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Analysis before buying or selling Kone shares

Trade the Kone share!

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If, like other investors in the market, you are interested in Kone's share price and wish to trade this stock online, we offer you, through this page, to acquire all the basic knowledge and data you will need to carry out its analysis and take strategic positions. You will find information about the company's business lines and revenue generators, information about its direct competitors, information about its strategic partnerships, and advice on how to conduct your fundamental analysis of its share price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Kone shares

Analysis N°1

In particular, the group's growth will be monitored in certain sectors of activity such as the Asian market or the Australian market, with increasingly strong demand from these areas.

Analysis N°2

As innovation is at the heart of this company's strategy, we will also keep an eye on the research and development operations carried out by the group and on the release of new technologies enabling it to stand out from the competition.

Analysis N°3

We will also keep an eye on the American market, which represents a major target of the Kone group and which has been experiencing a decline in this sector in recent years.

Analysis N°4

The competition will also have to be watched closely since Kone faces strong opponents despite relatively high barriers to entry.

Analysis N°5

Finally, Kone's business diversification strategy will also be closely monitored, which could enable it to find new customers or respond to new needs.

Analysis before buying or selling Kone shares
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General presentation of Kone

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Let's take a look at Kone and its business to help you better understand its growth opportunities and threats. In order to do so, you need to know the group's activities and sources of income.

The Kone Group is an American company specialising in the lift sector and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of lifts, lifts and automatic doors. In addition to these main activities, the group also provides installation, modernisation and maintenance services for this equipment.

In order to better understand Kone's activities, they can be divided into different divisions according to the share of turnover they generate :

  • Equipment sales represent the bulk of the group's business and alone generate nearly 53.3% of the company's turnover, with sales of automatic doors, lifts, staircases and moving walkways in particular.
  • The remaining 46.7% of turnover was generated by the group's installation, modernisation and maintenance services.

Currently, the Kone Group operates more than 12 production sites around the world, including 6 in Europe, 3 in Asia and 3 in America. It also employs more than 59,825 people.

It is also interesting to know the geographical distribution of Kone's activities, with 40.5% of turnover generated in Europe-Middle East-Africa, 39% in Asia-Pacific and 20.5% in America.

Photo credits: ©nx123nx/123RF.COM

The major competitors of Kone

Let's now find out who are the main competitors of the Kone Group in the market for lifts and automatic doors:

Schindler Holding

This German company is currently the world's largest producer of escalators and the second largest producer of lifts. It offers in particular sales but also installation and maintenance of all kinds of lift systems.

Zardoya Otis

It is the leading Spanish manufacturer and maintainer of lifts, escalators and conveyor belts at the moment.


This German company, which has existed since 1999 and has several subsidiaries, offers activities in the steel industry, automotive components, lifts, my material, industrial solutions and marine systems.

The major partners of Kone

After the competitors, let's discover Kone's allies with two examples of recent strategic partnerships:


In 2019, the Kone group has notably joined forces with the American giant IBM in order to transform its operations and its technological capacities throughout the world. Kone's new 24/7 connected services use IoT platforms to deliver intelligent services to lifts and escalators.


Also in 2019, another interesting merger took place with an offer for Kone to take over the lift division of ThyssenKrupp AG. As this division was suffering from a lack of profitability, Kone offered €17 billion for its takeover. However, due to the Covid-19 crisis that followed in early 2020, this transaction has been postponed and no further action has been taken for the time being, which should be followed with interest.

Trade the Kone share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future of the Kone share price?

While it is still impossible to predict with certainty the future of the Kone share, i.e. its long-term evolution, we note that this share is benefiting from signals encouraging an increase in its price over the coming years. Indeed, certain events may support such a trend, such as strategic mergers or acquisitions, the development of more technological products or its entry into new, as yet little-exploited markets.

Is the fundamental analysis of the Kone Group indispensable?

If you are a trader with a medium to long-term investment strategy in Kone shares, you must of course systematically carry out a fundamental analysis of the stock to be able to detect signals of a rising or falling trend. However, you can also carry out a technical analysis of this stock alone if you use a very short-term strategy such as a day trading strategy.

Where to find the Kone shares online?

While you can buy Kone shares through certain investment products to add to your portfolio on the stock exchange, you can also do otherwise by trading the stock directly online from a trading platform. Such a trading platform allows you to speculate on the rise or fall in the price of a share using CFDs.

Trade the Kone share!

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