Analysis of Nikola Corporation share price

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Before launching into trading on the Nikola Corporation share price we offer you the opportunity through this dedicated article to learn about this company with detailed and useful information on the Nikola Corporation that will assist you in your analyses. You will find information on the activities of this American company and its sources of revenue as well as a presentation of its major competitors on this market and recent strategic partnerships. We will also explain how to achieve a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this asset.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

We could initially examine the current legislation and regulations a little more in detail in the United States particularly relating to environmental issues that could favour this group’s activities with its ecological vehicles.

Analysis N°2

You should of course monitor carefully the investments completed by the Nikola Corporation in research and development as innovation is at the heart of its strategy and enables this company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Analysis N°3

This competition should also be subject to a careful analysis. We would therefore follow the arrival on the market of new companies in this activity sector as well as changes in the market position of other companies already present.

Analysis N°4

In the same way, it is recommended to pay particular attention to the strategy implemented by the Nikola Corporation with the objective of developing in other markets on an international level as it is currently present mainly in the United States.

Analysis N°5

Finally we would also follow the strategic operations undertaken by this group such as partnerships, mergers or acquisitions of other companies with the aim of generating more profit or increasing visibility or profitability.

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General presentation of Nikola Corporation

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Nikola Corporation with information on its precise activities and how this company generates its income. It is clearly necessary for you to know its activities in detail to understand the future challenges faced by this company and the problems it has to face.

The Nikola Corporation is an American company that exercises its activities in the hydrogen battery sector as well as that of motorised sports vehicles. This company previously operated under the name VectoIQ Acquisition Corporation.

More precisely, this group currently supplies zero emission transport and infrastructure solutions, mainly to the United States market.

It also markets a large range of products among which are class 8 electric fuel cell and hydrogen powered commercial lorries, all terrain vehicles and boats. Among the top products of this company we note the following models: Nikola One, Nikola Two, Nikola Tre and the Nikola Badger.

In the motorised sports sector, the group sells the following models: The Nikola NZT, the Nikola Reckless and the Nikola Water Adventure Vehicle or WAV.

This group currently employs over 250 people.

Analysis of Nikola Corporation share price
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The major competitors of Nikola Corporation

To deepen your understanding of the Nikola Corporation we will now examine the direct competitors of this company in some detail. In fact, this American group is one of the leaders in its sector but still has to face some serious competitors as follows:


Of course, the largest current competitor of the Nikola Corporation is none other than the giant Tesla Company, previously known as Tesla Motors. This is an American automobile manufacturer specialised in electric vehicles of which the head office is based in Silicon Valley. This group was created in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, its current CEO is Elon Musk. Tesla’s original objective was the acceleration of global transition towards a sustainable energy system through the stimulation of electric powered automobile competitiveness.


This is another major competitor of the Nikola Corporation particularly concerning its abilities for development on an international level. Byton is actually a Chinese company specialised in vehicle manufacturing which was created in 2018.

Karma Automotive

Finally the third and last competitor to the Nikola Corporation that we shall examine here is the Karma Automotive Company, previously known as Fisker Automotive. This is an American group also specialised in vehicle manufacturing. It was created in 2007 by a Danish designer who notably created certain well known automobiles such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

The major partners of Nikola Corporation

Although a thorough knowledge of the direct competitors of the Nikola Corporation is important for successfully completing an analysis of this asset, it is also important to take into account the strategic partnerships that this group has implemented with other companies. We therefore now offer you the opportunity to learn about some particular examples of strategic alliances in the past that will enable you to understand their advantages:

General Motors 

Firstly, the Nikola Corporation became allied with the General Motors Group a few years ago for the creation of certain vehicles including the Nikola Badger pick-up. This partnership also enabled a reduction in costs for certain programmes of the Nikola Corporation including the Nikola Tre, Nikola One, Nikola Two and NZT. Also through this agreement Nikola became able to use the General Motors Ultim battery system and the Hydrotec fuel cell technology.

CNH Industrial

Another advantageous and relatively recent partnership you should be aware of was signed between the Nikola Corporation and CNH Industrial. Through this agreement, CNH Industrial became a shareholder in Nikola for the amount of 250 million dollars. This agreement came about when the CNH Industrial vehicle manufacturer decided to split into two and list its lorry, bus and engine division with the aim of increasing value and creating more specific activities. This restructuring was planned to continue into 2021 and enable the creation of a company dedicated to its agricultural and construction activities as well as another quoted company with Iveco’s assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Nikola Corporation share price initially quoted on the stock markets?

The Nikola Corporation made its initial public offering in June 2020. The initial quote was on the Nasdaq Global Select Market in the United States where this asset is in fact still quoted. It should be noted that this introduction was a true success as only two months afterwards the stock market capital of this group came to over 13 billion dollars, equal to twice that of the French automobile manufacture Renault.

Is it possible to trade in the Nikola Corporation share price online?

Although certain financial placement products enable you to buy Nikola Corporation shares outright to add to your stock market portfolio it is also possible to speculate directly on this asset online. To do so it is best to use the services provided by online brokers when speculating on the rise or fall in this share price.

Which technical indicators should you choose to analyse the Nikola Corporation share price?

When completing your technical analysis on the Nikola Corporation share price you should use various different types of indicators. It is in fact recommended that you use trend and volatility indicators including the reversal or acceleration points or levels.

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