Trade the KPN share!

Analysis before buying or selling KPN shares

Trade the KPN share!
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In order to consider trading the KPN share price, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge. To help you do this, we have put together all the information you will need to make a good analysis of this stock on this page. Among other things, we will look at this company and its various activities with its main sources of profit. We will also look at its various competitors in the market and its most recent partners. Finally, we will explain how to perform a good fundamental analysis of this stock.

Elements to consider before selling or buying KPN shares

Analysis N°1

Above all, it will be necessary to keep a close eye on the strategic operations carried out by the group, mainly the acquisitions of other companies that represent development opportunities throughout the world.

Analysis N°2

The market for telecommunication services and its development on a global scale is also a factor to be closely monitored and analysed to understand the opportunities for KPN.

Analysis N°3

The group's positioning in fast-growing segments such as 5G and the operations put in place to achieve this positioning will also require your full attention.

Analysis N°4

Of course, we must also take into account the very strong and increasingly present competition in this sector of activity with the evolution of the market shares of each of the major operators.

Analysis N°5

Economic growth and its sharp slowdown should also be monitored carefully, especially with regard to the eurozone countries, as this could have a negative impact on KPN's business.

Analysis N°6

Finally, attention will also need to be paid to possible regulatory issues across Europe with regard to competition and the roll-out of KPN's services.

Trade the KPN share!
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General presentation of KPN

A good knowledge of KPN and its activities is also essential if you want to be able to anticipate its future movements. That is why we are now offering you a complete and detailed presentation of this company.
The KPN Group or Royal KPN is a Dutch company specialising in the telecommunications sector. More specifically, the group is currently one of the leading providers of telecommunications and information technology in the Netherlands, where it is the market leader in this field.
The group offers its products and services to private and business customers with fixed and mobile networks for telephony, broadband and television. Through its services, the group offers small, medium and large companies a portfolio of services that includes fixed and mobile telephony as well as Internet and basic connectivity solutions and local IT services such as cloud, security and workspaces.
In addition to these activities, the KPN group offers access to its extensive fixed and mobile networks to third-party telecommunications providers.

Analysis before buying or selling KPN shares
Trade the KPN share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

The major competitors of KPN

If a good knowledge of the KPN group and its activities is of course essential to any good investment on this stock, within the framework of your analysis of this stock, you will also need to carry out a study of the competition. To help you do this, here is a quick overview of the players in this sector who are in direct competition with KPN.


First of all, one of the main direct competitors of KPN is none other than Vodafone Group Plc, a British company also specialized in the telecommunications sector. Currently, Vodafone Group is the 3rd largest mobile operator in the world in terms of number of subscribers.

Deutsche Telekom 

Another company that you need to study carefully when doing your KPN competition analysis is Deutsche Telekom. This German company is currently the largest telecommunications company in Europe. This company used to belong as a subsidiary to the state monopoly Deutsche Dundespost, which was later split into three companies that were privatized in 1996.


Finally, it is also worth following, among the big direct competitors of KPN, the French telecommunications giant Orange. This company alone has more than 2,66 million customers worldwide in 2019, and this number is growing year after year. The Orange Group is positioned as the leading or second largest operator in more than 75% of the European countries where it operates and in more than 83% of the countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The major partners of KPN

As we have just seen, the KPN group faces strong competition, mainly from large European groups. But it can also count on some allies through the strategic partnerships it has set up, of which here are a few examples:

Content Guru

First and foremost and in 2017, the group renewed a partnership with the company Content Guru for a period of 5 years. Specifically, this partnership relates to the storm platform which is a contact centre in the cloud for KPN and a solution in the Benelux that provides a mix of highly scalable multi-channel contact routing and Communication Integration with the aim of enabling existing information systems to interact. Customers of this solution include Chubb, Fleurop Interflora and Sodexo.

Assistance Software

In 2016, KPN signed a partnership agreement with Assistance Software to implement and manage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This partnership thus combines Assistance Software's innovative solutions for professional services companies with KPN's expertise in terms of consulting, deployment and management of systems in complex organizations. The Assistance PSA suite enables companies to improve their performance and provides them with the required information on key performance indicators.

ZTE Corporation

Finally, in 2011, the group signed a partnership agreement with ZTE Corporation through its subsidiary KPN Group Belgium. This agreement concerned the deployment of a packet-switched core network solution enabling unified radio access. This was the second contract of this type between the two companies, with a first partnership for a core network project with the subsidiary KPN Germany in 2010.

Trade the KPN share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

Frequently Asked Questions

How was KPN founded?

The KPN group was created by the demerger of the Dutch public postal and telecommunications company. This took place in 1986. As a result of this split, the postal part of the original group became PTT Post, then TPG and then TNT Post. The telecommunications part was initially called Koninklijke PTT NV until 1998. It was then that it took on its current name of KPN.

How is KPN's capital distributed?

The capital of KPN is partly owned by private investors, including Amercia Movil with 16.1%, Franklin Mutual Advisers with 5.51%, Norges Bank Investment Management with 2.96%, Canada Pension Plan Investment with 2.65%, Capital research & Management with 2.40%, The Vanguard Group with 2.15%, Amundi Asset Management with 1.48%, BlackRock Fund Advisors with 1.23%, Allianz Global Investors with 1.12% and Majedie Asset Management with 1.09%.

Where and how to invest in KPN shares?

While you can invest in KPN shares by buying them and adding them to your stock portfolio, you can also choose to speculate online on its price without buying it. This is possible thanks to the contracts for difference or CFDs offered by specialized online brokers.

Trade the KPN share!

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