Is it possible to live off trading?

Nowadays, it is very popular to engage in trading as an investment activity with the aim of making your savings grow. But the question that is often asked by many individuals interested in stock market investment is; ‘Is it possible to live off trading?’ Although the short answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’ as many people do actually live off their trading activities, even just by trading online, this response does require certain explanations and careful thought as living purely off trading activities is not possible for everyone.  

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Is it possible to live off trading?

A sufficient capital for living off trading:

The concept of investment capital is undoubtedly the most important data that will determine if you can live off trading or not. Indeed, if you only have a few hundred Euros of savings then it is best to forget the idea of making a living from your trading activity full time. Experience has shown that people who truly live off their trading operations on the financial markets have a substantial initial investment capital of at least several thousand Euros.

Indeed, trading is not risk free and you should protect yourself against mistakes in the beginning by keeping part of your capital safe to one side in order to meet your daily requirements, at least until your trading activity becomes profitable overall.

The part of your capital allotted to trading should also be fairly large as it is only by investing fairly large amounts that you will make substantial profits.


Good training and an advanced knowledge of the markets:

Although the online trading tools that can be found nowadays on the market are accessible to traders of all levels, it is clear that a beginner will not be able to look forward to a long career on the market. It is therefore essential to start by learning about trading, either on the stock markets, the CFD.

Take the time to understand the vagaries of price movements and the different trends, and learn to complete advanced fundamental and technical analyses yourself so you do not rely uniquely on free signals.

And finally, you should also learn how to manage your capital well. This is what is called ‘money management’. To trade over the long term and implement effective strategies it is necessary to know how to balance your trading and investment.


Moral foolproof :

If the Forex trading is your primary business, your life will be far from that of a single employee. Indeed, this practice as a means of subsistence takes some self-control and mastery of his emotions and his temper.

Good Forex traders will tell you, no one is immune to a bad day or a bad time. Losses can sometimes be greater than your earnings , even if you are a seasoned investor. The first quality you must have to live Forex is a moral foolproof.

We must never get discouraged and constantly try to bounce learning from your past mistakes.

Good money management is also essential for you to live your profits. If he can get you some months to earn more money than expected , be sure to set aside to meet later to calmer and less prolific times. Remember that Forex is not without risk and that anything can happen, the worst and the best. The most reasonable and most farsighted individuals will therefore find it easier to live their online speculation .


Necessary traits in order to live off trading:

Success in online trading isn’t for everyone. If you hope to one day be able to live off this activity, you must possess a few traits. Here are the main ones:

  • Mastering the market: Obviously, a thorough knowledge regarding investments and financial markets is essential to any good trader. Without this in-depth knowledge, making a living out of pure speculation would be hopeless. It’s recommended that you fully train yourself in a serious manner as well as regularly revising your knowledge.
  • Being able to use technical and fundamental analysis: These two types of analysis are the essence of online trading. A trader who lives off of this activity must have perfectly mastered their use.
  • Being curious: Being a trader requires that you remain at all times informed of events affecting the financial markets. You should subscribe to information feeds and take some time everyday to read the news which concern the assets on which you’re speculating.
  • Managing stress: Investing in financial markets is of course a very lucrative endeavour, but can also be quite stressful. Stress can be the main enemy of profitability, driving you into making hasty decisions without proper reflection.
  • Having time: If you want to be able to profit from all of the opportunities presented by the market, it is essential that you spend a lot of time analysing share prices and developing strategies. Living off trading then becomes a full-blown professional activity requiring a considerable commitment as well as demanding that you remain highly available.
  • Managing your money: If you have trouble managing your budget, you shouldn’t be trading online. Risk and capital management are two vital qualities in this business.


Risks related to trading:

Before quitting your day job or current activity and devoting yourself entirely to trading, you should consider the effects this activity can have on your money and your standard of living.

It is recommended that you only invest in trading with funds which you don’t require in your day-to-day life. If you possess any savings, make sure that you only use a portion of them so that you have some money to fall back on in times of need.

In the same way, you shouldn’t count on trading as a sole source of income. Instead, make sure you have another source of income incase you fail to generate enough profits.

Know how to use your investment capital in a judicious, sensible manner by diversifying your assets and by only investing small amounts in each venture. This way, you’ll be protecting your money as much as possible in case of an unexpected market turn-around and you’ll avoid finding yourself without any money.

As a matter of fact, trading isn’t without risk and it’s possible that you lose your whole capital. If you’re not ready to take this risk, don’t get into this business. Finally, you should know that in most cases, it will be a few years before can live off of trading without another source of income, so try it part-time and take the time to learn.

72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on Plus500