Diageo pledges €4.5 million to help India cope with Covid

  •   01/06/2021 - 08h48
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The large alcohol manufacturer Diageo has promised the New Delhi Government EUR 4.5 million in aid. This money will be used for public hospitals in India to help them cope with Covid-19. The money is mainly intended for hospitals in 21 districts of the country. It will be used to equip these hospitals with oxygen plants based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

Diageo pledges €4.5 million to help India cope with Covid

Another grant brings Diageo's contribution to €13 million

In addition to the oxygen plants, the group intends to give the government the means to build mini-hospital units. These will be set up in 15 other districts, separate from the first 21. Through these efforts, Diageo will considerably strengthen India's health infrastructure, as the waves of contamination continue to increase.

Diageo is a creator of alcoholic beverages such as Black Dog, Johnnie Walker, McDowell's No 1 and Black & White. With a strong presence in India, it has already helped New Delhi deal with the health crisis several times. So, if its current promise is kept, the company's contribution to the country's situation will amount to 13 million euros.

Moreover, the mini hospitals that the liquor manufacturer has promised will consist of 16 beds each. They will be located in the 15 most overburdened districts and will be equipped with PSA oxygen plants. This effort will help facilitate interventions and reduce the problem of shortage of beds and equipment in the most critical districts.


An initiative supported by Invest India

Apart from the above initiatives, Diageo has pledged a number of hospital donations. It plans to provide 10 government hospitals (which are facing a shortage) with ventilation beds, medical equipment, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and many other critical devices.

To achieve its mission, the group has decided to opt for the "one district per state" policy. One of the goals is to ensure that its aid reaches an average of one district in each state. Given the magnitude of the situation, Diageo does not want to leave a single state or territory without assistance.

Diageo will be supported by the national investment promotion agency Invest India in carrying out the project. GiveIndia will then carry out the implementation, while giving priority to the state's requirements.


Diageo sets no limits to contain the virus in India

The role of the executing agency will be to identify the districts at risk. It will also ensure that the programme runs smoothly, with the involvement of state medical officials. For the group's leaders, long-term medical supplies, such as hospital beds and oxygen supplies, are the most pressing need of the day.

By making such a commitment to India, the company wants to contribute to the fight and help all states overcome the crisis. In fact, Diageo has been fighting against Covid in India since last year. As a reminder, it has contributed 300,000 litres of disinfectant in 15 production units in 2020.