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Analysis before buying or selling Pharma Mar shares

Trade the Pharma Mar share!

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In this detailed article, we propose you to discover the Pharma Mar share and this company in order to help you to analyze this value in the most effective way possible. Indeed, you will be able to find in this page a lot of information concerning the elements to analyze in order to carry out your analysis of this share price, such as the details of the activities of this Spanish company in its sector, but also its direct competition in the world or the recent partnerships it has set up during the last years. With this data, you will be able to anticipate more effectively the future variations of its stock price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Pharma Mar shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, we need to keep an eye on all the clinical trials currently being conducted by this group with respect to its drug candidates and their results that may lead to marketing approval.

Analysis N°2

The various partnerships set up by Pharma Mar, such as commercial partnerships and licensing agreements for its treatments, but also research or production partnerships, must be monitored.

Analysis N°3

It will also be necessary to follow very closely the competition of this sector of activity which is increasingly strong and can make lose many profits to the group with mainly the news and innovations of these companies.

Analysis N°4

Of course, you will have to keep a close eye on the company's results, which are published every quarter and every year. You will be able to compare these results with analysts' expectations as well as with the objectives set by the group itself when it announces its strategic development plans.

Analysis before buying or selling Pharma Mar shares
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General presentation of Pharma Mar

First of all and in order to start this article in the best conditions and with the necessary knowledge, we propose you to discover a little more detailed presentation of the company Pharma Mar and a presentation of its main activities. This will help you to better understand its global economic environment.

The Pharma Mar Group is a Spanish company specialising in the manufacture of bio-therapeutic drugs. More precisely, this company concentrates its activities in the research, development and sale of so-called bioactive principles and mainly principles of marine origin which are used in the treatment of human diseases. This includes anti-tumor, anti-viral and immunomodulation agents, as well as the treatment of certain tropical diseases.

The group's marketed treatments include Yondelis, a synthetically modified antitumor agent derived from sea squirt, which is used in the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma and recurrent ovarian cancer.

Of course, in addition to the drugs already on the market, Pharma Mar also has a portfolio of products including drug candidates and agents for the treatment of cancer such as Alpadin, PM01183 and PM060184.

In order to carry out these different activities, the Pharma Mar group owns and manages various subsidiaries which are based in France, in France, in France and in the United States.

The major competitors of Pharma Mar

Let's take a look at Pharma Mar's competitive environment and its main rivals. The biopharmaceutical market has been booming for a few years now, and the companies listed on the stock exchange with the highest capitalisation are particularly worth keeping a close eye on when analysing this stock. We therefore suggest that you discover them in a little more detail below:

CSL Limited

The first company to be closely monitored is Australian-based CSL Limited, a biotherapeutics company specializing in the development and supply of biotherapeutics. Its core business includes research, development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of biopharmaceuticals and related products. The company's segments include CSL Behring, Saqirus and CSL Intellectual Property.


Next comes the American group Biogen, which is currently one of the world's largest companies in the design, production and sale of therapeutic products. Among the activities carried out by this group, we find mainly the sale of drugs which generates the largest share of the turnover with drugs intended for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, chronic psoriasis in adults, rheumatoid polyarthritis or cancer. This is followed by royalties received by the Group and other activities, in particular income from partnerships.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Another American competitor to watch closely is Alexion Pharmaceuticals, which specialises in the research and development of therapeutic products for the treatment of certain haematological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as autoimmune diseases and cancers. The group currently has a portfolio of five products in clinical development and generates its sales primarily in the United States, but also in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world to a lesser extent. To date, the Alexion Group employs over 2,656 people worldwide.


Still regarding Pharma Mar's main competitors, we will closely follow the company Grifols which is a specialist in the research, development, manufacture and sale of therapeutic products and medical devices for hospitals and medical analysis laboratories. The company's turnover comes from various activities, mainly plasma-derived products such as products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, automated diagnostic systems and reagents such as in vitro hemophilic diagnostic equipment, coagulation analyzers, infectious serology reagents and others intended mainly for blood banks and transfusion centers. The group also offers hospital products such as non-biological surgical, radiological or nutritional products for hospital pharmacies as well as other products such as biological intermediates and contract manufacturing services. The company generates a large part of its sales in the United States and Canada, but also in Europe and more precisely in Spain. To date, the Grifols Group employs more than 21,243 people worldwide.

Samsung Biologics Co

Another major competitor in this industry is Samsung Biologics Co which is a Korean company that is mostly engaged in the development, production and sale of biological products. This company, which is a contract manufacturing organization or CMO, mainly develops and manufactures antibodies which are then used in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and other diseases. But this company also provides services such as cell line generation, process and method development and analytical services and distributes its products mainly in the domestic market but also internationally.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical

The last major competitor of Pharma Mar is the American company BioMarin Pharmaceutical, which specialises in the development, production and sale of biopharmaceutical products. More specifically, it is known that the largest part of this group's turnover comes from the sale of medicines, particularly medicines for the treatment of lycosomal overload disorders, hyperphenylalanine and autoimmune diseases. Of course, the group also generates royalties and income from partnership agreements. Currently, the company has a portfolio of 6 different products in clinical development. Most of its revenues are generated in the US market, followed by the European market, Latin America and the rest of the world. Biomarin Pharmaceutical employs over 2,849 people.

The major partners of Pharma Mar

In addition to a good knowledge of the main competitors of the Pharma Mar company and to have the best chances to succeed in your investment on this value, you must know who are its main partners. This is why we propose you to discover here some concrete and recent examples of agreements and strategic alliances of this group.

TTY Biopharm

First of all, let's talk about a partnership agreement signed in 2015 between Pharma Mar and the pharmaceutical company TTY Biopharm. At that time, it was a marketing and exclusive license agreement in connection with the marketing and distribution of the drug candidate Aplidin in the Taiwan market. Under this agreement, Pharma Mar received a one-time lump sum payment as well as additional royalties and fees for the various regulatory milestones achieved by this drug candidate. Of course, Pharma Mar retained the exclusive production rights and will only supply the finished product to TTY Biopharm for its commercial use.

Boryung Pharm

A year later i.e. in 2016, Pharma Mar also signed another strategic partnership with Boryung Pharm in the form of a license agreement with the aim of commercializing the marine-based anti-cancer drug, Aplidin in the South Korean market. Again, under the terms of the agreement, Pharma Mar received an initial one-time lump-sum payment, as well as additional royalties and remuneration upon the achievement of regulatory milestones for this product. Pharma Mar again retained exclusive production rights to the product, which is being supplied to the Boryung Pharm Group for commercialization. The two partnerships just mentioned therefore relate to the drug Aplidin which is the second anti-cancer drug developed by Pharma Mar for the treatment of multiple myeloma and refractory or recurrent immunoblastic angio T lymphoma. In 2016, the group thus announced that its component plitidepsin had shown positive results in a pivotal phase III clinical trial for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

Trade the Pharma Mar share!
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Trade the Pharma Mar share!

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