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Analysis before buying or selling Pinterest shares

Trade the Pinterest share!
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Before taking position on the rise or fall in the Pinterest share price we offer you the opportunity through this dedicated article to learn how to successfully complete your analysis of this asset. We will in fact reveal here all the information you need on the activities and income sources of this company, its recent partnerships and major competitors as well as the data to use to implement your analyses and complete a fundamental analysis.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Pinterest shares

Analysis N°1

We would particularly follow the development of certain services provided by Pinterest for certain user sectors such as education professionals with the possibility of subscribing and sharing lesson plans and other such services.

Analysis N°2

The collaboration between Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with the objective of sharing data on different social media is also an opportunity for growth for this company. 

Analysis N°3

The strong competition in the social networking sector should also be taken into consideration and therefore news and events related to other popular networks should be closely followed.

Analysis N°4

We would also monitor the Pinterest Company’s service monetisation strategy, particularly the online advertising.

Analysis N°5

Finally it is recommended to closely follow all strategic decisions of this company as well as the publishing of its annual and quarterly financial and economic results.


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General presentation of Pinterest

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Pinterest Company and its activities with a full presentation of this company which will enable you to better understand its economic model and income sources.

The Pinterest Group Inc. is an American company specialised in the social network sector. More precisely, it is a visual browsing engine as the company uses a platform of this type whereby the users can create and manage thematic collections of images and ideas to be shared with other users.

The visual browsing platform of Pinterest operates like a virtual dashboard whereby users use pins to share certain events, ideas, visits or images and photos on the internet or find and share recipes or tutorials. 

One of the advantages of Pinterest is that its online platform integrates an image recognition technology which enables users to take a photo using their smartphone and obtain information and ideas related to the subject of their photo.

Pinterest generates its revenue through the provision of online marketing services aimed at large brands. The professional clients can thereby be connected to users whose interests and tastes coincide with the brand client’s products.

At present Pinterest employs 2,217 people around the world.

Analysis before buying or selling Pinterest shares
77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on Plus500

The major competitors of Pinterest

Pinterest has a number of major competitors on the market; here as follows we provide detailed information on them:


This American internet giant is of course in the running as Google+ offers a service relatively similar to that of Pinterest named ‘Collections’. This is a programme that displays trends that users may consult from their search history. It is thereby possible to save these collections and browse through them at a later date as they are integrated into a dashboard in the Google application on Android or on the website.


This application and social network also enables users to share photos and videos. It has existed since 2010 and has belonged to the Facebook Group since 2012. Instagram currently boasts over a billion users worldwide.


Finally, the last major competitor to Pinterest is Flickr which is a website for freely sharing photographs and videos with certain functions that are however payable. This extremely popular website enables its users to share personal photographs but is also used by a community of professional photographers. This website currently hosts over 13 billion photographs with no less than 122 million members and 2 million different groups.

The major partners of Pinterest

Let us now examine the recent partnerships that Pinterest has implemented which were favourable to its stock market share price:


In 2019 the Pinterest Group became associated with the Reech Company, specialised in influential marketing, in order to assist brands in their collaboration with creators who subscribe to the platform. Pinterest was thereby equipped with the Reech Influence Cloud TM which is a global tool for announcers and which offers identification, qualification, activation, compliance, measuring and smart modules. In this way the announcers can qualify and activate the creators through this qualitative and quantitative data.

Maisons du Monde

Another strategic partnership was extended with Maisons du Monde in 2018. This was related to a new function called ‘Shop the Look’ which enables users to buy the products they find on Pinterest by clicking directly on a link present in the images that redirects them to the Maisons du Monde website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you favour a fundamental analysis of the Pinterest share price?

If you are hesitating between a technical analysis and a fundamental analysis of the Pinterest share price then we recommend the ideal strategy is to use these two analyses concurrently to obtain improved and more precise trading signals. However, using significant data from a fundamental analysis can be particularly useful for a short term position on this asset.

What technical indicators to follow for the analysis of the Pinterest share?

The technical analysis of the Pinterest share requires the use of different graphical indicators. In particular, we will favor volatility and trend indicators such as the RSI indicator, the MACD, moving averages or even turning points such as pivot points, major support and resistance levels. Of course, these indicators should not be used alone but as a complement to consistent fundamental analysis.

On which platforms can you trade in the Pinterest share price?

Although Pinterest is an American company and therefore its share price is quoted on the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange, it is also possible to trade them online directly using an approved trading.

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