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Analysis before buying or selling Novavax shares

Trade the Novavax share!
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Novavax shares are among those that you can buy or trade online through CFD brokers. But before investing in this asset it is important you possess all the necessary information for the completion of your analyses of this share price. This is exactly what we shall examine through this article that is entirely dedicated to this asset and through which you can learn more about this company, its activities and sources of income as well as it principal competitors on the market, its recent partnerships and the major factors to take into consideration for the successful completion of a fundamental analysis of this asset.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Novavax shares

Analysis N°1

We would notably recommend you follow information concerning the growth and aging of the global population which will exert a direct influence on Novavax sales.

Analysis N°2

Of course, it is also important to monitor closely and regularly the different tests and trials undertaken by Novavax for the preparation of new vaccines as well as the success or failure of different phases in clinical trials. This information will often initiate strong reactions on the stock markets.

Analysis N°3

In the same way it is recommended to pay particular attention to the development of new products that obtain the health authorities approval for launching onto the market.

Analysis N°4

Changes in regulations relating to pharmaceutical products will also exert a direct influence on the activities of the Novavax Company and you should therefore monitor all significant changes in the countries where Novavax operates.

Analysis N°5

In the same way we would also follow the implementation of strategic partnerships by Novavax particularly with certain large laboratories. It is in fact these partnerships that have enabled this major biotech company to finance its research and thereby generate its income.

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General presentation of Novavax

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Novavax Company and its activity sector. In fact, if you wish to fully understand how this company can generate growth or face coming challenges then you will need to be aware of the major sources of revenue for this company and the sectors in which it operates. This is what we shall examine here:

The group Novavax Inc. is also an American company specialised in the development of vaccines. This company develops vaccines at a clinical stage by concentrating on the discovery and development as well as the manufacture and sale of vaccines and adjuvants through recombined nanoparticles. This company also exercises activities in the sector of recombined vaccines.

The nanoparticle recombination technology is in fact a specialty of this group that produces vaccine candidates with the aim of responding to known or new emerging illnesses and diseases.

Concerning the product portfolio developed and marketed by this company, this mainly relates to a range of infectious diseases with vaccine candidates that are being clinically developed for Covid-19, the RSV respiratory syncytial virus, seasonal flu, pandemic flu and also the Ebola and EBOV viruses. The group is in fact currently undertaking phase II and III clinical trials for a vaccine candidate against the H7N7 pandemic using its principal adjuvant Matrix-M which is currently being tested as well as its EBOV vaccine candidate under phase I clinical trials. Novavax is also developing other pre-clinical programmes at present for a range of infectious diseases including the Middle East respiratory syndrome.

The Novavax Company currently employs over 160 people in the United States.

Analysis before buying or selling Novavax shares
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The major competitors of Novavax

To go further, we now offer you the opportunity to learn more in detail about the principal competitors of the Novavax Group on the market with a presentation of the major companies in this activity sector:


This German company, specialised in biotechnology, is of course a direct competitor of Novavax. It is specialised in the development and production of active immunotherapies for the treatment of severe illnesses. The solutions developed by this group are based on the RNA messenger and notably concern immunotherapy against cancer, vaccines against infectious diseases and protein replacement therapies for rare diseases as well as cellular therapy, new antibodies and small molecule immunomodulators such as for optional cancer treatments. BioNTech has also perfected a human therapy based on mRNA for intravenous administration with the aim of introducing mRNA based individualised cancer immunotherapy for clinical testing and has developed its own manufacturing procedure.


Another direct competitor of the Novavax Group is none other than the American giant Pfizer which was created in 1849 and is currently present in over 150 countries worldwide. This company is the world leader in this activity sector in terms of turnover and stock market capital. The success of this group is primarily due to its merger operations with other companies, which are often its competitors such as Pharmacia, Warber Lambert and Wyeth.


