Trade the Riot Blockchain share!

Analysis before buying or selling Riot Blockchain shares

Trade the Riot Blockchain share!
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Before you start trading the Riot Blockchain share price, take a few moments to discover our article dedicated to this stock in which you will discover a lot of useful information about this company. We will indeed take a closer look at this group's activities and its sources of revenue, but also at its economic and competitive environment with a presentation of its main opponents and recent partners. Finally, we will explain how to make a good fundamental analysis of this stock with the elements to follow in priority in the news.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Riot Blockchain shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, of course, the crypto currency market and the craze of not only investors but also businesses towards them will have to be closely monitored. The stronger this sector grows, the more Riot's business will rise as well.

Analysis N°2

One should also keep a close eye on the regulations in place in different countries around the world regarding the use of crypto currencies with the possible lifting of certain bans or limitations that would allow Riot Blockchain to gain new markets.

Analysis N°3

In the same way, it will be necessary to be interested in the news and publications of the direct competitors of Riot Blockchain likely to take him market shares. The competition in this sector is very strong and the barriers to entry are getting lower.

Analysis N°4

With Riot Blockchain Group making a lot of investments in the crypto space, we'll stay tuned for future acquisitions or strategic partnerships.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will of course be necessary to keep a close eye on the evolution of the group's economic and financial results by comparing them with analysts' expectations or with any forecasts and objectives communicated by the company.

Trade the Riot Blockchain share!
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General presentation of Riot Blockchain

Knowing the company on which you invest in the stock market is of course essential to better understand how it generates profits and thus what will be its most likely progression in the months or years to come. Here is a detailed presentation of Riot Blockchain and its activities.

Riot Blockchain Group is an American company formerly known as Bioptix Inc that specializes in crypto-currency mining. Specifically, the company's activities focus on exposure to the blockchain ecosystem through its cryptocurrency mining operations but also through internally developed activities, joint ventures, and targeted investments in this business sector.

Currently, the group is primarily focused on Bitcoin and general blockchain technology. It has deployed nearly 8,000 application-specific integrated circuit, or ASIC, miners at its cryptocurrency mining facility in Oklahoma.

Through its subsidiary TESS Inc, the group is also developing a block escrow service for wholesale telecommunications companies and also holds a 13% stake in Coinsquare, a digital currency exchange in Canada, and Verady LLC, which provides cryptocurrency accounting and verification technology services.

The company employs only 8 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Riot Blockchain shares
Trade the Riot Blockchain share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

The major competitors of Riot Blockchain

It is obviously important to also know the environment in which the Riot Blockchain group evolves and in particular its main competitors in its sector of activity. So here is a presentation of the main players in the market:

Marathon Digital Holding

This company is a digital asset technology company that mines crypto-currencies. Its focus is on the Blockchain ecosystem and digital asset generation. As such, this company operates several data centers in the United States with a capacity of nearly 105 megawatts and owns 2,060 application-specific integrated circuits.

Argo Blockhain PLC

This other crypto-currency mining company is this time based in the UK and is a software-as-a-service mining provider that allows customers to mine Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum and other alkoins via the cloud.

Bit Digital Inc

This bitcoin mining company has several major facilities in China and is also in the business of renting cars for individuals and businesses.

BIT Mining Limited

This company is finally a China-based sports lottery service provider that has recently diversified into the crypto-currency wallet business through several of its subsidiaries and is thus committed to becoming a leading crypto-currency mining company in the world.

The major partners of Riot Blockchain

As part of its business, Riot Blockchain Group regularly establishes strategic partnerships with other companies in order to boost its growth and development. To better understand the value of these alliances, here are two recent examples:


Notably, in 2020, Riot Blockchain announced that it has placed an order for 15,000 bitcoin mining machines with Bitmain for $35 million. This order is for 3,000 S19 Pro Antminers Bitmain with a unit capacity of 110TH and 12,000 S19j Pro Antminers with a unit capacity of 100TH, bringing the number of next-generation Bitmain Antminers owned by the company to 37,640.

Northern Data

In 2021, it was Northern data which specializes in operating high performance computing infrastructure solutions that sold its US subsidiary Whinstone Inc to Rio Blockchain. The transaction included €67 million in cash and 11.8 million shares of Riot Blockchain common stock, which amounted to €481 million, bringing the total cost of the deal to nearly €548 million. The transaction gives Northern Data nearly 12% of Riot Blockchain's common stock.

Trade the Riot Blockchain share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the latest earnings forecasts released by Riot Blockchain?

Riot Blockchain Group recently released earnings forecasts and targets for the year 2021. These thus anticipate revenues of €164 million with net income of €62 million. The 2021 P/E for this stock is currently estimated at 38.8x. Of course, we will have to check whether these targets have been reached by also consulting the actual results achieved by the group and published each quarter and each year.

How to analyze Riot Blockchain's stock price?

To effectively analyze the Riot Blockchain share price, you need to implement several types of analysis including a technical analysis that will be based on a study of the stock charts of this value and the current and past movements as well as a fundamental analysis that will use this time publications and news of this company and this sector of activity to deduce the reactions of investors and therefore the future movements of its share in the stock market.

Where to get or trade Riot Blockchain shares?

If you want to invest in the Riot Blockchain share price, you will have the option of buying these shares through a traditional investment product such as a PEA or a securities account but you can also choose to go through derivatives such as those offered by online brokers with CFDs available on the most popular trading platforms in the market.

Trade the Riot Blockchain share!

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