Buying a Swiss gold ingot: How to do so?

You undoubtedly already know that it is possible, in Switzerland, to buy precious metals in a secure manner. This is particularly due to the fact that gold sellers and banks are supplied directly from this country’s foundries where the production is monitored by the State. But how can you actually buy these Swiss gold ingots? This is what we shall examine here in this article.  

Buying a Swiss gold ingot: How to do so?

The different methods available to buy Swiss gold ingots:

It is of course possible to acquire different types of gold ingots from Switzerland that all have an extremely high gold purity of 99.9%. There are ingots available of various weights including one gram, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, one kilo and even 5 kilos.

There are various ways to purchase Swiss gold ingots. The first is to use one of the many specialised boutiques that exist in this country. You could also buy your gold through a bank such as UBS, Credit Suisse or even BCGE or you can buy it directly from Switzerland online using secure and specialised platforms that offer their services for the purchase and sale of physical gold generally at prices lower than those of the banks!


Some advice before buying gold from Switzerland:

Now you have the opportunity to read some advice and tips before buying your Swiss gold ingots.

  • Firstly, you should of course reflect carefully on the physical storage of your gold. You may buy or rent a safe in Switzerland or France but in this case you may need to pay a company specialised in transporting your gold securely to your safe. It is also often possible to store physical gold bought directly through a financial institution such as a bank that will charge you for the storage and insurance.
  • We also recommend that you systematically compare the prices from different sellers of physical gold as the price for the same gold ingot can vary from one seller to another.
  • Ensuring that the operator you use to purchase your gold ingots is reputable and a professional is also important. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous sellers on the market. It is also recommended to avoid buying gold from individuals. In fact, it is considered best to simply use the services of a gold specialist for this type of transaction.
  • Think carefully as well about how much gold you wish to buy. It is always best and more advantageous to buy a larger quantity of gold in one operation in order to reduce fees and make a better deal than to buy in several different transactions.
  • Finally, it is also advisable to not invest in what is called collectable gold such as gold coins. The same is true for old gold ingots that are generally worth only their weight in gold. In reality, unless you are a collector, it is best to simply avoid collectable gold and simply invest in standard non exclusive gold bars and trade with the lowest mark up for the plain gold price.