we take care to classify the information transmitted in a clear and logical manner to allow you to quickly and easily find the stocks that interest you and the articles related to them. As far as stock market shares are concerned, we have sections dedicated to the main markets, whether it be the French market or other European markets, as well as the American and Asian markets. However, some stocks are not listed on these markets, although they seem attractive and interesting to us. We have therefore chosen to group them together in this category in which you will undoubtedly find some interesting avenues to explore for your stock market investments.


Investing in Nordic stocks:

The Nordic stock markets are small financial centres, but you can still find a few nuggets. This is why we present you in this category with Swedish, Norwegian and Danish shares that can be interesting to study.

For example, you can invest in the Copenhagen Stock Exchange for Danish stocks. The stocks we have selected to appear in this category of leading international stocks from this financial centre are part of the OMXC25 stock index, which is the main stock index in Copenhagen. The OMXC25 is Copenhagen's main stock index, which includes the country's 25 largest stocks, such as Novo Nordisk shares.

The Stokholm Stock Exchange is also an interesting financial centre where you can find stocks to invest in online. In this section you will find some internationally known Swedish stocks with high liquidity. The stocks we have selected on this market are all part of the OMX Stockholm 30 index, which is the benchmark index for this financial centre and comprises the 30 largest capitalisations in the country, including ABB.

Finally, the Norwegian market is also attractive in the stock market and also allows you to diversify your stock market investments with interesting stocks. Oslo is currently the main financial centre of this country and in this part of our site you will find shares listed on the main stock market index of this exchange, the OBX 30, which, as its name indicates, groups together the 30 largest market capitalisations of this country, including Norwegian Air Shuttle shares.


Investing in Canadian stocks:

The Canadian market is also one of the most attractive international markets for stock market investors today. And for good reason, its financial centre, the Toronto Stock Exchange, is full of stocks from booming industries, such as cannabis stocks and some biotechs.

The Canadian stocks we have chosen to present on our site have of course been selected according to their interest for investors, their news and their performance, but also their liquidity.

This is why these stocks are included in the Toronto Stock Exchange's benchmark index, the S&P/TSX, and more precisely in the S&P/TSX 60 index, which groups together the 60 largest capitalisations in this large market. You will find stocks such as Barrick Gold, Aurora Cannabis, Altagas, Enbridge or Fortis.


Investing in South and Latin American markets:

While North America of course has several large and well-known stock markets including New York and Toronto which we have just mentioned, you can also trade international stocks listed on some South American markets such as Brazil, which is currently a fast growing market.

The main financial centre in Brazil is the Sao Polo Stock Exchange. There are countless listed stocks of varying degrees of interest, some of which you can find on the online trading platforms of current brokers.

Among the stocks we have chosen to present to you in this section dedicated to the main international stocks, you will find the most liquid stocks and therefore the easiest to trade, such as the stocks that are part of the Bovespa stock index, which is the main index of the Brazilian stock market. This index contains the 50 largest market capitalisations in the country and includes world famous stocks such as Petrobas, EDP and BR Properties.


Other international equity markets:

The list of markets we have just mentioned is of course not exhaustive. You can find other stocks from more atypical stock markets in this category of our site, such as Saudi Aramco, which is a Saudi company stock.

We have also chosen to deal with some stocks from even smaller financial markets such as the Luxembourg market with for example the Solutions 30 share which is one of the most followed stock exchange shares currently by traders worldwide.
In addition, we will add to this category all the stocks that may be interesting to study for individual investors, either because of their interest in terms of performance or dividend or because they are in the news.

It is therefore possible that this list will soon be enriched with new international stocks from the financial centres mentioned above or from other financial centres around the world.


Information on international stocks:

For each of the stocks you will discover in this section of our site, you will find a certain amount of useful information such as basic stock market data, but also more detailed explanations on the listed company, its activities and sources of income or its main competitors and current partners.
We will also explain for each stock how you can set up a good fundamental analysis by listing the factors and events most likely to have an influence on it.

Finally, you will also be able to consult a real-time chart of the live quotation of these different international stocks on our website.