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Analysis before buying or selling Nutanix shares

Trade the Nutanix share!

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If you are one of the investors who wish to buy or trade the Nutanix Inc. share, we suggest, you take a look at some useful information about the company in this article which will be useful to you during your analyses of its share. We're going to take a closer look at the detailed activities of the group, its main competitors on the market as well as its recent partnerships. We'll also take a look at the fundamental analysis of this value with the main data to be used because of its possible influence on its price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Nutanix shares

Analysis N°1

Initially, you should take an interested in the innovations of the Nutanix group. With regard to the sector of activity in which the group operates which is based on technology, it's essential to keep informed of the investments in research and development of the company as well as the development of new solutions carried out.

Analysis N°2

The demand for cloud computing across the world is also an important factor to monitor, as is the strategy implemented by Nutanix to establish itself in certain markets, particularly internationally.

Analysis N°3

Also keep an eye out for any security vulnerabilities that may affect Nutanix products or the products of its main competitors on the market.

Analysis N°4

Nutanix's competitors should also be the subject of a reliable and in-depth analysis so you should learn about their innovations and the evolution of the market shares of each of these players.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it's important to look at the annual and quarterly financial results of the group and their evolution, making sure to compare them with the objectives set and the expectations of analysts specializing in this sector.

Analysis before buying or selling Nutanix shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Nutanix

Buy Nutanix shares

Find out more about the Nutanix Company and its sector of activity. Sound knowledge of the activities carried out by this group is essential if you wish to best anticipate its future growth.

The Nutanix group is an American company specializing in the publishing of software dedicated to cloud computing.

The company offers hyper converged infrastructure appliances based on a software infrastructure that allows application workloads in all environments, whether on-premises, in the private cloud, in the public or hybrid cloud.

The company was created in 2009 and over time has become a true pioneer in hyper-convergence. Today, it offers solutions relating to the corporate cloud which aim to facilitate the management of various IT services on a single software platform.

Currently, the Nutanix group has over 18,000 customers around the world, including some large groups such as AirbusWalmart, AT&TSociété Générale and Thales. Among its clients, there are also certain institutions such as the FBI.

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The major competitors of Nutanix

Now let's take a look at Nutanix's competitive environment. The American company faces some major competitors, some examples are listed below:

Cisco Systems 

First of all, you should take into account the American IT company Cisco Systems which is primarily specialized in network equipment such as routers and Ethernet switches and has also specialized in servers and cloud computing since 2009.

Google LLC 

The web giant Google is also one of Nutanix's major competitors. This American technology services company founded in 1998 in Silicon Valley is a subsidiary of the Alphabet group which was made famous by its search engine. But since then, the activities of the Google group have diversified considerably, especially with the development of operating systems, web services and cloud solutions for individuals and businesses.


Finally, the competition exerted by the VMware group, which is an American IT company created in 1998 and a subsidiary of EMC Corporation since 2004. It offers several proprietary products related to the virtualization of x86 architectures.

The major partners of Nutanix

While Nutanix has several major opponents in its sector of activity, it also regularly sets up strategic partnerships such as the two examples below:


In 2020, Nutanix signed a strategic partnership with the computer giant Microsoft, aimed at allowing the two entities to provide businesses with a hybrid solution that offers seamless mobility of applications, data and licenses but also unified management in on-premises and Azure environments through Nutanix Clusters on Azure. This partnership demonstrates Nutanix's commitment to providing a true hybrid and unified multicolour environment to its customers and a single software stack for public and private clouds through greater agility, streamlined operations and significant cost savings.


Another partnership, signed in 2019 was with the Komposite company, specializing in consulting in the modernization and digital transformation of infrastructure and IS, and decided to use Nutanix solutions in order to strengthen its technological offer. Thanks to this partnership, Komposite will offer Nutanix solutions to its customers and rely on them to develop and support its offers. It particularly uses the solutions of this leader in corporate cloud computing to carry out its audits and is setting up an innovation corner. Nutanix solutions will also strengthen Komposite's Inventory Management, performance analysis and flow matrix monitoring offers. For Nutanix, this partnership allows it to further strengthen its presence in the French market, in particular with the large accounts that Komposite has been supporting for more than 10 years in the transformation of their infrastructure as well as in data management and applications. The leader in enterprise cloud computing is also counting on this last facet to showcase its know-how on the upper layers of the infrastructure, including the management of the lifecycle of applications and databases.

Trade the Nutanix share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest important figures released by Nutanix?

The latest recent figures published by the Nutanix group are those for its 2020 financial year. For the year 2020, the group achieved a turnover of more than $ 1,307 million and a net profit of around $ 872 million in losses. We also know that the group's market capitalization was 6,248 million US dollars at the end of December 2020. These figures are of course to be compared with the results of previous years and years to come.

How to invest in the Nutanix share price online?

While it is quite rare to find Nutanix shares to invest in through traditional investment products such as equity savings plans or securities accounts, you can invest in this value through derivative contracts such as CFDs that are offered by the online brokers of the market and therefore speculate on the evolution of this security without actually buying the shares.

Is the technical analysis of the Nutanix share essential?

Yes and as for all the values in which it's possible to invest on the stock market, technical analysis is just as essential as fundamental analysis if you hope to anticipate as well as possible the future variations of this asset on the market. Moreover, these two analyses are complementary.

Trade the Nutanix share!

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