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Analysis before buying or selling Prosus shares

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If you are interested in the Prosus stock and want to invest in its price by adding it to your stock portfolio or trading it with CFDs, you need to be able to perform relevant analysis. That is why we are now going to reveal some important data about this company, such as its precise activities and the breakdown of its sources of income, its main competitors in its sector of activity and its recent strategic partnerships. Of course, we will also look at the fundamental analysis of this stock by explaining which publications are the most important to follow.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Prosus shares

Analysis N°1

First and foremost, in view of the holding activities of the Prosus group, it will be necessary to monitor its future acquisitions and investments in various companies. The objective for Prosus is of course to diversify its activities in order to multiply its sources of profit.

Analysis N°2

Other strategic operations carried out by the group, such as the sale of companies it already owns or the setting up of strategic partnerships with the aim of joining forces with other companies or holding companies, should also be closely monitored.

Analysis N°3

Of course, you will also have to take into account any changes in the administration of the group with the arrival of new managers or leaders that may alter its policy and business model.

Analysis N°4

Prosus' competitors are other holding companies operating in sectors close or similar to its own. Of course, these groups and their publications must also be closely monitored to identify events that may benefit or harm Prosus.

Analysis N°5

Lastly, you should be aware of the financial results published by the group each year and each quarter, and compare them with analysts' forecasts and with any targets it may have set in advance.

Analysis before buying or selling Prosus shares
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General presentation of Prosus

It goes without saying that you must also have an excellent knowledge of Prosus and its activities before embarking on the analysis of its stock market action, in order to be able to anticipate its challenges and opportunities. Here is a detailed presentation of this company.

Prosus Group NV, formerly known as Myriad International Holding NV, is a Dutch company and above all a holding company for the global Internet consumer group Naspers.

To better understand the activities carried out by Prosus, it is possible to divide them into different poles according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way

  • First of all, the management of social platforms and digital content accounts for the largest share of Prosus' revenue with 78.3% of the turnover. It is carried out through Tencent and
  • The remaining 21.7% of turnover comes from the operation of online sales sites such as Classifields, Etail, Payments, DelivertHero, MakeMyTrip and Fintech.

It is also interesting to know the geographical distribution of the revenues of the Prosus group. Although the group is based in the Netherlands, only 14.5% of its turnover is generated in Europe. It generates 79.3% of its turnover in Asia, 4.6% in Latin America and 1.6% in the rest of the world.

The major competitors of Prosus

Of course, Prosus is not the only holding company that interests investors and faces competition from large international groups, the main ones of which we propose to discover here:


First of all, the US Jefferies Group is an investment bank that merged in 2012 with Leucadia, its largest shareholder, in a $3.6 billion deal. It is one of Prosus' largest competitors at the moment.


Another direct competitor is the Wendel Group which is a French investment company formed from the merger between CGIP and Marine-Wendel in 2002. The group is still controlled by the Wendel family through Wendel Participations which is the family holding company of the group.

Marfin Investment Group

Still among the major competitors of Prosus, we find the MIG group which is a Greek investment company created in 1998 under the name Marfin AMEY. This company has acquired several companies and has changed its name several times since then. In 2001, after the acquisition of Piraeus Prime Bank, it was renamed Marfin Bank. In 2004, it became Marfin Financial Group after the triple merger of Comm Group, Marfin Classic AEEX and maritime and financial Investments.


Finally, the last serious competitor of the Prosus group is none other than Schibsted, a Norwegian conglomerate in the media sector that operates in some twenty countries, including Norway and Sweden. The company is headquartered in Osloe and is listed on the Osloe Stock Exchange.

The major partners of Prosus

While the Prosus group faces many competitors, it is also active in strategic alliances, including numerous acquisitions. Here are three specific examples of this type of transaction to help you understand the benefits.


First and foremost, in June 2021, the Prosus Group announced that it had acquired GoodHabitz for €212 million. It now holds a majority stake. This company is a European provider of online training for businesses. The acquired company was founded in 2011 and offers its corporate customers a wide range of cost-effective soft skills training content tailored to all employees. Since its inception, the company has developed a solid base of corporate clients across all industries. In 2016, the company went international by expanding out of the Netherlands and has gradually extended its offering to nine other European countries. As a result, it has become one of the few lucrative companies in the enterprise EdTech sector in Europe.


In the same year, another strategic acquisition was announced by the Dutch technology giant Prosus. Prosus announced that it would pay $4.7 billion to acquire BillDesk, a payment service provider based in India. Through this deal, Prosus Group plans to combine BillDesk with PayU, which is its existing global fintech and payments business and already has a strong presence in the Indian market. The deal is said to be in the works since July 2021 but has not been finalized yet.

Stack Overflow

Finally a third partnership or rather a third strategic buyout was announced recently by Prosus. It is indeed the acquisition of Stack Overflow which is an online community for software developers, in what is considered as the very first direct purchase of the e-commerce and technology giant in the educational technology sector. The total value of the purchase is thus set at $1.8 billion. It was also mentioned following this announcement that access to the WebStack Overflow site would remain free and that this will remain unchanged in the future. According to Prosus, this company will remain independent and there will be plenty of money to develop, offer new features and improve the old ones.

Trade the Prosus share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the holdings and subsidiaries of the Prosus group?

Prosus Group holds a 100% stake in OLUX in e-commerce, 98.8% in PayU in Fintechs, 54.8% in iFood, 22.3% in Delivery Hero and 38.8% in Swiggy in food delivery, 80.1% in eMag in retail, 6% in travel with CTrip, 100% of Bykea in mobility, and subsidiaries Codecademy, Stack Overflox, Brainly and Udemy in EdTech. It is also the largest shareholder in Tencent and

How can I find out the future share price of Prosus?

In order to know what the future price of the Prosus share will be, it is necessary to carry out different types of analysis of this stock. In particular, we recommend that you carry out a technical analysis of this stock based on live and historical stock charts and using several indicators, but also a fundamental analysis using the group's news and publications.

When and how did the IPO of Prosus take place?

It was as of 11 September 2019 that Prosus' ordinary shares were listed on the Euronext Amsterdam market and then, on a secondary basis, on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Following its IPO, the group is still majority owned by Naspers and is the largest consumer internet company in Europe by asset value.

Trade the Prosus share!

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