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Analysis before buying or selling Macy's shares

Trade the Macy's share!
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If you plan to take position on the American stock price of Macy's or to buy this stock on the stock market, you will need to know everything about the company, its environment and its challenges. Therefore, go through this article entirely devoted to this value, discover the information that will be useful for your analyses with, among other things, the details of the group's activities, its main competitors on the market and its recent partnerships. We’ll also tell you which indicators to monitor as a priority as part of your fundamental analyses of this share.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Macy's shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, closely follow the operations put in place by Macy's aimed at strengthening its presence around the world, such as the sale of products and services internationally and refocusing on strategies optimizing the strengthening of its presence in certain markets.

Analysis N°2

The development of E-commerce by Macy's is also a point that you should watch carefully as this development is essential if the group is to be able to face the increasingly present online competition.

Analysis N°3

You should also follow the diversification of the product portfolio offered by the group with new segments such as second-hand clothing or the food industry, which turn out to be prime targets.

Analysis N°4

Keep an eye on new establishments, partnerships and operations aimed at enabling Macy's to position itself more in emerging markets, particularly with regard to the luxury goods or high-end designer segments in Africa, Asia or in Latin America.

Analysis N°5

Mergers and acquisitions that the group may carry out must also be closely monitored as part of this analysis because these will all be possibilities to develop the growth of the company.

Analysis N°6

Also closely follow global growth or recession as this economic data has a direct influence on the purchasing power of the population and therefore on the sales made by Macy's.

Analysis N°7

It's also important to take a close interest in Macy's competition and follow the news, growth, major events and publications of its main adversaries as well as the evolution of the market shares of each of the major players in this sector of activity.

Analysis N°8

Finally, take a closer look at the strategic development plans that the group regularly unveils to the public and then compare to the company's actual results in order to verify its ability to achieve its objectives.

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General presentation of Macy's

​​​​​Excellent knowledge of Macy's company and its activities is an essential basis for any analysis of its stock market action. That's why we suggest you discover some important information about the group, its activities and its sources of income that will allow you to better understand its future challenges and threats.

The Macy's group is an American company operating in the retail sector. More specifically, it is one of the main American groups in this sector of activity today. To better understand the group's activities, they can be divided into several divisions according to the percentage of turnover they generate as so:

  • First of all, the sale of women's accessories, lingerie items, shoes and even cosmetic products represent the largest share of the group's income with 38% of its turnover.
  • Next comes the sale of men's and children's clothing, which represents 22.9% of the group's turnover.
  • The sale of women's clothing generates 22.7% of Macy's turnover.
  • Finally, the remaining balance of Macy's turnover, i.e. 16.4%, comes from the sale of household items.

Currently, the products offered by Macys' are sold through a network of over 867 stores under the Macy's, Bloomingdale's or Bluemercury logos. These stores are mainly located in the United States, but sales are also made through catalogues and on the Internet. The Macy's group currently employs 123,000 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Macy's shares
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The major competitors of Macy's

Although proper insight of the Macy's group is important to understand and analyse its stock market share, the same is true of its business sector in general. As a result you must have a good understanding of the main competitors of the company, here are a few examples:

JC Penney Company Inc.

This Company also known as JC Penney or Penney is an American department store chain currently headquartered in Texas. The group manages nearly 1,107 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Ross Stores

This other American company is also the head of department stores in hard discount. It is part of the benchmark US stock index Nasdaq 100 and currently operates over 1214 different sales sites in 33 US states.


Finally, the last major competitor is Nordstrom Inc. which is a chain of stores in the United States formerly specialized in shoes but which then diversified into accessories, clothing, bags, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes. The head office of this company is currently in Seattle, Washington.

The major partners of Macy's

After having toured the main competitors of the Macy's group, check out some examples of strategic partnerships that this American group has set up in the past.

Sean John

Recently, Macy's signed an exclusivity agreement with the ready-to-wear and sportswear brand Sean John, which was created in 1998 by the American rapper P.Diddy. With this partnership, the men's sportswear collection of this brand was made available only in Macy's stores and on the distributor's website, which allowed Macy's to gain new customers.


More recently still, the Macy's group also signed an agreement with the Mango group which aspired to boost its growth in the United States. This Spanish fashion brand, already well established in Europe and even in Asia, established its intentions to position itself in the United States through this partnership and was therefore able to distribute its products through the stores of the Macy's brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find reliable financial information about the Macy's Group?

The best way to get reliable data and information about the Macy's Group and its financial results is to visit the section intended for investors and shareholders on its website. There you'll find countless real-time stock market and financial data, as well as the answers to many questions you may have about the stock.

Can you short sell on Macy's stock?

Although previously it was necessary to buy a stock before selling it and therefore to speculate on the drop in its price, today it is quite possible to bet directly on the drop of Macy's stock or on any other share using specific contracts such as CFDs.

What types of analyses should be performed on Macy's shares?

To have a better chance of getting reliable signals of a rise or drop on the Macy's share price, you should perform a maximum of different analyses of this stock such as fundamental and technical analysis as well as sectoral analysis and financial analysis and even quota analysis among others.

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