Trade the Snowflake share!

Analysis before buying or selling Snowflake shares

Trade the Snowflake share!
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Before launching into an investment in Snowflake shares we strongly suggest you read the information we will reveal about this asset and the underlying American company. In fact, to be able to complete pertinent and comprehensive analyses of this company’s share price you will need to possess certain information such as details relating to the activities of this company, its principal sources of income, its major competitors on the market, recent partnerships and, of course, any factors that could influence its share price on the market, positively or negatively.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Snowflake shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, one of the first things to take into account for your fundamental analysis of the Snowflake share price concerns its innovative capabilities. This company in fact exercises its activities in a highly technological sector and needs to invest heavily in research and development to respond to its clients’ requirements and remain competitive.

Analysis N°2

We would also closely follow Snowflake’s major competitors in this activity sector by monitoring the news, events and major publications particularly relating to results and innovations of these major market players.

Analysis N°3

The group often instigates technological, commercial and innovative partnerships with other companies in the same or complementary sectors. Clearly you need to stay informed announcements related to these alliances as the challenges this company faces can also be significant.

Analysis N°4

You should also follow the strategic development plans of this group which are published each year at the same time as the financial results of this company which will inform you on the operations implemented and undertaken to boost this company’s growth.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would also analyse the financial results published by this company annually and quarterly and compare these to the objectives fixed by the group and the expectations of the analysts.

Trade the Snowflake share!
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General presentation of Snowflake

Before investing in an asset on the stock markets it is important you know and understand the issuing company of this asset that you plan to speculate on and the same is true for the Snowflake Company and its shares. We therefore offer you here the opportunity to learn more about this company with details of its activities.

Snowflake Inc. is an American group specialised in the technology sector, more precisely a company that provides cloud data platforms.

The platform developed by this company enables clients to consolidate their data at a single source with the aim of obtaining commercial information and create applications from the data or by sharing it.

This cloud data platform functions on the basis of a multi cloud strategy model including a cross-cloud approach to combine and correspond with and between clouds. Its multi cluster data sharing architecture thereby enables the controlled and secure sharing of information in real time and enables the creation of the user’s own exchange of private data with the aim of sharing and collaborating with business partners, suppliers and employees in a data centre managed in a centralised manner.

Through its activities in the public cloud the Snowflake platform enables its clients to unify and examine this data with the aim of assisting and supporting various user cases. It also enables access to data free from friction in such a way that users can share information totally securely internally and externally of their organisation, often without the need to copy or move the underlying data.

The Snowflake Group currently achieves over 88% of its turnover in the United States. The remainder is mainly from European markets.

Analysis before buying or selling Snowflake shares
Trade the Snowflake share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

The major competitors of Snowflake

We will now examine the major adversaries of the Snowflake Company in its activity sector with a presentation of its principal competitors and their activities:


With the Microsoft Azure platform, Microsoft is a direct competitor of Snowflake. This cloud application platform consists of a hosting service for data, services and applications with workflow, the storage and synchronisation of data, message buses and contacts.


Another competitor is the Google Cloud Platform of the Google Company which is a cloud computing platform that offers hosting on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its products including its search engine. This solution supplies product developers the opportunity to construct a range of programmes from a simple website to more complex applications. This platform is also part of the solution collection for companies that is called Google Cloud that supplies modular services based in the cloud such as information storage, calculations and translation and forecast applications.


Amazon Redshift is a data storage management product which is part of the largest cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services. This service is built on the massive parallel processing technology of the ParAccel data warehouse company which has the objective of managing large scale data and data base migrations.

The major partners of Snowflake

We shall continue with an examination of recent partnerships that the Snowflake Group has implemented with two particular examples of strategic alliances with other companies. These examples will enable you to understand the advantages of these operations in terms of growth and therefore their influence on this company’s share price.


In 2020, the Snowflake Group entered into a partnership with the Salesforce group with Data Cloud, a unique portal that enables companies to complete their data driven tasks. By relying on Snowflake’s original Cloud Data platform the solution expands its abilities for the completion of tasks beyond those of a classic data warehouse and SQL analysis. Data Cloud adopts an expanded Data Science approach with the aim of enabling companies to achieve data engineering, machine learning and other tools to achieve the expression of data supplied by third parties. This editor is therefore trying to enter the data collecting sector of companies by offering the opportunity of centralising or combining it all in Data Cloud in such a way that this data is entered into a type of ecosystem of data suppliers and services that will enrich the analyses and extract increased value.


In 2021, the group also implemented a partnership with the LTI Company, or Larsen & Toubro Infotech, specialised in technological advice related to digital solutions which became the partner in Snowflake’s Elite services. This Elite partnership represents the highest level of partnership in the Snowflake partners’ network. This accomplishment also displays the commitment of LTI to supply rapid advanced high level results for the cloud data of Snowflake. This status also makes LTI a favoured service partner for Snowflake with a renowned expertise which has already proved its worth in the past.

Trade the Snowflake share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

Frequently Asked Questions

What have been the increases in Snowflake’s capital?

In 2014, 26 million dollars were raised from Sutter Hill Venture, Sequoia Capital, Redpoint Ventures and other risk capital companies. Snowflake then raised 45 million dollars in 2015, 100 million dollars in 2017, and 263 million dollars in 2018 with a total capital of 1.5 billion dollars, another 263 million dollars in 2018 with a capital of 3.5 billion dollars, and 450 million dollars again in 2018, 479 million dollars in 2020 with a capital of 12.4 billion dollars followed by 3.4 billion dollars in the same year on its IPO.

Is it possible to invest in Snowflake shares from Europe?

As Snowflake is an American company quoted on the Nasdaq stock market it is necessary, when buying these shares from Europe, to use a specially adapted derived placement product that enables you to buy U.S. shares. However many online brokers offer derived products that enable you to speculate on assets quoted on the major American stock markets such as the Nasdaq index. In this way you can speculate more easily on this asset.

Which analyses should be completed for Snowflake shares?

To correctly examine the Snowflake share price and obtain fairly reliable trading signals relating to the changes in its price, you should implement several different types of analyses. The two major types of analyses are the technical analysis which relates to the study of the asset’s charts and the second is the fundamental analysis.

Trade the Snowflake share!

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