Analysis before buying or selling Solutions 30 shares

Before buying Solutions 30 shares on the stock market and adding them to your portfolio, we suggest you discover everything you need to know about this listed company with a presentation of its activities and the different elements that will help you make relevant analyses of its share price. In particular, you will find explanations of the group's sources of revenue, a presentation of its main competitors in its sector of activity and some examples of partnerships recently set up. We will start this article by summarizing the elements to be taken into account for its fundamental analysis.

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Analysis before buying or selling Solutions 30 shares

Elements to consider before selling or buying Solutions 30 shares

Analysis N°1

For example, it will be necessary to follow closely the operations that will enable this company to extend its geographical expansion internationally, particularly outside European countries, through partnerships, acquisitions or the creation of joint ventures.

Analysis N°2

The addition of new services to the Solutions 30 portfolio may also allow it to reach new customers and sign larger contracts with its existing customers. The progress and strategic plans in this area will need to be monitored.

Analysis N°3

It will also be necessary to take a close look at the company's competition with other groups operating in similar fields and likely to take market share.

Analysis N°4

It will also be necessary to take a more general interest in the group's results and financial publications, which take place every year, every quarter and every half-year, and which will have to be compared with the objectives set and the expectations of analysts and brokers.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will also be necessary to study Solutions 30's marketing strategy and the investments made to improve its communication and reputation throughout the world.

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General presentation of Solutions 30

Let's now take a little time to better understand who Solutions 30 is and what it offers with a complete presentation of its activities and therefore its sources of income.

The Solutions 30 Group is a Luxembourg-based company specialising in IT and technology services. More precisely, this company is currently the European leader in solutions for new technologies. Its objective is to make accessible to all, individuals as well as companies, the current technological mutations which transform our daily life with computers, Internet and digital technology but also future technologies with a more interconnected world in real time.

The group's activities are thus organized into three main sectors with :

  • IT and telecoms, which includes the installation of computers and digital equipment, support services and training services.
  • Energy with the installation and maintenance of meters and communicating boxes for electricity, water and gas.
  • Audiovisual with the installation and configuration of digital multimedia equipment, troubleshooting and training services.

Geographically, the Solutions 30 group is present throughout Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, the Iberian Peninsula and the United Kingdom.

Regarding the geographical distribution of the group's revenues, it currently generates 63.8% of its turnover in France, 16.6% in the Benelux countries and 19.6% in the other countries mentioned above.

Analysis before buying or selling Solutions 30 shares
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The major competitors of Solutions 30

In order to better anticipate future changes in the Solutions 30 share price, you should also be familiar with the company's sector of activity as well as its main direct or indirect competitors, the most important of which are

Presidio Inc

This company provides information technology solutions and focuses on digital infrastructure, cloud and security solutions. It provides advanced networking, Internet of Things, data analytics, data center modernization, hybrid and multi-cloud, cyber risk management and enterprise mobility solutions for digital transformation.


This company provides solutions for IT infrastructure services such as managed services, project management and hardware procurement services. However, for its clients, LookingPoint is more than a typical solution provider and aims to be a true technical expert on their IT infrastructure.

Micro Focus International

Another competitor to Solutions 30 is the British computer group Micro Ficus, based in Newbury, Berkshire. This company was founded in 1976 and in 1981 became the first company to win the Queen's Award for software development. The software involved was CIS COBOL, a standard cobol version that ran on microcomputers.


Finally, the last serious competitor to Solutions 30 is the Scopelec group, an industrial group with a presence throughout France. It is in charge of deploying telecommunications infrastructures and equipment and stimulates new uses by providing profitable professional solutions and connecting territories.

The major partners of Solutions 30

While the Solutions 30 group has several major adversaries in its sector of activity, it can also count on certain strategic partnerships with choice allies, which we will now discuss. Here are two examples of recent alliances put in place by the group.


First of all, in January 2021, the Group announced that it had selected Konnect, a subsidiary of the Eutelsat Group, to take charge of the deployment of its new offers dedicated to individuals who wish to benefit from very high-speed Internet access via satellite. In this context, it will provide all the services related to the installation of the service, which will enable Konnect to guarantee its customers a professional, uniform and standardised installation in the European countries where its offer is marketed. Thanks to this partnership, Solutions 30, which carries out a large part of its activity in the telecommunications sector, is expanding its presence on fixed networks and is now addressing the satellite Internet market.

Eneco eMobility

Also in 2021, the group announced the strengthening of a partnership with this company, which is a Belgian specialist in electric charging solutions for home and work. As a result of this agreement, the two groups intend to jointly offer an integrated service ranging from advice to on-site acceptance tests and concerning the supply of charging stations for electric vehicles. The Eneco eMobility group will take charge of the consulting part, while Solutions 30 will install the charging stations by providing a turnkey service from pre-installation study to operational control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the latest financial publications from Solutions 30?

The latest data known about the results of Solutions 30 concern the financial year 2020. The group achieved a turnover of 814.7 million euros for this year, which represents a growth of 19.4%. However, after the publication of these figures, Ernst & Young, its auditor, refused to certify them, which caused the stock to fall by 70%.

How can we assess the future development of the Solutions 30 share price?

It remains complicated to evaluate with precision what will be the next evolutions of the Solutions 30 share price, but you can quite obtain signals of rise or fall of this value by carrying out various analyses. We will favour here the technical analysis which is based on the graphic movements and the fundamental analysis which studies the current events.

Where and how can I buy Solutions 30 shares online?

If you want to buy the Solution 30 share online to add it to your stock portfolio, you can do so through a traditional stockbroker. But you can also speculate on the price of this stock going up or down with derivatives such as CFDs.

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