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Pharming is a stock that many investors around the world are interested in, just like other stocks in the biopharmaceutical sector. But before you trade or buy this stock, you should take the time to do a thorough analysis of this Dutch company, its future prospects and its major challenges. In this article, we propose that you discover in more detail some information about Pharming such as details of its activities, its main competitors and its major partnerships. With this information, you will have a good knowledge of this company and will have the basis to start studying the possibilities of its evolution and thus set up your investment strategy on the more or less long term.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Pharming Group shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, we will of course keep a close eye on treatments currently in the testing and trial phase that could be brought to market soon. The success of these trials will undoubtedly trigger a rise in this stock.

Analysis N°2

The various research or funding partnerships that Pharming Group may have in the future will also be of great importance and will give you a better understanding of the Group's interest in the market.

Analysis N°3

Finally, we will also follow the progress of other companies in this sector of activity that work on the same segments and the same types of treatments. You will thus be able to detect volatile trends caused by more or less important announcements. You will also be able to monitor the publications of the whole sector and the significant events.

General presentation of Pharming Group

To begin this article dedicated to Pharming in good conditions, you must of course learn about this company and its sector of activity. This is what we propose to do now with a summary of the main activities carried out by this company and its various fields of intervention.

The Pharming Group is a Dutch biopharmaceutical company that specialises in the development of innovative products for the treatment of genetic disorders, as well as specific products for certain surgical indications and nutritional products.

To develop its various solutions and products, the Pharming Group can rely on several technologies such as innovative platforms for the production of protein treatments, techniques and processes for the purification and formulation of these products.

To better understand how Pharming Group generates its revenues, it can be noted here that more than 98.9% of its turnover comes from the sale of products and that licence fees generate approximately 1.1% of turnover.

It is also interesting to know how the Pharming group is positioned from a geographical point of view. Indeed, although the company currently generates almost 5.7% of its turnover in Europe, its largest market remains the United States, which generates over 93.4% of its turnover. The remaining 0.9% of Pharming's turnover comes from the rest of the world.

The major competitors of Pharming Group

As you may already know, the biopharmaceutical sector is one of the most attractive sectors for stock market investors. However, it is also a very competitive industry. Although Pharming develops very specific products and treatments that do not really have any direct competition, its stock is still in competition with other biotech stocks, mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium. Here, we propose to find out who are the competitors of this stock with the largest biopharmaceutical companies in these geographical areas.


First of all, we can talk about the Belgian company TiGenix, which is one of the few biotech companies to have already made sales in the past, but which is no longer doing so. The company had a drug on the market for two years that it then withdrew from the market and is now focusing on the development of a new product that treats one of the complications of Crome's disease and is awaiting marketing approval from the European Medicines Agency. This stock is worth watching as it has experienced strong price growth in recent years.


Another company to watch among the biotechs competing with Pharming stock is TromboGenics, which has partnered with the Novartis Group and its subsidiary Alcon, allowing it to earn royalties on sales of its product Jetrea. This company specializes in the treatment of certain ophthalmic disorders, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. This stock is therefore also worth keeping a close eye on, especially as it is one of the best performers in the Next Biotech index.


Still on the subject of listed biotech companies that can compete with Pharming shares, we find the company MDxHealth, which has developed a diagnostic test for prostate cancer that is already marketed in the United States. This Belgian company is therefore already making significant profits.


Another Dutch company that you should keep an eye on is Esperite. This company is specialized in stem cells. It is one of the leaders in this field in the European Union, which makes it a strong opponent for Pharming.

The major partners of Pharming Group

If you are interested in the biotech sector and in the stocks of biopharmaceutical companies, you probably already know that these companies, before making a profit, must first find partners, often large pharmaceutical companies, to finance them and market their treatments once the testing stages are over. The same applies to the Pharming group. For the moment, it has succeeded in establishing a single major partnership, which we suggest you discover here in greater detail in order to understand its importance and to enable you to analyse its effect on this action.


The partnership we are going to talk about here is of course the one that the Pharming group has set up with Sanofi's subsidiary, Sanofi Chimie. This strategic agreement concerns the production of an active substance that Pharming uses in the production of its first drug, Ruconest. This substance, called Conest Alfa, is actually a recombinant protein and a C1 esterase inhibitor. In 2010 and just prior to the establishment of this alliance, this substance received a positive opinion from the European Medicines Agency for the treatment of acute angiodema attacks in patients suffering from hereditary angiodemas. Since the establishment of this partnership, this treatment has been marketed, as mentioned above. It should also be noted that Sanofi was not Pharming's first partner in the production of this substance. Indeed, the French group had previously had a contract with the American company MSD since 2005. It then decided to strengthen its capacities. Pharming continued to work with MSD while Sanofi waited for validation of its manufacturing process on an industrial scale. Production was then handed over entirely to Sanofi in one of its production units in France with a high production capacity in terms of volume. Thus, the French laboratory Sanofi took charge of the production of the first batches of this treatment, which were then marketed on the European market. This partnership has of course been extended and it is still today the Sanofi group that produces this treatment and distributes it on the European market.

Trade the Pharming Group share!
Your capital is at risk. Performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.
Trade the Pharming Group share!

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