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Analysis before buying or selling JCDecaux shares

Trade the JCDecaux share!

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The JCDecaux share is one of the major French stocks that you can buy and trade online. But before you start speculating on this stock, it is preferable to take note of some essential information that we will present here in more detail. You will discover in this dedicated page the live price of this stock as well as a historical technical analysis of the last ten years and many other information about this company including details of its activities, its competition and its partnerships.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying JCDecaux shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, the competition in this sector will be carefully monitored, as the advertising sector is a particularly competitive one and every publication is important.

Analysis N°2

The dynamism of the air transport and urban transport sectors also has an impact on the evolution of this stock market value.

Analysis N°3

Of course, we will be keeping an eye on the contracts signed by JCDecaux, particularly those in large cities, which are often synonymous with significant revenues for the Group and therefore of interest to its share price.

Analysis N°4

We are also diversifying our activities, as we recently did with the introduction of self-service bicycles in many of the world's major cities. This type of diversification is interesting to consider.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we will also keep a close eye on the group's official publications regarding its long-term strategy and the achievement of its annual objectives.

Analysis before buying or selling JCDecaux shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of JCDecaux

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The French company JCDecaux is currently the leading international outdoor advertising company. Its activities can be divided into different divisions according to the share of turnover they generate, as follows:

Street furniture currently accounts for more than 44.9% of the company's turnover with the sale of advertising space in shopping centres as well as on street furniture such as bus shelters, automatic public toilets, newspaper kiosks or road signs. In total, more than 500,000 advertising spaces were sold by the group in 2016. The company also sells, rents and maintains street furniture and has recently become the world's leading self-service bicycle rental company.

Transport media and terminals then represent 40.5% of the company's total revenues. We are also the international leader in this sector with sales of advertising space in airports, on and in buses, subways, trains, tramways, stations and other transit terminals. As part of these activities, we will sell more than 350,000 advertising spaces in 2016.

Traditional and illuminated billboards represent 14.6% of the company's revenue. JCDecaux is the European leader in this sector with over 160,000 billboards sold in 2016.

JCDecaux makes most of its profits in France and Europe, including the United Kingdom, but also has operations in other parts of the world such as Asia-Pacific, North America and the rest of the world to a lesser extent. It employs over 11,741 people in various countries.

Photo credits: Tom Page - Flcikr

The major competitors of JCDecaux

Currently, as mentioned above, the JCdecaux Group is the world leader in outdoor and street furniture advertising. However, it shares the world market with a number of major competitors.

Clear Channel

This is particularly the case for the US-based company Clear Channel, which is the number two in this sector. This subsidiary of the American group iHeart Media, a multinational specialising in media and communication, first prospered in the USA before extending its offer to the international market. It is therefore the most serious competitor of JCDecaux at the moment.

Exterion Media

On a European scale, JCDecaux also faces competition from another major group based in London. This is the company Exterion Media, formerly known as Viacom Outdoor and then CBS Outdoor, which specialises in billboard advertising.

Other competitors

Apart from these two large companies, there are few smaller companies that can compete with the giant JCDecaux. It is nevertheless very important to know these two entities before making your analysis of the JCDecaux share price and to integrate into your fundamental analysis a complete study of this competition, taking into account the news and results of these two large groups.

The major partners of JCDecaux

Of course, in order to maintain its position as leader in the outdoor advertising sector, the JCDecaux Group is implementing a complex long-term strategy and is able to rely on targeted partnerships with certain other companies. Here are a few concrete examples of strategic alliances recently put in place by the company:

Alcatel & Huawei

In 2014, JCDecaux teamed up with two big names in telecommunications. First, it signed a partnership with the company Alcatel-Lucent with the aim of improving network coverage in cities by placing small cells developed by Alcatel in the street furniture offered by JCDecaux. In the same year, JCDecaux also entered into a partnership with the Korean giant Huawei, again with the objective of integrating small cells into its products and thus targeting telecom operators.

Cellnex Telecom 

More recently, in 2017, we signed another partnership in the area of Small Cells with Cellnex Telecom, which is the leading independent wireless infrastructure and telecommunications operator in Europe, with the aim of boosting the deployment of new broadband mobility networks.

Trade the JCDecaux share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the subsidiaries or companies in which JCDecaux has an interest?

The JCDecaux Group conducts its business through various subsidiaries that it owns in whole or in part. These include JCDecaux Mobilier Urbain, which is wholly owned, Sopact, which is also wholly owned, DPE decaux Publicité Extérieurs, which is wholly owned, Somupi, which is 66% owned, Cyclocity, which is wholly owned, JCDecaux Avenir, JCDecaux Airport, JCDecaux Artvertising and MCDecaux, which is 60% owned.

When and how was JCDecaux created?

The history of JCDecaux began in 1955. It was during this year that Jean-Claude Decaux created a company that was initially specialised in advertising billboards on motorways. But because of the taxes imposed on these billboards by the law of 1964, JCDecaux then turned to urban advertising by creating a new concept aimed at offering municipalities bus shelters entirely financed by advertisers.

How to read the financial results of the JCDecaux Group?

To perform your financial analysis of the JCDecaux share, you need to follow the results published by this company in real time, but also to know the results of previous years. You can find all this data and other financial information on the company's website, in the section reserved for shareholders and investors or on your broker's website.

Trade the JCDecaux share!

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