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Analysis before buying or selling Etsy shares

Trade the Etsy share!

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Many retail investors around the world are interested in Etsy Group stocks and want to invest on their price. If this is the case for you, this article entirely dedicated to this value will be useful as part of your analyses of its price and its future trends. We'll be providing you with useful information about the group, its main activities and sources of income, along with its main competitors in the market and its recent strategic partnerships. We'll also help you carry out your fundamental analyses with the elements to follow as a priority in news and publications.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Etsy shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, you'll need to follow the various technological developments that the Etsy group will bring to its online sales platform. Innovation is at the heart of this business sector and the group must perform well in order to face increasingly aggressive competition. You should learn about R&D investments or technological partnerships in particular.

Analysis N°2

You should also pay attention to the competition which exists in this sector and closely follow the news and financial and economic data of the other major players in this sector.

Analysis N°3

The various partnership transactions, acquisitions or business transfers by Etsy aimed at improving its overall performance are all interesting elements to take into account for this analysis.

Analysis N°4

It's also important to focus on the development of the group's activities internationally with its entry into certain markets in which it is not yet present, and in particular in certain Asian countries.

Analysis N°5

The strategic development plans that the group communicates to its shareholders and investors are also important for this fundamental analysis and will allow you to analyse the actual results.

Analysis N°6

Finally, it's also important to pay attention to the annual and quarterly financial results of the company which are published by the group.

Analysis before buying or selling Etsy shares
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General presentation of Etsy

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The Etsy Inc. group is an American company specializing in the technology and IT sector. Specifically, the company is in charge of running a marketplace where people around the world can connect offline or online for the purpose of making, selling or buying goods.

The company also offers a range of sales tools and services that enable entrepreneurs to start, grow and manage their businesses online. Etsy has created a community that includes Etsy sellers, Etsy buyers, Etsy employees and its various partners and investors.

Currently, Etsy's sales platform has nearly 2 million active sellers and almost 30 million active buyers.

The sellers of the platform join the community in order to participate in its markets and express their creativity. They are most often amateurs or professional traders who all have varied personal and professional goals.

The Etsy community also serves as a support for a group of artists, manufacturers, designers, and collectors around the world.

Its service platform integrates services and tools for sellers as well as training. There are also online payment services, promotional lists, shipping labels and other practical tools for sellers.

Currently, the Etsy group employs 1,414 people.

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The major competitors of Etsy

While a thorough knowledge of the Etsy group and its activities is essential before trading this stock, it is also important to know who the main competitors of the company are. Check out this quick presentation of the direct opponents of the group and their activities:


First of all, the American eBay marketplace which is famous for its e-commerce website was created in 1995 and has become a true benchmark in its sector worldwide. Currently, its platform has over 185 million active users worldwide. The company employs more than 13,000 people and generates over $ 10 billion in annual sales. It has had tremendous success from its inception to the present day.


Of course, the giant Amazon is also a competitor to be reckoned with, which is a world-renowned e-commerce company and one of the current giants of the web. Once only specialized in non-store retailing, Amazon has since diversified into other activities, some of which are in direct competition with Etsy. With nearly a million employees, the group has sites based in numerous countries.


Finally, Etsy's last serious competitor is of course the Shopify group. It is an e-commerce platform operating in SaaS mode and based on a proprietary model. It allows individuals and businesses to create and run their own online store. The shops are also hosted for a monthly fee.

The major partners of Etsy

Of course, the Etsy group doesn’t only have enemies in its market, it can count on certain strategic allies. It regularly sets up partnerships with other companies that allow it to improve its growth and/or gain in profitability. Here are two specific examples to help you understand their interest in terms of analysis.


Recently, the group has set up a strategic partnership with the Boxtal Company, which is the leader in outsourced parcel shipping for professionals. The two companies have decided to collaborate in order to optimize the sellers of the Etsy community's shipments. Sellers on Etsy serve a community of buyers all over the world. With the help of Boxtal, sellers will be able to ship their Etsy orders at attractive and negotiated rates up to 75% off with the best carriers such as Chronopost, UPS, Mondial Relay, Relais Colis etc.) all over France and also to more than 220 countries around the world without contract or volume conditions.


Another important partnership has been established with Samsung to bring 25 new nature-inspired works of art to the brand's The Frame TVs, available exclusively in the Samsung Art Store. The works selected from the artist list feature colourful illustrations of abstract images and graphics that come to life on The Frame's QLED screens. The televisions in this range are in fact designed for dual use with the television function when they are on and picture feature when they're turned off. It is therefore an innovative and fully customizable digital canvas. In total, the Samsung Art Store catalogue counts over 1,400 works of art and this new partnership with Etsy comes as users redefine the way home spaces can be used by adding additional inspiration and comfort.

Trade the Etsy share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Etsy's capital distributed among the major shareholders?

The capital of the Etsy group is partly owned by large shareholders including Accel Partners with 12.2%, The Vanguard Group with 9.48%, Wellington Management with 6.74%, Burda with 4.67%, Fidelity Asset Management with 3.74%, Janus Capital management with 3.67%, Renaissance Technologies with 3.58%, Starboard Value with 3.57%, Tiger Global Management with 3.52% and Cadian Capital Management with 3.31%.

On which financial markets and stock market indices is the Etsy stock listed?

In view of the technological activities carried out by Etsy, which offers an online sales and commerce solution, it is on the American Nasdaq market that its shares are listed. Specifically, this listing is done on the Nasdaq Global Select Market which is the main segment of the NASDAQ. In addition, Etsy is part of the composition of the Nasdaq 100 stock market index since it is among the 100 largest capitalizations in the technology sector.

How do you know if the Etsy share price will go up or down?

If you want to know how the Etsy stock price is going to behave over the shorter or longer term, you need to be able to analyse the value first. To do so, you'll need to use several methods mainly a technical analysis which will be based on a study of charts and a fundamental analysis which will focus on the study of news and publications.

Trade the Etsy share!

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