Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!

Analysis before buying or selling Gestamp Automocion shares

Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!
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In this article, we will help you by explaining the precise activities of Gestamp Automocion, who are its main competitors on the market or who are its main partners. Finally, we will conclude our article by explaining how to perform a quality fundamental analysis of this stock.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Gestamp Automocion shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, a complete financial analysis of the company must be carried out systematically, taking into account, in particular, the publication of quarterly and annual financial results, but also the objectives set by the company in advance, which will be compared with the actual results.

Analysis N°2

The strategic plans implemented by this group are also good bases for analysis and should be consulted regularly.

Analysis N°3

It goes without saying that we must keep an eye on the signing of new strategic agreements and partnerships between Gestamp Automocion and other companies, and in particular on the signing of parts supply contracts with major car manufacturers around the world.

Analysis N°4

The development and implementation of new production sites around the world is also an issue to be carefully considered.

Analysis N°5

The competition in this sector of activity will also need to be thoroughly and comprehensively studied before any decision is taken on this value. In particular, the market shares of each company and their evolution over time will be monitored.

Analysis N°6

Finally, we must also closely follow the evolution of the automotive market, which is the basis of all Gestamp Automocion's activities.

Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!
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General presentation of Gestamp Automocion

In order to start this article dedicated to Gestamp Automocion, it is of course necessary to get to know this company better in order to better understand its activities and thus its main challenges and its sectoral environment. Here is a quick presentation of this company and its fields of activity.

The Gestamp Automocion Group is a Spanish company specialising in the manufacture of automotive parts.

Specifically, Gestamp Automocion focuses its activities on the design, development and production of metal components and structural systems for the automotive industry.

The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of products for the automotive industry, such as cladding panels and closure parts, as well as structural and body parts, chassis, bumpers and dashboard cross members.

The main customers of this company are the car manufacturers. Among the most important customers of this group are the companies Vollswagen, Renault-Nissan, PSA, Daimler, General Motors or BMW and many others.

It should also be noted here that the company is a parent company of the Gestamp Automocion group, which is a group with a number of different subsidiaries, some of which are located in North and South America as well as in Europe and Asia. Currently the company is also controlled by Acek Desarrollo y Gestion Industrial SL.

You can of course find out more about the group's activities on its website.

Analysis before buying or selling Gestamp Automocion shares
Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!
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The major competitors of Gestamp Automocion

Now that you have acquired a good basic knowledge of Gestamp Automacion and its main activities, we suggest that you find out together who the company's main competitors are. This will allow you to carry out more precise analyses of this stock and to evaluate the impact of certain announcements on its price.

Trans-Matic Inc

The first competitor we can mention here is Trans-Matic Inc, a company operating a metal stamping facility. This company specialises in the manufacture of precision stamped metal components and assemblies for the automotive industry but also for other industries such as household appliances, power tools and hardware. Trans-Matic Inc. operates mainly in North America and Asia.

Batesville Too & Die Inc

Another important competitor of Gestamp Automocion is Batesville Too & Die Inc, which is a precision metal stamping company that also supplies its parts to the automotive and appliance industries as well as general industry. This privately owned company is based in Batesville but has also had a parts manufacturing facility in Mexico City since 2000. The company has been in the market since 1978.

ThyssenKrupp AG

Still among the competitors of Gestamp Automacion that you should take into account in your analyses, we can of course also mention the company ThyssenKrupp AG, a German steel group created in 1999 with the merger of Friedrich Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp and Thyssent AG. The company has various subsidiaries on different continents, although its headquarters are still in Germany. Currently, the company employs more than 160,000 people worldwide and divides its activities into several divisions including the steel division, the automotive components division, the lift division, the materials division, the industrial solutions division and the marine systems division.

Hobson & Motzer Inc

Hobson & Motzer Inc. is a company that specialises in the manufacture of metal stamping products. This group supplies compounds for the medical industry such as medical staplers, medical test tube fixtures, surgical blade blanks and drug dispensers. Of course, the company also supplies some of its parts to the automotive industry. Its activities are mainly concentrated in the USA.

Magna International

Competition from the Magna International Group, a Canadian company specialising in automotive equipment and a subcontractor to many manufacturers, should also be considered. This company, based in Aurora, a suburb of Toronto, currently employs 107,100 people and distributes its products in 26 different countries.

Lyons Tool & Die Company

Next is the Lyons Tool & Die Company, which also specialises in metal stamping solutions. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of custom progressive dies. It offers product design support, precision metal stamping, rapid prototyping, medical device manufacturing, clean room assembly, precision die design and die cutting, precision tooling and components, special surgical medical blade manufacturing, contract manufacturing and project management. It has been in existence since 1951 and is based in Connecticut.

Acro Metal Products

Finally, the competitor Acro Metal Products Ltd is also worth considering. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality custom metal products in China. Its activities include stamping, wire forming, assembly, CNC stamping, CNC machining and custom metal products.

The major partners of Gestamp Automocion

After a complete overview of the main competitors that the Gestamp Automocion group has to face on the market, we are going to look at the main alliances that this company has been able to put in place over the last few years. Indeed, this type of rapprochement and the strategic partnerships signed by this company are not without effect on its growth and therefore on its share price.


This includes the merger between Gestamp Automocion and the rival ThyssenKrupp group in 2011. Gestamp signed an agreement with this competitor to take over its Metal Forming division. In France, this includes Sofedit's stamping and forming plants, which are mainly located in the Orne, Nord, Seine Maritime and Loiret regions. In total, these sites employ more than 1,500 people, most of whom work at the Orne site. However, the takeover was not necessarily a foregone conclusion, since other companies, including the Chinese steel group Shouhang Steel, had also made an offer to ThyssenKrupp to acquire these activities. The European political leaders and the principals were finally opposed to this Chinese proposal, in view of the sensitivity of certain technologies, and it was the Spanish equipment manufacturer that came first. The unions felt that this takeover presented a major social risk, but in the end, an agreement was reached between the two parties. It was indeed essential for ThyssenKrupp to find a buyer for these activities which were threatened, notably because of transfers of production to other competing factories such as the Renault factory. It should also be noted that the Centre region of France had already suffered greatly from the restructuring undertaken by Sofedit since 2008, which had led to the closure of the Vendôme and Amilly plants. In 2010, Gestamp Automocion had already inaugurated a production site in Haute Saône that would satisfy its ambitions and those of its main client, PSA Peugeot Citroën. At the time, the group had four other sites in Ile de France, Rhône Alpes and Lorraine. Following this announcement, it will however be necessary to wait a few months and the end of 2011 for the discussions between the two groups to lead to a signature. Of course, this is just one example of a merger that has had a direct impact on Gestamp Automacion's share price, since the company actually has many more partners than that. In fact, thanks to its hundred or so production plants, the group designs and supplies automotive parts, bodywork, chassis and mechanisms to many manufacturers in this sector. Among the major allies of Gestamp Automacion that rely on it as a subcontractor are, for example, the manufacturers Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, PSA, General Motors, Ford and Daimler.

Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!
78% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro
Trade the Gestamp Automocion share!

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