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Analysis before buying or selling SES shares

Trade the SES share!
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If you want to invest in the SES share price online or buy this stock in your portfolio, we recommend you to read this article which will explain you how to analyze this stock in the best possible way. Here we will look in detail at the company's activities, its main sources of revenue, its main competitors on the market and its recent partnerships. We will also explain to you how to perform an accurate fundamental analysis of this stock.

Elements to consider before selling or buying SES shares

Analysis N°1

The foreign exchange market and the value of the dollar, to which the group's results are particularly sensitive, will be closely monitored.

Analysis N°2

It is also important to follow the dual listing of this stock, which is listed both on Euronext Paris and in Luxembourg.

Analysis N°3

The statements of SES's main competitors also have a strong influence on the share price, so it will be important to follow their news closely.

Analysis N°4

The group also issues annual revenue forecasts that you can view and then compare with the results.

Analysis N°5

Similarly, the SES Group regularly implements growth strategies that may be useful if you wish to anticipate its likely future revenues.

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General presentation of SES

Let's first take the time to present the SES group and its main activities in more detail. Indeed, by knowing this company, you will be better able to anticipate its challenges and growth and therefore the evolution of this stock.

The SES group is currently the world's leading satellite operator with a fleet of 73 geostationary satellites. More specifically, the group provides satellite communication services to broadcasters, content and Internet providers, fixed and mobile network operators, and corporate and government customers worldwide.

The SES Group builds lasting business relationships within the broadcasting industry through quality services and the pursuit of excellence. The company's culturally diverse teams are represented around the world and work closely with its customers to meet their specific service and bandwidth requirements.

The SES group also holds stakes in Ciel in Canada and QuetzaSat in Mexico and a strategic stake in O3b Networks, a start-up specialising in satellite infrastructure.

Analysis before buying or selling SES shares
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The major competitors of SES

Let's take a look at the competitive environment of the SES group with a presentation of its main competitors in the market. Currently, SES has two main competitors, whose names and activities are listed below.


This French company has been in existence since 1977 and is an intergovernmental organisation in charge of improving the European telephone network. Today, the group mainly offers management of satellite transmission of television channels and radio stations. The company was privatised in 2001. It currently has more than 37 satellites in orbit, providing coverage over the whole of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia, as well as over large areas of the American continent. Eutelsat is one of the world's leading satellite operators in terms of revenues. Eutelsat's satellites broadcast more than 7,000 television channels, including 1,500 in high definition, and 1,100 radio stations.


International Maritime Satellite organisation is a British company specialised in telecommunications and more precisely in satellite telephony. It has existed since 1979 and was privatised in 1999. Currently, this company operates about 11 satellites with telephony, data, telex and fax functions through 37 ground stations.

The major partners of SES

Let's find out what partnership strategy the SES Global group is implementing to boost profitability and revenues with a look at the group's newest allies.


In 2020, the SES Group, through its subsidiary SES Americom, decided to partner with the NDS Group to integrate a complete IPTV content protection system with IP Prime. IP Prime is a distribution platform created by SES Americom. Through this collaboration, all telephone companies will be able to provide a secure IP-based satellite TV service to American homes. These companies will offer triple play services and programmers will be protected from unauthorized access to content. NDS, which is a subsidiary of News Corporation, will integrate its VideoGuard software for conditional access and Synamedia for IPTV with the IP-Prime network.

TV Vlaanderen

The Belgian group TV Vlaanderen has also signed a partnership with SES Astra in 2020 in the field of direct-to-home broadcasting. SES will be in charge of the satellite broadcasting system for the first Belgian DTH bouquet, which will include the Flemish private channels VTM, Kanaal2, JIM, VT4, VIJFtv, Vitaya and KanaalZ as well as the traditional channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What events can cause the SES stock to fall?

Among the factors that could lead to a decline in the SES share price are the current slowdown in the video market, the lack of diversification of the group's customer base, the risks associated with the Google/Qualcomm and Sky projects, a drop in the group's operating profitability, a lack of visibility on the coming financial years and earnings warnings. Of course, only an accurate analysis of this stock will allow you to detect future trends.

Where is the SES share price quoted?

The SES Global Fdr share price benefits from a dual listing as the stock is listed on both the Luxembourg and French stock exchanges. The share price can therefore be followed on compartment A of the Euronext Paris market and on the LES for Luxembourg Stock Exchange. When you trade this stock online, be sure to check this parameter which can influence your strategies.

Is the SES share listed on the CAC 40 stock market index?

Currently, the SES share price is not included in the French CAC 40 stock market index. Its main index is currently the SBF 120 index. This takes into account the 40 shares of the CAC 40 but also the 80 most liquid stocks of the first and second markets of the Paris stock exchange, of which the company is currently a part.

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