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Analysis before buying or selling Micron Technology shares

Trade the Micron Technology share!

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If you want to buy Micron Technology stock or speculate online on the price of this stock, we recommend you make sure that you have all the basics you need for your analyses of its price. That's why we suggest you check out the company's information in this article dedicated to this value, such as the details of its activities, its sources of income, major competitors as well as its recent strategic partnerships. We'll also focus on the elements to be followed as a priority as part of your fundamental analyses of the price of this share.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Micron Technology shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, you need to keep a close watch on the semiconductor market and its growth along with the mobile device market which constitutes the bulk of the demand of this company.

Analysis N°2

It's also important to keep an eye on the investments and strategic operations carried out by the group allowing them to diversify into the most promising segments for the years to come, including data storage and flash memory.

Analysis N°3

The economic health of the countries in which the group achieves the most sales should also be monitored, particularly growth in the United States and the euro zone.

Analysis N°4

You should also track the competition from this sector, particularly from Asia which is becoming more and more threatening in terms of pricing strategy.

Analysis before buying or selling Micron Technology shares
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General presentation of Micron Technology

Buy Micron Technology shares

Let's take a few moments to learn more about the Micron Technology Company, its business and its main sources of income. Here's a complete presentation of the company.

The Micron Technology group is an American company specializing in the design, production and sale of semiconductors. Among the products offered by the group, you'll find memory products such as dynamic random access memory or flash memory and semiconductor systems.

To better understand the group's activities, they can be divided into several divisions according to the percentage of turnover they generate as so:

  • IT infrastructures represent 42.6% of the group's turnover with computers, network systems, graphics systems and cloud servers.
  • Phones and mobile devices generate 27.4% of turnover with smartphones and tablets.
  • Removable media generates 16.3% of turnover with USB keys or floppy disks.
  • Finally, the rest of the turnover, i.e. 13.7%, comes from the automotive, connected home and consumer electronics markets.

The Micron Technology group currently has 13 production sites. Geographically, it generates 53.2% of its turnover in the United States, 15.4% in China, 11.5% in Taiwan, 6.9% in Hong Kong, 4.1% in Japan, 4.4% in Asia Pacific and 4.5% in the rest of the world.

Photo credits: ©unitysphere/123RF.COM

The major competitors of Micron Technology

Let's take a look at the competitive environment of the Micron Technology group with a presentation of its main competitors on the market:

Intel Corporation 

The American Company Intel Corporation, listed on the NASDAQ, is the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer in terms of sales and manufactures microprocessors. So it's no surprise that it's one of Micron Technology's main competitors.


This French and Italian multinational based in Switzerland specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of electronic chips and semiconductors. It's one of the main global players in the economic sector of semiconductor production. It's part of the CAC 40 stock market index since 2017 from which it had previously been released.

Western Digital Corporation 

This American Company specializes in the manufacture of computer hardware. It started its activities in the production of hard disks before gradually diversifying its products particularly in the semiconductor sector.


Of course, another major competitor of Micron Technology is the Infineon group. It's a semiconductor specialist group and spin-off of Siemens AG that was introduced to the stock market in 2000. The Infineon group has since become the world leader in the smart card components market and one of the leading manufacturers of electronic chips.

Samsung Electronics 

Finally, you should also closely monitor the Samsung Electronics group, which is a Korean company specializing in the manufacture of electronic products. As the name suggests, it's also a wholly owned subsidiary of the Samsung Group and is one of the largest companies in Korea. The company currently employs 308,745 people and ranks among the 15 largest companies in the world in terms of turnover. After having been a major manufacturer of electronic components for many years such as lithium ion batteries, semiconductors, integrated circuits, flash memories and hard disks intended for customers such as AppleSony, HTC or Nokia, the group has recently diversified into the consumer electronics sector.

The major partners of Micron Technology

Now that you know the major enemies of the Micron Technology group in the semiconductor market, check out its strategic allies. Micron Technology regularly sets up strategic partnerships, some of which are major, as the two examples that below.


First, in 2013, it was with the Intel group, its main competitor, that Micron created a strategic partnership. At the time, it was aiming to jointly develop the first generation of Xpoint 3D technology. The partnership ended after several years of collaboration between the two companies and each is now working on its own products in this field. It's safe to say that this initially fruitful partnership has become a virtuous competition over time.

Altera Corporation

Another interesting strategic partnership is the one that the Micron Technology group set up a few years ago with the Altera Corporation listed on the NASDAQ. The two companies worked together on interoperability between Altera Stratix V FPGAs and Hybrid Memory Cube as well as HMC memory developed by Micron. With this technological achievement, system designers can now assess the full benefits of combining HMC memory with FPGAs and SoCs for next generation communication applications and high performance computing systems. The demonstration confirmed that HMC production support can be ensured with the Generation 10 portfolio of Altera which includes FPGAs, Soc Stratix 10 and Arria 10.

Trade the Micron Technology share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest acquisitions made by Micron Technology?

Micron Technology has made several strategic acquisitions over the past few years, including Numonyx created by the merger of the dynamic memory activities of Intel and STMicroelectronics in 2010 for $ 1.27 billion. In 2021, it also bought Elpida, a Japanese DRAM-producing company for $ 2.5 billion. Finally in 2018, the group bought the IM Flash Technologies joint venture that it owned with Intel for 1.5 billion dollars.

Where and how can you follow Micron Technology's results and news?

To locate and follow the results and news of the Micron Technology group in real time, check out the investors’ section on the group's website. You'll also find this information in the news feeds of online brokers and on certain websites specializing in the Stock Exchange and dealing with American stocks.

Which analysis should be used to study the Micron Technology share price?

To make reliable forecasts about the Micron Technology Company and best anticipate its future variations of price, it's best to carry out several analyses of this value. You should focus primarily on fundamental and technical analysis but you can also carry out a financial analysis or a sector analysis in addition to these two methods.

Trade the Micron Technology share!

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