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If you are interested in the Novacyt Group’s shares and wish to trade in this asset on the stock markets then we recommend you read this article through which you will learn many useful and indeed necessary facts and figures for your analyses. Through this article we will explain the activities of this company and its sources of revenue including details on its major activity sector with information on its principal competitors, recent partnerships and general stock market data with the factors and elements you should monitor through news, events and publications for compiling your fundamental analysis of this asset.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Novacyt shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly we would pay attention to investments completed by this group relating to research and development with the aim of creating new innovative devices that enable the Novacyt Company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Analysis N°2

The partnerships implemented by this company could also enable it to gain in terms of renown and reputation, or innovation or to gain entry to certain markets that were hitherto inaccessible.

Analysis N°3

In the same way, we would also monitor any significant operations such as cessation or acquisitions undertaken by this company with the aim of increasing its profitability over the medium or long term.

Analysis N°4

Competition in this activity sector has become increasingly strong over recent years and we therefore recommend you carefully follow all major publications, news and events relating to the principal companies in this sector.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it is recommended to follow the publication of this group’s annual and quarterly results and compare them with the analysts’ predictions and the objectives fixed by the strategic development plans implemented by this company.

General presentation of Novacyt

Let us now take a few moments to examine the Novacyt Company’s activities and its major sources of revenue so you are better able to understand this company’s possibilities for development and growth in the coming years.

The Novacyt Group is a French medical company specialised in the development, production and sale of in-vitro and molecular diagnostic products destined for the oncology, microbiology, haematology and serology sectors.

To better understand the activities of the Novacyt Group it is possible to divide them into different sectors according to the turnover that each activity generates and how:

  • Firstly, the major activities of the Novacyt Company relate to the development of laboratory diagnostic services and solutions which account for 51.8% of this company’s turnover. As part of these activities the group has developed and manufactures reagents and kits for bacteria and blood analyses.
  • The rest of the group’s turnover, which accounts for 48.2%, is generated by the manufacture and sale of molecular testing kits through its subsidiary Primedesign. These kits are destined for laboratories.

It can also be advantageous to know the geographical distribution of the Novacyt group’s activities. In fact, 42% of this company’s turnover is generated in Europe, 19.5% in Pacific Asia, 20.4% in America, 10.5% in the Middle East and 7.6% in Africa.

It should also be noted that the Novacyt Group sold its sales activities in cytology solutions, NOVAprep, in 2019.

The major competitors of Novacyt

The Novacyt Group faces certain major competitors in its activity sector which we will now examine in more detail:

Eurobio Scientific

This company is one of the leaders specialised in in-vitro diagnostics. It actually exercises its activities on all levels from the research to the sale of diagnostic tests in transplants, immunology, infectious diseases, and also sells reagents for research laboratories including pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies. The group in fact operates its own distribution network and owns a portfolio of molecular biology products.

Becton Dickinson

This American company is specialised in the production and sale of medical materials. It was created in 1897 and is based in New Jersey. This company is present in over 50 countries worldwide and currently employs over 70,000 people.


Finally, we note the American company Hologic, a specialised medical company that exercises its activities in the diagnostic materials sector as well as mastectomy devices.

The major partners of Novacyt

Although Novacyt faces significant competition, this company can also count upon certain allies. In fact, the Novacyt Group regularly implements strategic partnerships such as the following examples:


Firstly in 2019 the Novacyt Group became associated, through its subsidiary Primedesign which is specialised in molecular testing, with the company Immunexpress Inc. This company is American and it is specialised in the testing of molecular diagnostics. It has obtained an initial authorisation from the FDA for a host response test for patients with suspected septicaemia. This partnership extension had the primary objective of completing the development of a rapid diagnostics test for septicaemia.


In 2020, and again through its subsidiary Primedesign, Nocacyt signed a strategic partnership in the form of an exclusive commercial agreement with the Atothis Company which belongs to the VGS Group. This contract related to the exclusive distribution of certain molecular diagnostic products in France for the market sectors experiencing growth in the aquaculture and aquarium industries. It should be remembered that France is actually the second largest aquaculture producer in the European Union and the production of seafood alone contributes 155,000 tons per year to the French economy which represents around 550 million Euros.


Still in 2020, the Novacyt Group announced another major partnership. This partnership came about following an announcement by the British government relating to a new 5 pillar plan aimed at increasing the Covid-19 screening rate. The collaboration of the Novacyt Group was with the Astrazeneca and GSK Laboratories, as well as the University of Cambridge, with the objective of taking the necessary measures to support this national effort. For this agreement a new testing laboratory was to be set up by the above three entities in the Anne McLaren laboratory of the University. This facility was then used with the objective of completing high output testing of the Covid-19 virus and to study the use of different chemical reactions for the manufacture of testing kits to solve the supply shortages problem that existed at that time.

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Your capital is at risk. Performance is not a guide to future performance and is not constant over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the turnover evolved recently for the Novacyt Group?

Over the past few years Novacyt has experienced an overall rise in its turnover. In 2016 this company’s turnover was 11,076 million Euros. This amount rose to 14,954 million Euros in 2017. In 2018 this group achieved a turnover of 13,721 million Euros. And finally, for the latest financial year recorded by the Novacyt Company, in 2019, this company achieved a turnover of 13,081 million Euros.

What can provoke a rise or fall in the Novacyt share price?

Any rising or falling movements in the Novacyt share price will depend greatly on different factors such as the fundamental data as well as the technical data. These in fact represent the information used by investors to take position on this asset and they are therefore necessary to complete precise and comprehensive analyses of this asset and identify probable future movements.

Where to follow the news, events, and major publications of Novacyt?

You can of course follow the major publications and announcements of the Novacyt Group directly on this company’s official website. There you will find the press releases published by this company as well as useful financial information such as the company’s annual and quarterly financial results and details of Novacyt’s strategic objectives.

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