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Analysis before buying or selling Ipsos shares

Trade the Ipsos share!
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If you are considering taking a position on the Ipsos share price, we recommend that you first take the time to study this company and its specificities. In this article dedicated to this stock, we offer you to take note of this valuable information which will help you to carry out good analysis of the Ipsos share price. In this article, you will find global information about this stock, but also the activities of this company in detail, a presentation of its main competitors and some examples of recent partnerships that it has established. This will give you all the information you need to carry out your own analyses.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Ipsos shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, Ipsos will have to keep a close eye on the contracts it signs with large groups over the long term, which are likely to bring it greater profitability in the future.

Analysis N°2

We should also keep an eye on the company's international expansion strategy, which is likely to position itself in new markets in order to increase its customer base and revenues.

Analysis N°3

The level of global economic health will also have an impact on the Ipsos group's sales and results and it will therefore be necessary to closely monitor the growth or recession indicators of the countries and regions in which it operates.

Analysis N°4

Similarly, we must keep an eye on the group's competitors, with the news and major publications of its main rivals in the market.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will be necessary to closely follow the evolution of the financial results of this company with the rise or fall of these results and the concordance or not with analysts' expectations.

Trade the Ipsos share!
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General presentation of Ipsos

Let's start our review of Ipsos shares with a detailed presentation of the company and its activities to help you better understand the sector in which it operates and, therefore, the major challenges for the future.

The Ipsos group is a French company specialising in the development and distribution of survey-based research. More specifically, it is the world's fourth largest player in this sector. But to better understand the company's activities, they can be divided into different categories according to the share of revenue they generate, as follows:

  • Consumer research and surveys account for the bulk of Ipsos' business, with more than 60.6% of the company's total revenues. This includes barometric research to monitor brand awareness and image, research to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, market research and other similar research. Ipsos also offers media research such as positioning research and audience measurement research for the press, television, radio and the Internet.
  • Research and surveys of clients and employees account for 16.4% of Ipsos' revenue. This includes, for example, research on recruitment sites, employee engagement, quality measurement, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Citizen research accounts for 11.8% of the group's turnover with the distribution of public opinion trend studies, lifestyle studies and others.
  • Finally, research carried out on doctors and patients accounts for 11.2% of Ipsos' revenue, with the development of case studies of the doctor network, customer segmentation and targeting, market evaluation, sales force effectiveness, and patient pathways and satisfaction.

The geographical breakdown of Ipsos' revenues is also interesting, with 43.5% of its revenues generated in Europe and the Middle East-Africa, 37.3% in the Americas and 19.2% in Asia-Pacific.

Analysis before buying or selling Ipsos shares
Trade the Ipsos share!
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The major competitors of Ipsos

Although Ipsos is one of the world's leading companies in its field, it is of course subject to competition from other companies operating in the same field, some of which are particularly dangerous for its market share. It is therefore essential to be familiar with these competitors, the most important of which we will present to you here.


First of all, the American group Nielsen is a serious competitor of Ipsos. It specialises in three main types of activity, including marketing information, media information, including audience measurement, and information and trade shows. The group markets performance improvement services based on consumers' opinions. It provides media and advertisers with audience measurement across all types of content, but it also offers in-store performance monitoring for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer goods sector.


Another competitor to Ipsos that should be taken seriously is the British company Kantar, which is a subsidiary of the WPP group devoted to market research and consulting. This company is itself made up of 13 independent specialised entities employing more than 28,500 people in over a hundred different countries. It is now the second largest market research company in the US, although its headquarters are in London. In 2008, Kantar merged with TNS which was acquired by WWP.

IMS Health

Finally, another American group, IMS Health, is also an opponent of Ipsos, especially in the segment of research and consulting for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. In this sector, it is the second largest company in the world. The group is present in more than 135 countries worldwide.

The major partners of Ipsos

Let's now take a moment to look at the most important partners of the Ipsos group in recent years, with a few examples of strategic alliances that may have had an influence on its share price.

Thomson Reuters

In 2009, the Ipsos group joined forces with Thomson Reuters in a partnership agreement to provide information on a global scale. The agreement covers the regular publication of information on the behaviour, attitudes and opinions of consumers and citizens. Under this agreement, Thomson Reuters was responsible for publishing the results of surveys carried out by Ipsos around the world concerning the behaviour of these consumers and citizens, their morale and confidence in the economy, as well as their appreciation of goods and services or events related to international political or economic news.


In 2014, Ipsos set up a technological partnership with the British company Realeyes, which specialises in analysing facial behaviour via webcam in order to decipher consumer reactions during tests. The aim of this alliance is to understand the consumer's reaction thanks to emotional response indices obtained by analysing facial behaviour. This provides Ipsos with a cutting-edge solution to better measure the impact of advertising or editorial content from the consumer's emotional perspective. The analysis of these consumers' reactions is carried out by machine learning software. Ipsos' neuroscience innovation centre aims to create state-of-the-art integrated methodologies that bring together the best neurological and cognitive information for the purposes of advertising testing, brand health measurement and buyer behaviour.


Also in 2014, Ipsos had also set up a strategic partnership with Steria, which is none other than the leader in digital consulting and services in Europe. The two companies joined forces for the municipal elections in France and the European elections in 2014. The expertise of these two specialists made it possible to provide reliable vote estimation data within a very short timeframe during these two major election nights. It should be remembered that these electoral sequences are often the subject of considerable media attention, but also require considerable rigour in the presentation of the estimates made, with a strong time constraint as well. The turnout is usually announced at 6

Trade the Ipsos share!
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Trade the Ipsos share!
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