Trade the Naturgy share!

Analysis before buying or selling Naturgy shares

Trade the Naturgy share!
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If you are interested in trading Naturgy stock, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know before taking a position. We'll take you through the details of the company's business and revenue streams by segment and geography, its direct competition and its most important partnerships in recent years. Of course, we will also explain how to perform a good fundamental analysis of this stock with the data to follow in priority.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Naturgy shares

Analysis N°1

The market for energy commodities, including of course mainly the price of natural gas, which will directly influence the Group's profitability in this segment and market demand.

Analysis N°2

We will also follow the operations set up by this group with the aim of extending its geographical positioning both in the European Union and in the rest of the world with, in particular, the acquisitions of subsidiaries, partnerships or joint ventures.

Analysis N°3

Of course, the increasing competition in this industry should also be included in the data to be monitored when performing this fundamental analysis along with the publications and news of other major companies in this industry.

Analysis N°4

The regulations established by the countries in which the Naturgy Group operates will also influence its growth and revenues.

Analysis N°5

Finally, the potential growth of this company will be assessed by analyzing its latest financial statements and earnings releases.

Trade the Naturgy share!
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General presentation of Naturgy

Now we're going to tell you a little more about Naturgy with a complete presentation of the company and some useful information about its activities and the different segments that make it profitable.

The Naturgy Group is a Spanish company specialising in the processing, transport and distribution of natural gas and the production of electricity.

To better understand the activities of this company, it is possible to divide them into different sectors according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way:

  • The purchase, transport and distribution of natural gas accounts for the majority of the group's revenues with 45.3% of the turnover. Naturgy thus distributed more than 465,844 GWh in 2019 through a network of 133,917 km of gas pipelines in Spain and Latin America.
  • Electricity production and distribution generates 36.4% of the company's turnover with 44,704 GWh produced and 53,519 GWh distributed in 2019 for a total installed capacity of 16,893 MW.
  • The sale of liquefied natural gas or LNG generates 13.1% of the group's turnover.
  • The remaining 5.2% of turnover comes from related activities.

With regard to the geographical distribution of the company's revenues, 44% of its turnover is generated in Spain, 11.5% in the rest of Europe, 36.9% in Latin America and 7.6% in the rest of the world.

Analysis before buying or selling Naturgy shares
Trade the Naturgy share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

The major competitors of Naturgy

While Naturgy is currently one of the leading players in its sector in Europe, it also faces competition from a number of other groups, which we have listed here as the most important competitors of this company:


It is the largest producer and distributor of electricity in Spain with a capitalization of over 90.6 billion euros. It transports and distributes natural gas and electricity in Italy, Europe and America.


This Spanish company is one of the country's main energy producers and distributors and the world's leading producer of wind power. It is active mainly in Europe and South America.

National Grid

This British company is active in Europe and America in the field of gas and electricity distribution and has a market capitalization of $47 billion.

Orsted AS

This Danish group is known for its onshore and offshore wind farms and produces electricity, natural gas and bioenergy.


this French group with a capitalization of 41.6 billion dollars was created by the merger of Gaz de France and Suez.


This is the historic French gas and electricity supplier and the current leader in this sector, particularly in the field of nuclear energy.


This German energy supplier and producer has become a specialist in energy distribution in recent years.


Finally, the Spanish group Endesa is another major competitor of Naturgy with a capitalization of 29.7 billion dollars. It is also one of the leaders in the production and distribution of electricity in Spain.

The major partners of Naturgy

Let's take a look at two recent examples of partnerships between Naturgy and other companies:


In 2019, Naturgy signed an agreement with DKV to allow DKV cardholders to access CNG fuels at Naturgy stations.


Also in 2019, Naturgy has partnered with Fiat with the aim of boosting the development of natural gas mobility in Spain. This agreement includes the creation of a joint commercial offer combining the sale of vehicles with the sale of fuel through Naturgy's CNG stations.

Trade the Naturgy share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Naturgy's share price listed?

Naturgy shares are currently listed on the Mercado Continuo market of the Madrid Stock Exchange in Spain. The company is also one of the most important Spanish companies as it is included in the Spanish national stock market index, IBEX 35.

Is the Naturgy share available on trading platforms?

As Naturgy is one of the stocks listed on the IBEX 35 stock index, it is of course accessible from the vast majority of trading platforms on the market. You can use CFD contracts to invest in this stock and speculate on both the rise and fall of its share price.

Should I buy Naturgy shares?

If you don't want to speculate only on the Naturgy share price online, you can always buy shares in this company through a bank investment product, this time with the aim of generating profits through dividends and possibly a capital gain on resale.

Trade the Naturgy share!

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