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Analysis before buying or selling Plug Power shares

Trade the Plug Power share!

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If you plan to invest in Plug Power Inc. shares then we suggest you read this dedicated article that offers information on this stock market asset that you will need to complete your analyses of its share price. Here you will find in depth explanations about this company and its precise activities, you will learn about its major competitors on the market as well as its recent partnerships and some examples of news and events that you should take into account when completing your fundamental analysis of this asset due to their probable influence on this company’s share price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Plug Power shares

Analysis N°1

Investments completed by the Power Plus Group in research and development should be monitored.  In fact, innovation is at the heart of the success of this company that is in a state of constant rivalry with other large groups and therefore needs to differentiate itself to remain among the leaders of its market sector.

Analysis N°2

The economic health of sectors which generate demand such as transport, maintenance, telecommunications and public services should also be monitored. A crisis in any of these sectors could lead to a crash in demand and therefore orders which would negatively impact this group’s turnover. 

Analysis N°3

It is also important to monitor the competitors of this group regarding changes in the market parts of each major player as well as the significant news and events thereby related. 

Analysis N°4

Among the news that should be monitored we note the strategic operations undertaken by Plug Power, notably those related to the expansion of its activities on an international level. 

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would of course also recommend you take into consideration the annual and quarterly financial results of the group which should be systematically compared with the analysts’ forecasts and the objectives fixed through the company’s plans for strategic development.

Analysis before buying or selling Plug Power shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Plug Power

Of course, a thorough knowledge of the Plug Power Company and its activities is also necessary if you wish to complete in depth analyses of this asset. In fact, by clearly understanding the sector in which this group operates, you will be in a better position to anticipate the threats and challenges the company faces.  

Plug Power Inc. is an American group specialised in the technological sector. More precisely it is a supplier of renewable and new energy technology based on the design, development, manufacture and sale of hydrogen fuel cell batteries for the off grid industrial sectors and the fixed energy sector.  

Among the solutions provided by the Power Plug Group we note the following:

  • GenKey which offers its clients solutions for the transition of their maintenance vehicles to fuel cell batteries.  
  • GenDrive, which is a hydrogen based Proton Exchange Membrane battery system or PEM fuel cell system. This system supplies energy for maintenance vehicles.  
  • GenFuel is a hydrogen based energy system which was designed to enable clients to refuel their GenDrive systems. 
  • Gencare is a continuous maintenance and support programme for GenDrive fuel cells and GenFuel products. 
  • Finally, there is ReliOn which is a stationary fuel cell battery solution. This supplies a modular and evolutionary feed for PEM fuel cell batteries with the aim of responding to emergency energy and network support requirements in the telecommunications, transport and public services sectors. 

The Plug Power group currently employs over 830 people and achieves the entirety of its turnover in North America.

The major competitors of Plug Power

Let us now take a few moments to examine the major competitors of the Plug Power Group as well as their global activities:

Ballard Power Systems Inc.

This developer is a manufacturer of fuel cell powered products based on a proton exchange membrane or PEM for markets such as the heavy loads vehicles including buses and trams as well as mobile energy, the maintenance and handling of materials as well as engineering services. Ballard has already designed and sold over 400 MW of fuel cell products.  


This Norwegian company based in Oslo is a global company that supplies solutions for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable sources. It is quoted on the OBX index on the Oslo stock market.

FuelCell Energy Inc.

This fuel cell electrical battery company designs, makes, owns, operates and maintains direct fuel cell electrical generating plants which is a type of molten carbonate fuel cell that works from natural gas and biogas. It is one of the largest fuel cell manufacturers quoted in the United States and operates more than 50 factories around the world including the largest fuel cell plant worldwide which is the Gyeonggi Green Energy factory based in South Korea.  

Tesla Inc.

Finally, the Tesla Group is clearly above all a renowned automobile manufacturer specialised in electric vehicles but which has also diversified into energy solutions particularly in the form of stationary batteries named Powerwall for the residential sector.

The major partners of Plug Power

Of course, the Plug Power Group also has allies on which it can count to expand its presence worldwide as well as its turnover. Here as follows are two examples of recent strategic partnerships implemented by this company:


In 2021, the Plug Power Group notably implemented a strategic partnership with the company CLH. The objective was for both companies to explore possible new areas of collaboration relating to the use of hydrogen for mobility in airports as well as various transport sectors and the distribution of merchandise.


Still in 2021, Plug Power signed a partnership agreement with the French automobile manufacturer Renault relating to the creation of a 50/50 joint company in France to be completed sometime in the first quarter. This strategic partnership will enable the two groups to position themselves in Europe during the coming years as major players for the research, conversion, production and sale of hydrogen fuelled vehicles. This joint company should therefore support a strong growth of the utility vehicles market including taxis and business passenger transport that work with fuel cell powered vehicles. 

Trade the Plug Power share!
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Trade the Plug Power share!

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