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Analysis before buying or selling Fastly Inc shares

Trade the Fastly Inc share!

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Among the American shares available on the European markets we note the company Fastly Inc. If you are interested in investing in this company then we invite you to read this dedicated article that provides pertinent and useful information for your analyses of this company’s share price. We will examine this company and its activities, together with its principal sources of revenue as well as its major competitors in this activity sector and significant strategic partnerships. Finally we will also indicate the publications, news and events you will need to take into account for your fundamental analysis.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Fastly Inc shares

Analysis N°1

Concerning the strategy followed by the Fastly Inc. group we would of course investigate all the strategic operations implemented by this group. This of course includes its strategic partnerships but particularly its acquisitions of other companies.

Analysis N°2

The development strategy of this group’s international activities should also be closely followed as Fastly could significantly increase its international presence through specific operations or major contracts.

Analysis N°3

It is clear that you should also monitor the major competitors of the Fastly Inc. company in its activity sector by following all their major news, events, innovations and publications.

Analysis N°4

We would also examine this company’s investments in research and development and its launch of new products and services with the aim of responding to new client requirements.

Analysis N°5

Finally, you should also monitor closely the annual and quarterly financial results of this company and its strategic plans for growth.

Analysis before buying or selling Fastly Inc shares
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General presentation of Fastly Inc

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We will now pass directly to a close look at the Fastly Inc. Group as well as an examination of its precise activities. It is extremely important to possess a thorough knowledge of this company if you wish to be able to understand and even anticipate its challenges and growth possibilities for the future.

Fastly Inc. is an American group specialised in the technology sector. More precisely, it is a real time CDN or content distribution network company.

The group therefore supplies services in the sector for the distribution, security, continuous media, e-commerce and private CDNs. Fastly also offers users the possibility of managing traffic peaks and guard against security threats.

The group notably works with the Google Cloud platform with the aim of extending its infrastructure and the applied logic of the user for content distribution, backend work management, infrastructure costs and to boost growth.

The multimedia streaming services of the Fastly Company also enable the distribution of video content worldwide with live and on demand video. Its cloud computing platform was designed with the objective of being programmable in order to take charge of the flexible development software.

It is composed of key factors such as a programmable margin and an ultra modern network defined by software. The programmable periphery offers developers a visibility and control in real time and they can write or use code with the aim of promoting the application software to its periphery.

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The major competitors of Fastly Inc

Let us now pass on to a review of the activity sector in which the Fastly Inc. Group exercises its activities with a presentation of this company’s major competitors at present on the market:


This company is specialised in web and mobile services as well as online advertising, it is based in China. Its services include social networks, web portals and e-commerce as well as an instant messenger service.

Alibaba Cloud

Also called Aliyun, this Chinese cloud computing company is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. It supplies cloud computing services for online companies and the Alibaba e-commerce ecosystem. It should be remembered here that the international activities of this subsidiary Alibaba Cloud are based in Singapore.

Amazon Web Services, or AWS

This is of course a subsidiary of the American Amazon e-commerce group. It is specialised in the on demand cloud computing services sector for companies and individuals. This subsidiary generates nearly 7% of the turnover of the Amazon Group and represents the major profit source of this group.


Finally, the American group Cloudflare is another competitor that offers a content distribution network, internet security services and domain name server distribution services between visitors and hosting service suppliers for Cloudflare users. Its system functions like a reverse proxy server for websites. Its registered office is based in California but the company is also present in London and Singapore as well as Austin, Boston and Washington in the United States.

The major partners of Fastly Inc

Of course, Fastly does not only have adversaries, this company has also implemented a number of major strategic alliances that have exerted a strong influence on its stock market share price such as is the case in the following example:


In 2020 the group entered into a unique invoicing method agreement with Google Cloud Marketing relating to expenses undertaken by Google Cloud that enabled the cloud users to buy into Fastly which is the primary solution of content distribution based in the cloud on the periphery of modern technological partners. This addition of Fastly into the Google Cloud Marketplace also offered developers a modern and flexible platform where they could create rapid and innovative, secure and highly personalised digital trials and testing.

Trade the Fastly Inc share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how was the Fastly Inc. Company created?

The Fastly Inc. group was created in 2011 by Artur Bergman who is the previous technical director of Wikia. In 2013 the company succeeded in raising 10 million dollars in finance from its B series. In 2014 the group acquired CDN Sumo, a content distribution network complementary module for Heroku. In the same year, the group also raised 40 million dollars more through the financing of the C series followed by a D series for 75 million dollars in August 2015.

Are Fastly shares accessible from Europe?

It is easily possible to invest in the Fastly Inc. share price from Europe. Numerous online brokers offer access to a variety of American shares which are included in the larger stock market indices such as is the case with Fastly Inc. shares.

How to know if the Fastly share price will rise or fall?

Although it is not possible to predict precisely the future of the Fastly share price it can still be advantageous to use technical and fundamental analyses with the objective of obtaining rising and falling signals of this share price. A technical analysis is based on the study of the charts whereas a fundamental analysis examines the exterior factors that could influence this asset.

Trade the Fastly Inc share!

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