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Analysis before buying or selling Square shares

Trade the Square share!
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Before starting to trade Square Inc. stock, it's important to make sure that you are aware of all the important information about the company and its economic environment, in order to carry out sound analyses of this stock. We therefore suggest you check out the data here with the detailed activities of the group, its main competitors on the market, its recent partnerships as well as information concerning the fundamental analysis of this stock and the elements to follow to do so.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Square shares

Analysis N°1

First, you should follow the evolution of the online commerce sector with interest, which can increase the target clientele of this company. Additionally, you should also follow the major technological changes in this sector of activity and the capacity of Square Inc. to adapt to them in order to stand out more from the competition by increasing its revenues.

Analysis N°2

It's also important to closely monitor government subsidies and changes to them, including subsidies to environmentally friendly products that Square already provides. Monitoring changes in government fiscal policies that may present opportunities is also important.

Analysis N°3

Pay attention to cyber-crime and its current increase due to the adoption of the Internet across the globe as well. Square Inc. is in fact directly threatened by this crime and could result in a security problem weighing heavily on this value.

Analysis N°4

You should also keep an eye on the changes in government policies with regard to the industry, which can create a more complex and difficult environment in which companies operate. Not to mention, Square must not only comply with local but also international regulations.

Analysis N°5

You'll also need to take the strong the group's competition into account with regard to substitute products. In fact, on top of industrial competition, substitute products are available to users and are likely to replace the solutions offered by Square Inc.

Analysis N°6

Finally, you'll need to keep an eye on the annual and quarterly financial results of the company too along with their evolution over time, making sure to compare them with analysts' expectations and any strategic objectives communicated by the company itself.

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General presentation of Square

Learn a little more about the Square Inc. group and its activities. This will help you to better understand what its challenges are for the years to come and how the group can face certain threats to its growth.

The Square Inc. group is an American company and more specifically a commercial ecosystem. It enables its sellers to create, manage and grow their businesses by combining software and hardware to enable sellers to transform mobile devices and computing devices into payment and point-of-sale solutions.

As a result, when the seller has downloaded the mobile application from the Square point of sale, he can make his first payment. A seller can therefore accept payments in person by magnetic stripe or swipe with Europay, MasterCard and Visa or with NearField Communication or NFC and even online through Square Invoices, Square Virtual Terminal or through the seller's website.

Once on their system, the sellers gain access to technology and features offered such as reports and analytics, overnight settlements, digital receipts, payment dispute management, chargeback protection and compliance of the payment card industry. For consumers, Square Cash provides a way for individuals to send and receive money.

The Square Inc. group currently employs nearly 5,477 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Square shares
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The major competitors of Square

Now let's explore Square Inc's specific sector by taking a closer look at its direct competitors in the market.


First of all, the American company PayPal is obviously a direct and serious competitor of Square Inc. and is present all over the world. Its platform serves as an alternative to payment by check or credit card. The website functions as a payment method for e-commerce, auction and other commercial uses for which it collects a fee in exchange for profits such as a one-click transaction and a registration of a password. The PayPal payment system is considered a payment platform and the company also allows transfers between people.

Chase Manhattan Bank

This investment bank is based in Chicago in the United States and merged with JP Morgan in 2001 to form the JP Morgan Chaseholding. It also offers a dematerialized payment solution.


This other Chicago-based company specializes in mobile payment and web payment systems for e-commerce businesses. The group provides its customers with a merchant account and a payment gateway. Braintree has been part of the PayPal group since 2013.


This SaaS-based e-commerce platform is based on a proprietary model and allows individuals and businesses to build and run their own online store, which is hosted for a monthly fee.

Intuit Inc.

This other American company is responsible for developing management and compatibility solutions for small businesses, accountants and individuals. It's also the publisher of TurboTax and QuickBooks, a SAAS online financial management solution.

The major partners of Square

Now let's focus on the recent partnerships that the Square group has set up and on its strategic allies with two tangible examples of this type of partnership.


In 2021, the Square Inc. group announced that it had reached a definitive agreement with the aim of acquiring a majority stake in the TIDAL Company which is a global music and entertainment platform bringing together fans and artists through music, unique content and experiences. Square plans to pay a mix of cash and shares of up to $ 297 million for the transaction and the existing artist shareholders will be the other stakeholders. TIDAL will operate independently within the Square group alongside the Seller and Cash App ecosystems.


This is not really a partnership but a strategic operation that we're going to talk about here since Square bought nearly 4,709 bitcoins in 2020 for $ 50 million. The company has indicated that it believes bitcoin has the potential to become a go-to currency in the future. The company is developing products that bet on a more inclusive future and this investment is an important step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different subsidiaries and products of Square Inc.?

The Square Inc. group offers several solutions and several products including Square Reader, Square Stand, Square Register, Square Terminal, Square Capital, Square Payroll, Cash App, Gift Cards and an appointment planner. Its activities are carried out through several subsidiaries such as Weebly, Stich Labs, Square Capital, Eloquent Labs, Dessa and OrderAhead. Other acquisitions and developments can of course complete this list.

What has been the recent history of Square Inc.?

The Square group was created in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey and is now based in San Francisco. Later in 2013, the group also bought the ViewFinder Company. In 2015, the Square Inc. group, which had more than two million users around the world at the time, went public on the New York Stock Exchange in November, where it is still listed today.

Where and how to invest in the Square Inc. share price?

You have several options to invest in the Square Inc. share price. You could buy this value through an investment product such as an equity savings plan or securities account stock market portfolio or choose to speculate on changes in its price by using derivatives such as CFDs offered by online brokers.

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