MILIBOO: business grew strongly in 2020/21, despite the health crisis

  •   07/06/2021 - 12h21
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The Miliboo Group has had an excellent financial year 2020/21. This is according to the annual results released by the company after conducting its annual review. The group's business grew strongly, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. For the whole of the past financial year, sales have surged, leading to an increase in turnover. The company also announced its outlook for the coming year.

MILIBOO: business grew strongly in 2020/21, despite the health crisis

Strong growth in annual sales

For its 2020/21 financial year (ending in April), Miliboo achieved an annual turnover of 41 million euros. 41 million. This represents a clear increase of 37% over the period of one year. It is also higher than the market forecast of 38.9 million euros. It also reflects the good dynamism of the group's activity in the fourth quarter.

Over the whole of this quarter, the specialist in online sales of furniture and decorative objects recorded excellent results. In particular, its activity has seen a remarkable increase of 47% to reach 10.8 million euros. This excellent performance confirms the acceleration noted in the third quarter. Over this period, growth was 34%.

For his part, Guillaume Lachenal, the CEO and founder of Miliboo, praises his company's achievement over the past year. He believes that the good commercial performance achieved during the year reveals the brand's reputation and resilience in the face of the health crisis. It also shows that the group has turned a corner, he adds.


Geographic sales performance

In France, Miliboo's business was particularly driven by the strong momentum of online sales. Indeed, the closure of stores due to the containment measures favoured the growth of e-commerce. In the United States, online sales increased by 62% over the entire 2020/21 fiscal year.

In the last quarter of the year, the increase was 49% to 9.3 million euros in this region. In France, the company saw its business grow by 36% over the entire financial year compared to last year. 35.1 million. International sales grew by 42% over the year.

They increased by 35% in the last quarter alone. This strong performance was driven by increased sales in countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy. In addition, the average shopping basket rose by 6%. It stands at 271 euros excluding VAT, compared to 257 euros excluding VAT last year.


Outlook for 2022

During the presentation of its annual results, Miliboo also revealed its prospects for the new financial year. As far as its objectives for 2022 are concerned, the group intends to continue with the same growth dynamic as last year. It is confident in its ability to record new annual results with strong growth.

Also, the company has revealed its intention to open a third Milibootik store by this summer. It will have a surface of 464 m² and will be located in Paris, in the rue du Rivoli.