Another direct competitor to Novavax is the Astrazeneca pharmaceutical group. This is an Anglo-Swedish group created through the merger in 1999 of the Astra and Zeneca companies. Nowadays the Astrazeneca group employs over 63,000 people around the world in various sectors including research, development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products and a provider of services for medical care. Among the sectors that Astrazeneca is specialised in we note diabetes, anaesthesiology, cardiology, infectiology, gastroenterology, oncology, neurology and pneumology.

Moderna Therapeutics

Finally, the last current major competitor to the Novavax Group is undoubtedly the American group Moderna Therapeutics which is also a biotechnology company specialised in the development of protein therapies based on the RNA messenger technology. The technology which has proved a success for this company also uses an mRNA composed of nucleotide analogues with the objective of initiating the body’s natural processes including the production of proteins in human cells.

The major partners of Novavax

As we have just explained the Novavax Group counts some major companies among its adversaries in its activity sector and therefore faces a significant threat from industry giants in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Luckily this company also has some valuable allies as it regularly implements strategic partnerships with other companies as can be observed from the following instances:

AGC Biologics

In 2020 the Novavax Company implemented a strategic partnership with the global pharmaceutical company AGC Biologics. This company is specialised in development through sub-contracts and announced the extension of an already existing partnership with this American biotech company which again is specialised in the creation of next generation vaccines for serious infectious diseases. In this manner AGC Biologics can prepare for the production of Matrix-M, the adjuvant component of Novavax, for the development of a vaccine against the Covid-19 coronavirus in its installation based in Copenhagen. Thereby AGC Biologics can extend its offer of the Matrix-M adjuvant for the vaccine to its Seattle installation with the aim of enabling Novavax to supply the American territory. The vaccine concerned here is a stable pre-fusion protein which is produced through its patented nanoparticle technology. Through this partnership AGC Biologics can optimise the development of procedures for the increased production of Matrix-M and enable Novavax to provide a significant supply throughout the world in 2020 and 2021.

Takeda Pharmaceutical

Still in 2020, Novavax implemented a strategic partnership agreement with the Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceutical. The two companies actually formed this alliance with the aim of developing, manufacturing and selling NVX-CoV2373, a vaccine candidate against Covid-19. In this way Takeda could benefit from financial support from the Japanese government ministry of health, work and wellbeing which agreed to assist with technological transfer costs, as well as the implementation of infrastructures and manufacturing. Over 250 million doses have been projected for annual production. The vaccine concerned is a stable pre-fusion protein manufactured using recombined protein nanoparticle technology including the exclusive Novavax Matrix-M adjuvant. It is therefore mainly in the clinical development and production that the two companies will collaborate. Novavax will thereby transfer their manufacturing technology for the production of the vaccine antigen as well as the Matrix-M adjuvant and Takeda will manufacture and distribute the vaccine in Japan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which events have particularly marked the history of the Novavax Company?

The Novavax Company was created in 1987. Since then it has grown strongly and notably made its entry onto the stock markets, NASDAQ to be precise, in December 1995 following its merger with the Lipovax Company. This share price originally experienced numerous agitated movements on the stock markets. In 2002 the FDA approved its first adjuvant Extrasorb and then in 2013 the company acquired the Swedish company Isconova AB which was renamed Novavax AB which provided new technology for the manufacture of the Matrix-M adjuvant.

What are the current trials underway with Novavax?

At present Novavax is operating two significant clinical trials. The first is related to a phase III clinical trial for a flu vaccine, named NanoFlu for which the company obtained FDA approval for fast track testing in January 2020. The second set of trials which has recently been highly present in the news concerns the development of a vaccine against Covid-19. For this vaccine Novavax has in fact obtained a pre-order of 100 million doses from the American government which represents the amount of 1.6 billion dollars.

Which analysis should be favoured for the Novavax share price?

To complete a pertinent analysis of the Novavax share price and thereby be able to correctly anticipate its future movements, it is best to combine two complementary but distinct analyses, the technical and fundamental analyses. The technical analysis is based on the movements observed on the stock market charts whereas a fundamental analysis is founded on events and news that could influence this share price.

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