Renewable energy sector stocks

Although companies in the renewable energy sector were previously considered as a little risky, even audacious, for investment nowadays investment in ‘green’ or eco-friendly energy is experiencing a huge boom and a growing popularity. There are in fact various ways of investing in these companies that are themselves investing hugely in the energy transition, from banks to crowd funding and actual shareholdings in these companies. In this article we shall specifically be examining the shares quoted on the stock markets from companies in the renewable energy sector.  

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Renewable energy sector stocks

What does the renewable energy sector actually represent?

Firstly let us examine what is meant by the term renewable energy. These are basically forms of energy sourced from natural renewable resources which can be produced rapidly enough to be considered as sustainable and never ending. These include energy from cyclical or constant natural phenomena such as the sun or the movement of the tides due to lunar cycles as well as geothermal energy generated through the ground. The ‘renewable’ characteristic in fact depends on the speed at which a source is used and at which it regenerates.

The renewable energy activity sector includes all the companies that produce, channel or distribute energy or fuel from these renewable sources, these notably include those relating to solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy as well as energy produced through geothermal and biomass. The renewable energy sector in fact accounted for 18% of the total global energy used in 2017 and could be divided as follows: 7.5% from traditional biomass, 10% using more modern methods, 3.6% from hydraulic energy, 2% from other renewable electric energy methods, and 1% from hydro fuels. In 2018 this type of energy had increased its production and usage to nearly 27% and this continues to increase due to the rise in environmental policies followed at present in numerous countries around the world.


Which renewable energy companies are quoted on the stock markets?

Here as follows is a list of all the companies in the renewable energy sector that are quoted on the stock markets:

  • 7C Solarparken
  • Groupe A2Z
  • Abengoa SA
  • Acciona
  • Aleo Solar
  • Anemos
  • Clean Power Investors
  • Alterra Power
  • Anwell Technologies
  • Ascent Solar Technologies
  • Aventin Energies renouvelables
  • Azure Power
  • Ballard Power Systems
  • Brookfiels Renewable Energy Partners LP
  • Carnegie Wave Energy
  • Canadian Solar INC
  • Centrosolar Group
  • Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG
  • China Power New Energy
  • China Sunergy Co
  • Clear Blue Technologies International Inc
  • Comtec Solar Systems
  • Conergu
  • DayStar Technologies
  • DelSolar Co
  • Donfang Electric
  • Greatcell Solar
  • Enel Green Power
  • EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies
  • Energiekontor
  • Enlight Rnewable Energy
  • Enphase Energy
  • E Tonnes Solar
  • EDP Renovaveis
  • Finavera Renewables
  • Firts Solar Holding
  • Gamesa
  • Gevo
  • Gintech Energy Corporation
  • Goldwind
  • Good Energy Group
  • Green Plains
  • H/Mobile Energy
  • Iberdola Renovables
  • Infigen Energy
  • Innergex énergie renouvelable
  • Avec JA Solar Holdings
  • Jetion Holdings
  • LDK Solar
  • Free Energy
  • Longyuan Power
  • Suzhou Moritaka
  • Motech Industries
  • Neo Solar Power
  • Nordex
  • Ocean Power
  • Ormat Technologies
  • Phoenix Solar
  • PV Crystalox Solaire
  • Ram Power
  • ReneSola
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • Holding Poly Energy
  • De River Power Run
  • Shear Wind
  • Sinovel
  • SAG Solarstrom
  • SolarEdge
  • SMA Solar Technology
  • Solar Fabrik
  • Solarfun Power
  • Solar World
  • Sunpower Corporation
  • SunRun
  • Suntech Power
  • Suzlon Energy
  • Synex International
  • Terna Energy
  • Trina Solar
  • UGE International
  • Verenium Corporation
  • Vestas Wind Systems
  • Vivint Solaire
  • Orsted
  • WaterFurnace
  • Windflow Technology
  • Yingli Green Energy Holding


Has the renewable energy sector grown positively over recent years?

The renewable energy sector is currently experiencing a real boost. In fact this increase of interest for green energy actually started at the end of the 20th Century with the beginning of the shortage in fossil fuels and the climate change impact as well as health worries relating to fossil fuels and the dangers often associated with nuclear energy along with the difficulties encountered concerning the disposal of associated waste products.

Renewable energy has now become a real challenge and numerous companies have tried to position themselves on this market. Some of these have devised highly innovative solutions and installations that, for example, enable wind collection at higher altitudes using airborne wind turbines and other products of this type. Others are specialised in modified cyano-bacteria that are capable of transforming solar energy into fuel and using CO2 which has the effect of balancing the production and consumption of CO2.

It is clear that certain groups that were previously specialised in fossil fuels such as the major petroleum companies are also investing more and more in this sector to compensate for the drop in the price of oil that is increasingly noticeable due to a change in the market preferences and therefore the demand. This is notably the case for the Total Group, BP and Royal Dutch Shell that have all recently published strategic growth plans that clearly emphasise the redirection of their activities towards green energy.

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