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Analysis before buying or selling OCI shares

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Elements to consider before selling or buying OCI shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, environmental regulations and legal developments regarding the use of agrochemicals in the various countries in which the Group operates will be closely monitored, as these changes may have a significant impact on its profitability.

Analysis N°2

We will also keep an eye on the major competitors in this sector of activity who can take market share from OCI. Their results, news or major events are likely to influence or favour the group's activities.

Analysis N°3

OCI's investments in research and development and the development of new products that could make a difference to the competition will of course have to be closely monitored.

Analysis N°4

Finally, the financial results of this company will be elements that you must study with the greatest attention, thinking in particular of comparing them with the objectives fixed by the company or with the forecasts of the analysts.

Analysis before buying or selling OCI shares
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Your capital is at risk

General presentation of OCI

To be able to understand all the events that can influence OCI's share price, you need to have a thorough understanding of the stock, including details of its activities and its main sources of income. This is what we are offering you now.

The OCI Group NV is a Dutch company specialised in the field of agrochemicals. More specifically, it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fertilisers and natural gas-based industrial chemicals.

The company produces fertilizers based on nitrogen, methanol and other natural gases for the agricultural and industrial sectors in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Currently, the company has a production capacity of approximately 16.1 million metric tons in the Netherlands, the United States, Egypt and Algeria. This large production capacity makes OCI NV one of the largest international producers of nitrogen fertilizers.

The major competitors of OCI

Of course, even though OCI is currently positioned as one of the leaders in its sector of activity in the world, it is nonetheless competing with certain major players in this sector. We now propose to discover who are the main opponents of OCI on the international market.


This German chemical company is currently the world leader in the chemical industry. The company currently employs more than 34,000 people in the development, testing, manufacturing and sale of several thousand different chemicals, including nitrogen-based fertilizers that compete directly with OCI's.

Monsanto / Bayer

The Monsanto company is an American biotechnology and agricultural biochemical company that was recently acquired by the Bayer company. Even today, Monsanto remains one of the international leaders in the segment of chemical fertilizers and other products for agriculture and is therefore a serious competitor of OCI.

The major partners of OCI

Finally, we will now talk about OCI's strategic allies by presenting two important partnerships that have been signed by this company in recent years and that have had a positive impact on its profitability:


In particular, in 2019, OCI announced, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Oil Company, the merger of their subsidiaries specialized in the production and distribution of fertilizers. The Sorfert subsidiary is 51% owned by OCI and 49% by Sonatrach and thus falls under the umbrella of this new entity which aims to become the new world leader in nitrogen fertilizers.


In 2013, the Sorfrert plant had indeed partnered with OCI in the industrial zone of Arzew and was commissioned quickly i.e. in July of that year. The production capacity of this unit was planned at 2,200 tons of ammonia per day and 3,400 tons of urea per day. The project was initiated in 2007 with a relative majority for OCI and has experienced some delay in its actual implementation.

Trade the OCI share!
Your capital is at risk. Performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and where can I check the OCI NV share price?

As you may have discovered in this article, OCI NV's share price is currently listed on the Dutch stock exchange and more precisely, on compartment A of Euronext Amsterdam. It is therefore possible to follow its price from this financial centre and from any online trading platform that offers this stock. OCI is also part of the reference stock market index in the Netherlands, the AMX.

Should I perform a chart analysis of OCI stock?

Since fundamental analysis often provides you with reliable signals regarding the likely evolution of OCI's share price, one may wonder if a technical analysis of this stock is mandatory. However, it is obvious that you absolutely must perform a chart analysis of this stock in order to detect the market sentiment and to get more accurate information about the current or future trends and volatility.

Trade the OCI share!

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