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Analysis before buying or selling Manchester United shares

Trade theManchester United share!

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Whether you are a football fan or not, if you want to buy or sell Manchester United shares on the stock market, you must of course be able to make consistent analyses of the stock by studying data about the club, its sources of income, its main competitors and its recent partnerships. This is what we will explain in this article. We will also give you some examples of data to analyse as part of the fundamental analysis of this stock.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Manchester United shares

Analysis N°1

In particular, it will be necessary to monitor the operations set up by the group and aimed at exploiting new global fan bases, particularly in India, China and the United States.

Analysis N°2

Investments in advertising and communication will also have an impact on the profitability of the club and should be given attention. They can build brand equity.

Analysis N°3

The purchase of players from other clubs and the purchase of players from the club by them will also have to be closely monitored.

Analysis N°4

Internal problems between the players and the management can also be detrimental to the club and should therefore be given your attention.

Analysis N°5

Finally, the group's financial results will have to be closely monitored, particularly the repayment of debts incurred in order to buy certain players.

Analysis before buying or selling Manchester United shares
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79% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Manchester United

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In order to carry out an analysis of the Manchester United share, you need to be aware of the club and how it can generate revenue. For this reason, we are now going to give you a complete overview of the company and its activities.

Manchester United Plc is engaged in the operation of a professional football club and various ancillary and ancillary activities.

The commercial sector monetises the brand through sponsorship and retail, merchandising, apparel and product licensing. The company also monetises brand value and a community of followers through marketing and sponsorship relationships with international and regional companies.

The group also markets sportswear, training and leisurewear and other apparel under the Manchester United brand worldwide and also sells other licensed products such as coffee mugs, bedspreads and many others.

Finally, Manchester United also offers a subscription-based mobile application, MUTV D2C, available on iOs, Android, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox.

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The major competitors of Manchester United

Manchester United is of course not the only club to be a listed stock and has many competitors, the main ones being

Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax

This Dutch football club has existed since 1900 and is based in Amsterdam. It plays in the Dutch first division.

Arsenal Football Club

This English club was founded in London in 1886 and has won more than 13 editions of the English football championship.

Futbol Club Barcelona

Also known as FC Barcelona, this Spanish football club was founded in 1899 and is based in Barcelona. It has won more than 26 championships, 31 Spanish Cups, 5 Champions Leagues and 4 Cup Winners' Cups.

Bayern Munich

This German omnisport club was founded in 1900 and is based in Bavaria. It is the most successful European club of the 21st century.

Football Club Internazionale Milano

Known as Inter de Milano, this Italian professional football club was founded in 1908 and is based in the northern Italian city of Milan.

Juventus Football Club 

Also known as Juventus, this Italian professional football club was founded in 1897 in Turin. It is also a joint stock company.

The major partners of Manchester United

While Manchester United faces stiff competition in its business sector, it can also count on strategic partnerships with some major groups to boost its revenues and visibility. To help you understand, here are some examples of partnerships recently put in place by the club:


Blockchain platform Tezos has signed a multi-year deal with Manchester United to appear on the team's training kit. The deal is expected to be worth over £20m to the club. As part of the partnership agreement, Tezos could support Manchester United's move into the metaverse and Web 3.0. This is the club's first partnership with a crypto-currency player.


this American brand specialising in outdoor clothing has also signed a partnership with Manchester United. The partnership agreement will include the creation of co-branded outdoor clothing for hiking, climbing, mountain, water and snow activities. With this agreement, Columbia has become the first official outdoor partner of the British team and intends to benefit from the visibility of the British club's 659 million strong fan community.

New Era

New Era has also signed a multi-year agreement with the British club Manchester United to produce caps and beanies in its colours in order to penetrate the English market. The American brand is keen to expand across Europe and has licences with various sports leagues in the United States, enabling it to produce the headwear range for all teams involved in these competitions. On the European market, New Era must negotiate these agreements with each club. This first agreement with Manchester United is therefore a success.

TAG Heuer

Finally, a few years ago, the Manchester United club also signed a three-year partnership with TAG Heuer, which became its official timekeeper through this agreement. Through this collaboration, two watch models in the club's colours were created

Trade theManchester United share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main shareholders of Manchester United?

At present, a portion of Manchester United's capital is owned by large private shareholders including Ariel Investments with 20.7% of the shares, Lindsell Train with 20.5% of the shares, BAMCO with 10.6% of the shares, Massachusetts Financial Services with 6%, Tybourne Capital Management with 5.80%, Invesco Capital Management with 4.30%, Jupiter Asset Management with 4.17%, Joel M Glazer Irrevocable Exempt Trust with 3.23%, Westfield Capital Management with 2.79% and Janus Henderson Investors with 1.98%.

How do you know whether Manchester United's share price will go down or up?

In order to know how the Manchester United share price is going to evolve, it is essential to carry out several types of analysis of this stock: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The first consists of studying the events and publications that are most likely to influence the share, while the second is based on the study of technical indicators from the share's charts.

Where and how to buy or sell Manchester United shares?

If you want to invest in Manchester United shares, there are a number of options available to you. The first is to buy or sell the shares in cash through a securities account and the second is to speculate on the price of the stock through a derivative product such as a CFD or contract for difference, without having to own the shares.

Trade theManchester United share!

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