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Analysis before buying or selling SolarEdge shares

Trade the SolarEdge share!

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Are you one of the many investors interested in SolarEdge shares? If so then before launching into trading in this asset we strongly suggest you learn the information you will need for completing comprehensive and pertinent analyses of this asset in our dedicated article which will also assist you in anticipating future movements in the SolarEdge share price. We will also explain how to complete a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this asset citing the factors that you should take into account according to their probable impact and we will explain in detail the activities of this company and its major competitors worldwide as well as its recent strategic partnerships.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying SolarEdge shares

Analysis N°1

We would particularly follow technological developments and innovations created by the SolarEdge Group that exercises its activities in a highly technological sector that is also extremely competitive. For this we would notably seek to evaluate the level of investments in research and development.

Analysis N°2

The strategic partnerships that this company can implement to be able to develop new solutions or participate in large projects are also factors that should be monitored that could favour the activities of the SolarEdge Company.

Analysis N°3

Of course you should also monitor the affairs of the SolarEdge competitors to determine how their market share may change over time depending on the developments and news of each of the major companies in this sector.

Analysis N°4

It is also recommended to follow the energy sector generally speaking as the activities of the SolarEdge Group essentially depend on the health of this sector. The financing and tax credits available for solar systems are particularly significant factors that could influence this company’s share price.

Analysis N°5

The SolarEdge Group could also attempt to diversify its activities in the coming years so it is advisable to closely follow its diversification strategy.

Analysis N°6

Finally, we could base part of this analysis on the financial results of this group, their growth and a comparison with the analysts’ predictions and the objectives fixed by the group itself.

Analysis before buying or selling SolarEdge shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of SolarEdge

We now offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge on the SolarEdge Company, its activities and its share price. In fact as an investor you should know details relating to its sources of revenue to understand the challenges and possible growth opportunities it may expect in the future.

SolarEdge Technologies Inc. is an American company specialised in the energy technology sector. More precisely the group offers a power inverter solution for a photovoltaic system. Among the products developed and sold by this company we therefore find the SolarEdge Power Optimiser, the SolarEdge Inverter, StorEdge Solutions and the SolarEdge Monitoring software.

The company’s portfolio of products covers a number of different categories and sectors including power optimisers, inverters, surveillance services, energy storage, and intelligent energy management. The power optimisers produced by this group also notably provide a maximum power monitor on the module level and adjustments in real time of the current and tension to ensure an optimised operation of each individual PV module. The SolarEdge solution consists of a continuous power optimiser, an inverter and a cloud based monitoring platform that together function like a single integrated system.

The SolareEdge Company currently employs nearly 2,430 people worldwide.

From a geographical point of view we can divide the group’s activities as follows: We note that 53.9% of the company’s turnover is generated in the United States, 18.8% in Europe, 13.2% in Holland and 14.1% in other countries around the world.

The major competitors of SolarEdge

Concerning the sector analysis of the SolarEdge Group it is also important to know the major competitors, here as follows we note its principal adversaries:

Enphase Energy

This American energy technology company is quoted on the Nasdaq market and is based in California. It designs and manufactures domestic energy solutions managed by software covering solar generation, domestic energy storage and internet based control and surveillance.


The Chinese technology giant Huawei is also a competitor of SolarEdge as apart from smartphones it also develops technical solutions related to the energy sector which therefore competes directly with the SolarEdge products.


Another competitor of SolarEdge is the Swiss and Swedish group ABB which is a major company in the energy technologies and automation sector and which operates its activities in around a hundred different countries. This company currently employs no less than 136,000 people and is one of the largest engineering companies worldwide.

SMA Solar Technology

Finally, the last major competitor of SolarEdge we shall examine here is the German group SMA Solar Technology which is a manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic installations destined for energy incorporation in autonomous and emergency systems networks. This company is the world leader in this sector in terms of turnover.

The major partners of SolarEdge

We will now examine the details of two significant partnership agreements that the SolarEdge Company has implemented:

Krannich Solar

In 2012 the Krannich Solar distribution company entered into a partnership agreement with SolarEdge for the international resale of the latter company’s products to satisfy the growth in demand. Krannich Solar owns and operates 22 subsidiaries and now sells the entire range of SolarEdge products worldwide.


In 2015 SolarEdge implemented a strategic partnership with Tesla Motors that had the objective of jointly developing a photovoltaic storage and emergency power solution for the residential solar energy market based on the previously developed domestic and industrial PowerWall battery packs.

Trade the SolarEdge share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to follow the SolarEdge share price directly and in real time?

If you wish to monitor movements of the SolarEdge share price directly and in real time then you will need high quality stock market charts that you can find on reputable specialised stock market websites or through your online broker.

Which technical indicators should you take into account for the SolarEdge share price?

Concerning the technical indicators that you should absolutely use when evaluating the SolarEdge share price these are clearly generally related to trend and volatility. In particular the moving averages, the Bollinger Bands, the support and resistance levels and the pivot points.

In which currency is the SolarEdge share price quoted?

Given that the SolarEdge share price is quoted on the American market, in the NYSE, its quotation is of course in American dollars. But if you invest online in this asset through your online broker you can do so through simply adding funds to your trading account in Euros or whichever currency you prefer.

Trade the SolarEdge share!

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