Analysis of Royal Caribbean share price

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If you are interested in the Royal Caribbean Cruises stock and want to invest in it online, we offer you our help in your analysis of this stock. In order to understand how this stock is likely to perform in the coming weeks and months, we offer you to discover the detailed activities of this company, its main competitors on the market or its strategic allies. You will also be able to perform a quality fundamental analysis of this stock thanks to the list of things to watch out for that we will provide you with here.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Firstly, the group could take advantage of developing economies by carrying out operations to position itself in these markets.

Analysis N°2

We will also monitor the evolution of consumer needs and the evolution of the demand for cruises in the world, which is currently on the rise and has been for several years.

Analysis N°3

Customer loyalty is also an important source of profit for the group and we will therefore monitor the operations put in place to make them want to go on a cruise again.

Analysis N°4

Of course, any news about shipwrecks or safety problems, even from a competitor, can damage the image of cruises and lead to a significant drop in demand.

Analysis N°5

Periods of economic recession can also lead to a decline in household leisure budgets and therefore a decline in the profitability of the travel industry.

Analysis N°6

Finally, we will of course follow with interest the competition in this sector with the offers and market shares of Royal Caribbean Cruises' main adversaries.

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General presentation of Royal Caribbean

A good understanding of Royal Caribbean Cruises and its business is also essential for you to understand how this stock may perform in the future. That is why we are now providing you with a detailed presentation of this company and its sources of profits.

The Royal Caribbean Cruises group is an American company specializing in the tourism sector. More precisely, this company is currently the world's number two in the cruise industry. The group operates under the names of Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises, Azamara Cruises and CDF Croisières de France.

To better understand the group's activities, they can be divided into different divisions according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way:

  • Ticket sales account for 73% of the company's revenue with 53% of sales in the US alone.
  • The remaining 27% of the turnover comes from the sale of services on board the boats, such as the services offered through concessions.

Currently, this company manages a fleet of 43 ships with a capacity of 105,750 berths.

Analysis of Royal Caribbean share price
72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. This is an advert for trading CFDs on Plus500

The major competitors of Royal Caribbean

Now let's find out together which companies you should be following as part of your Caribbean Cruises stock competitive analysis, i.e. the major players in the world cruise industry.

Carnival Cruises Lines

This American shipping company is also specialized in cruises and is a subsidiary of the Carnival group. CLL is also the most popular cruise brand in North America and the most profitable according to the company's website. It carries more than 3.7 million passengers worldwide each year.

Star Cruises

This Chinese company exists since 1993 and is a subsidiary of the Genting group. It currently owns 4 cruise ships.

MSC Crociere

Finally, MSC Crociere is a Swiss shipping company and a subsidiary of the MSC Crociere Group, which belongs to the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

The major partners of Royal Caribbean

Let's end this article dedicated to Royal Caribbean Cruises with a presentation of the important allies of this group. Here are two concrete examples of strategic partnerships that this company has set up with other companies recently:


First of all, Royal Caribbean Cruises has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund WWF by offering nature-themed cruises. In particular, it relies on the expertise of tour operators to meet the requirements of the United Nations World Council on Sustainable Tourism, which sets standards that all tourism businesses must adhere to with four main themes including effective sustainable planning, maximizing local social and economic benefits, enhancing cultural heritage and reducing negative environmental impacts.

O3B Maritime

The Group has also signed a partnership with O3b Maritime, capable of providing cruise guests and crew with maritime broadband services at parity with terrestrial telecommunications standards. This is the second such partnership between the two companies, this time to provide high-speed broadband service via satellite on board one of the world's largest and most innovative cruise ships, Allure of the Seas, which can carry more than 8,000 passengers, employees and crew in the Caribbean and which will benefit from high-speed Internet access equivalent to optical fibre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major weaknesses of the Royal Caribbean Cruises group?

Royal Caribbean Cruises has a few weaknesses that you should be aware of before trading this stock online. Among these flaws is its strong dependence on the price of fuel, which is increasingly important and can reduce its margins. Finally, this group does not have a significant differentiation with its competitors which poses problems of customer loyalty.

Where and how to follow the Royal Caribbean Cruises share price?

The Royal Caribbean Cruises share price is currently listed on the NYSE American stock market. Its quotation evolves according to the opening hours of the New York Stock Exchange. However, you can of course check its price live and in real time from an online trading platform offering stock charts.

How to make a successful technical analysis of the Royal Caribbean Cruises share?

To perform a quality technical analysis of the Royal Caribbean Cruises share, you should first use a technology chart that displays several indicators simultaneously. Then, use several of these indicators including trend or volatility indicators.

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