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Analysis before buying or selling Palantir Technologies shares

Trade the Palantir Tech. share!

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If you are interested in the shares of the American company Palantir Technologies then we strongly suggest that you read this article that is entirely dedicated to this asset from which you can learn useful information for the analysis of this asset. In fact, to complete your basic knowledge of this company we will provide stock market and economic information such as details of this company’s activities, its major competitors on the market, recent strategic partnerships and the factors that you should monitor and take into account for your fundamental analysis of this asset.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Palantir Technologies shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, we would carefully follow any new contracts signed by Palantir notably with international government clients which refer to those outside the United States that could increase its profitability.

Analysis N°2

We would also follow the anti-terrorist measures taken worldwide that could influence this asset price over the medium or long term.

Analysis N°3

Of course, it is also recommended to monitor the demand from the private sector with the requirements of companies related to secure software and the protection of sensitive data.

Analysis N°4

We would also closely follow the competition in this activity sector which is relatively significant and notably the possibility that governments could develop their own security systems and software.

Analysis N°5

The brand image of Palantir Technologies is also a factor to monitor, notably related to the controversies concerning the close relations maintained with the governments by this group that could cause problems related to ethics and the possible leaks of private information.

Analysis N°6

Finally the strategic development plans as well as the financial results of the group should also be taken into consideration.

Analysis before buying or selling Palantir Technologies shares
Buy Palantir Technologies shares
Sell Palantir Technologies shares
Your capital is at risk

General presentation of Palantir Technologies

Buy Palantir Technologies shares

Before analysing the Palantir Technologies share price it is also strongly recommended that you take time to learn about this company, its operations and its major activities. This will enable you to understand the challenges it will face in this activity sector and better interpret the future events that could influence its share price.

Palantir Technologies Inc. is an American group that is specialised in the technological and IT sectors. More precisely, this company designs and produces software platforms for businesses and institutional entities.

For this the group operates in two major sectors:

  • The commercial sector which was created for clients that work in nongovernmental industries.
  • The government sector which was created for clients such as the American federal government agencies as well as non American governments.

The group has therefore developed two platforms, Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry. The Gotham platform is a software platform that was developed for the defence agency analysts and information purposes. It notably enables users to identify hidden models in large data amounts, locate information sources and prepare informative reports. It assists the United States and its allied military personnel.

The Foundry platform created a central operations system for the organisation’s data. The users can thereby use this platform for the integration and analysis of data.

Palantir Technologies currently exercises over a third of its activities in the United States but it also operates in the United Kingdom and France as well as other countries around the world to a lesser extent.

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The major competitors of Palantir Technologies

Now that you know more about the Palantir Technologies Company we offer you the opportunity to learn more about other companies in this activity sector that could take parts of its market share. Here as follows are details of the Palantir Technologies Company’s major competitors at present.

Tyler Technologies

This American company is also specialised in the design and management of para-public and public software. It is therefore in direct competition with the Palantir Group in both sectors. Tyler Technologies has also become a real leader in this sector, notably in 2021 following the acquisition of its competitor NIC.

Verint Systems

The Verint Systems Company is also an American company but based in New York. It was created in 2002 and offers various software and material products for the management of client engagement, security, surveillance and business intelligence solutions. This group’s products are above all aimed at assisting clients particularly with the analysis of large amounts of data.

Tableau Software

This is another American company specialised in software but based in Seattle. It is notably responsible for the creation and production of a range of products specialised in the visualisation of data.


Finally, another competitor of Palantir Technologies is the Splunk Group which is an American multinational group based in San Francisco and is specialised in the production of search engine software, analyses of machine data including big data generated automatically by machines and through website type interfaces. The business solution collects, indexes and correlates the data in real time in searchable archives that enable the generation of charts, reports, alerts, dashboards and infographics.

The major partners of Palantir Technologies

Although Palantir Technologies has a few significant competitors in its activity sector it can also count upon support from its allies due to the regular strategic partnerships and agreements it implements with other large companies which have enabled it to increase its profitability and expand its market reach. Here are two particular examples of recent partnerships the company has implemented.


Firstly, in 2021, Palantir Technologies signed a new partnership agreement with the IT giant IBM with the aim of assisting the companies to easily use applications based on AI, or artificial intelligence. In this way the two companies could provide a solution based on the IBM cloud data platform for offering AI to companies on the new generation Palantir platform for the creation of applications. This solution would be available in March 2021 and should be simplified in such a way that companies can create and use these applications and assist users to access, analyse and react using huge quantities of data dispersed through the hybrid cloud environments without the requirement of advanced technological skills.

Rio Tinto

Still in the beginning of 2021, the group signed a partnership with Rio Tinto, one of the largest companies in the mining sector regarding its Foundry platform. In accordance with this agreement, the Palantir Technologies software would integrate the raw data from multiple sources into a presentation of critical mining operations. Rio Tinto would then be able to take decisions and intervene using this single reliable source of information combining operational and transactions data. In this way, these data resources would be available to use with all necessary steps taken in terms of security, confidentiality and controls for its frontline and office employees.

Trade the Palantir Tech. share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Palantir Technologies Company exercise lobbying activities?

The Palentir Technologies Group has completed lobbying payments in the United Sates of a total amount of 1,430,000 dollars in 2019 according to the Center for Responsive Politics. These lobbying activities are also high in the European Union as Palantir has been listed since 2019 in the register for the transparency of interest representatives with the European Commission and in 2018 declared annual expenses of between 10,000 and 25,000 Euros for this activity.

Where to find the Palantir Technologies share price?

The share price of the company Palantir Technologies Inc. is quoted on the American stock markets, more precisely the Main Market of the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE. You can therefore use charts from this source to analyse and monitor the price of this asset. You can also find this company’s share price in real time on the platforms of reputable online brokers or specialised websites.

How to complete a technical analysis of the Palantir Technologies share price?

Apart from the fundamental analysis you should also of course complete a technical analysis of the Palantir Technologies share price. To do so it is best to use the innovative and customisable charts that can display several types of technical indicators simultaneously. You will then need to correctly and pertinently interpret the information displayed to understand the current and forthcoming market trends and volatility.

Trade the Palantir Tech. share!

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